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Royal style: fewer new frocks, more old rocks

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QueenOfTheAndals Wed 20-Nov-19 19:00:56

Previous thread

JaimeBronde Wed 20-Nov-19 19:06:13

Thanks Queen grin

Rhubarbisevil Wed 20-Nov-19 19:10:11

Pmk and thanks for starting the new thread Queen

Horsemad Wed 20-Nov-19 19:10:51

Thank you @QueenOfTheAndals. 👑

itswinetime Wed 20-Nov-19 19:11:12

We are bound to get some bling in the run up to Christmas right? Christmas screams glamorous diamond worth events!

Hairydilemma Wed 20-Nov-19 19:11:48

Thank you Queen. Don’t think I ever made it into the last thread (that one move fast!) but placemarking early doors here.

Given the absence of H&M particularly, are there any W&K upcoming outings we can look forward to? Hopefully a few appearances before Christmas 🎄.

BeatriceTheBeast Wed 20-Nov-19 19:16:35

Thanks Queen flowers.

QueenOfTheAndals Wed 20-Nov-19 19:20:57

W&K are out at some sort of gala (Tusk awards?) tomorrow night. Will we see another new gown for her?

StartupRepair Wed 20-Nov-19 19:24:20

Hope so.

Horsemad Wed 20-Nov-19 19:26:25

Was this last Xmas?

latedecember1963 Wed 20-Nov-19 19:30:50

JaimeBronde, I know what you mean about feeling your DD is near wherever she is. I feel the same about my boys.

Encyclo Wed 20-Nov-19 19:33:06

Thanks for the new thread 👌

QueenOfTheAndals Wed 20-Nov-19 19:34:15

Yes @Horsemad, when William wore the infamous fleece!

AdaColeman Wed 20-Nov-19 19:36:52

👑 👑 👑

hopeishere Wed 20-Nov-19 19:44:10

Thanks. Camilla did not look well in that last photo. Even the less bouffy hair makes it look like she's no energy.

Hoping for a fab frock tomorrow but suspect it will be a rewear.

I love looking at the jewels. These two are AMAZING.

Lunde Wed 20-Nov-19 19:46:35

Is anyone feeling a little sorry for Princess Beatrice as any dreams she had of a big Royal wedding, like Eugenie's, with a big celebrity turnout, must surely have been blown out of the water after the events of the last few days.

I wonder how Christmas in Sandringham will be handled? Will Andrew be present at all? will he participate in the public events such as the walk to church? I can imagine family members trying to avoid being photographed with him.

ItsJustTheOneSwanActually Wed 20-Nov-19 19:48:14

Good lord those are some necklaces! They'd flatten Kate grin

I really liked that long tartan skirt last Christmas - festive

ItsJustTheOneSwanActually Wed 20-Nov-19 19:49:43

I feel very sorry for Bea. She should be choosing dresses and jewellery for her big day, and instead is having to deal with all this shit

and yes i imagine Christmas might be a bit awks.

TipseyTorvey Wed 20-Nov-19 19:56:35

Re the Bea wedding I suspect he'll go quiet and the news cycle will move on. The election, brexit and other scandals will come so by the time the wedding hits people will have moved on. I very much doubt he'll be giving interviews on the bbc about how many guests he has more than Harry this time tho. I sincerely hope no news outlet ever interviews the dodgy twat ever again!

Pieceofpurplesky Wed 20-Nov-19 19:58:47

Thanks queen. Maybe Bea will get married abroad. Or elope.

QueenOfTheAndals Wed 20-Nov-19 20:03:43

He was so smug when he said that about Harry's wedding, wasn't he? Pride comes before a fall and all that. I can't feel too sorry for Beatrice - marrying a rich, handsome man in a gorgeous Italian palazzo or one of her family's many homes - what's not to like?

Lunde Wed 20-Nov-19 20:06:01

I expect that Bea will "choose" a small, intimate, private wedding with close family and friends. Or it will be a small wedding abroad with few Royals attending.

I saw a blind gossip article on another site that said Bea is struggling to find any leading wedding dress designers who will meet with her as they don't want their brand tainted by the Epstein/Andrew allegations. If true this must be pretty sad for her,

itswinetime Wed 20-Nov-19 20:09:39

I still think Beatrice will marry in the UK mainly because I can't see the Queen and DoE travelling abroad, but yes there are many beautiful royal venues she can chose from and maybe she will be glad of less publicity around her wedding she has always seemed more private than Eugenie.

itswinetime Wed 20-Nov-19 20:13:32

I hope the rumours about her struggling to find a designer isn't true though she has done nothing wrong. I can believe brands are keen to be associated with the York's right now though so it's not much of a stretch.

Wow Camillas necklaces are amazing that's what I want to see! I would guess Kate will go with a rewear tomorrow 2 new dresses in a week are bad optics wink

escapade1234 Wed 20-Nov-19 20:13:37

I just loved Kate’s tartan skirt and black jumper from last Christmas - perfect festive look.

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