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Styled by Susie - anyone done it?

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Alanis41 Sat 10-Aug-19 07:59:22

Hi all, I've been following the tribe group on Facebook for a while but just wondering if anyone here has tried it. I can't seem to get to the bottom of what they advise, seasons etc. Is there something similar closer to London. And she keeps advising chunky trainers, is this a thing now?

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Thisisnotwhatiwant Sat 10-Aug-19 09:53:41

Following with interest as I’m also considering...

usedtobeing Sat 10-Aug-19 10:08:25

A lot of her style advice is...dubious. At best.

Barkybarkynutnut Sat 10-Aug-19 10:17:41

I have nt been styled yet but I follow on FB and I love what she does! Yes chunky trainers are a thing. It’s about balancing out the body. I love the fact she uses high street fashion too

Alanis41 Sat 10-Aug-19 12:36:38

@Barkybarkynutnut but what if you are more pear shaped, won't it make one look like a clown

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Feckinlego Sat 10-Aug-19 13:01:14

Really interested to know this too. People talk about being different seasons and shapes yet her advice seems to be the same for all-belts, tucking in, chunky trainers. In saying that people do look well, so I'd love to know if its worth doing.

princessbear80 Sat 10-Aug-19 13:10:34

I was thinking along the same lines as feckinglego. They all seem to dress the same! However, there are a lot of people on the Facebook group who haven’t been analysed. So who knows what Susie’s actual advice is, and what is just what people in the group seem to do?! It seems to give women confidence which is a good thing. I’m tempted by the email analysis as I don’t think it’s too expensive and worth a shot.

Vegasdreaming27 Sat 10-Aug-19 14:04:04

I’ve done the online analysis and found it to be worth the money. It gives you an idea of what shapes and colours to wear depending on your body shape and season. When I shop now I can immediately rule out things I know won’t suit me and stick to what I know will. I don’t stick rigidly to all the rules though, I still wear my converse even though they’re not chunky.

Doyoureallyneedtoask Sat 10-Aug-19 14:56:58

A lot of her style advice is...dubious. At best.

I’ve been following her for a few months now and I don’t get her or her style. It doesn’t help that I dislike the way she dresses herself. Her makeovers remind me of Linda from Changing Room’s makeovers - anything goes!

She seems to increase people’s confidence though I’m not sure how exactly but that has to be a good thing.

Viviene Sat 10-Aug-19 18:29:10

I left the group some time ago as I found no matter how crap someone looked in an outfit, the comments were always along the lines of 'omg you look great'. Well if I am posting a picture of a hideous outfit I want someone to tell me I am being silly and not artificially increase my confidence so that I can go out looking like a clown.

I haven't been styled as she seems to like high street and I try to focus on basic, sustainably made clothes.

zzzaaaccc1 Sat 10-Aug-19 18:36:19

I've done an on line style just a few weeks ago. I had fallen into a rutt with what I was wearing. Been shopping since and it's helped like the person above said as I go to items that have been suggested. In all honesty it was a confidence boost as I've had a few compliments on new items I've bought. I didn't go for the most expensive option but got suggestions for a few items of clothing, colours to suit my skin tone and suggestions for make up.

usedtobeing Sat 10-Aug-19 18:59:18

@Viviene I also left the group because of that. I got really bored of the same style outfits receiving the same comments - even if they really did the wearer no favours. Not everyone looks amazing with their top tucked into their jeans hmm

The advice she dishes out is very cookie cutter / standard template.

I do buy into the whole body positivity ethos, but I was really disappointed by the recent manufactured PR stunt around that insta story she did which allegedly went viral.

CheckingOutTheQuantocks Sat 10-Aug-19 19:29:34

I would go for a personal shopper session somewhere like John Lewis instead - it doesn't cost anything and they are pretty honest about what suits you. I find the current obsession with tucking in very irritating, as someone with a big belly that doesn't need to be emphasised any more than necessary.

Alanis41 Sat 10-Aug-19 20:12:52

Lots of interesting views here, I did notice lots of samey looks. I've had a couple of sessions at Topshop and was pleasantly surprised so might just go back to that.

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swissmilk Sat 10-Aug-19 20:32:16

I've done the online analysis (£30) with styled by Suzie.
I was very underwhelmed with it to be honest, I already knew my body-shape and season it turned out, which I suppose was good. The response was very copy and paste, in questionnaire she asks if you what you feature you like the most, and in her response she compliments you in that feature.
For £30 I'm not sure what I was expecting, I do fear for the time leopard skin headbands are not in....she does seem to push them a lot!

Shitonthebloodything Sat 10-Aug-19 21:23:38

I've done it and loved it. I knew my shape but really didn't have a clue which colours suited me and it's encouraged me to completely change my wardrobe and given me so much more confidence.
Not all of the outfits posted will be 100% flattering but they're happy and learning about styling themselves so good on them for posting.
Lots of people posting haven't had an analysis and just follow little snippets of advice they've seen so it can end up seeming more cookie cutter than it is.
Ive recommended it to my friends who've commented on my clothes recently.

Ellapaella Sat 10-Aug-19 21:23:37

I haven't had an analysis by Susie as to be honest I don't think I need one - I have a fair idea of what suits me and my body shape. But I do like the FB site because every now and then someone posts a picture of something I really like that I may not have noticed myself. I also like to see how other people may style a certain dress or pair of shoes etc. I don't get the chunky trainer love at all tbh, they really don't suit everyone.
Whoever said they wanted honest opinions on what they look like - I'm sure you do but perhaps you don't want to ask several hundred people online as it wouldn't do your confidence any good if 200 people told
You you look shit and your style choice was crap (unless you are so confident in yourself
that it wouldn't bother you and in that scenario you really wouldn't be asking anyone else anyway). That's why there are rules on the FB site about being polite and only making positive comments.

Feckinlego Sat 10-Aug-19 21:59:57

I do think I will try the £30 analysis as I really dont know my shape or what colours suit me. Not a huge amount of money so it's worth a punt. I will never ever wear chunky trainers though grin

Lumene Sat 10-Aug-19 22:17:36

I have had an analysis and for me it was definitely worth the money. I wasn’t sure if my shape had changed over the years so it was good to have it reconfirmed. The things that were worthwhile for me:
- jeans recommendations, especially as I’m tall. I had no well fitting flattering jeans at all and no idea where to find them
- makeup recommendations for my season. I now have a selection of great lipsticks both high street and higher end that make me look ‘well’ and a bit smarter/more glowy even when wearing colours like black that don’t suit me as well
- Capsule wardrobe recommendations. While I had a good idea of some key shapes that suited me, I had no idea about how to put together a capsule wardrobe and was basically missing some key basic pieces (I also bought the basics ebook guide). Now I am starting to fill these in, I have so much more to wear
- a wider selection of things that actually do suit my shape that I’d never have tried including skinny jeans, harem pants and shift dresses, plus a list of suggested shops that are likely to stock these in my kind of shape/length.

If you already know your shape/colours etc and all the different things that suit you and you need in your wardrobe ir’s Probably not for you. It does focus on high street so also probably not so useful if you never or rarely shop for high street stuff.

I agree with people who find the lack of honesty in feedback on the FB group unhelpful, and also about the PR stunt which seemed a bit of a negative to me.

All that said I have got a huge amount of value from it and a lot of compliments since doing it and revamping my wardrobe. I feel like clothes shopping is fun again and highly recommend it if you think it is something that will fill a current gap for you.

Lumene Sat 10-Aug-19 22:24:54

in questionnaire she asks if you what you feature you like the most, and in her response she compliments you in that feature.

Interesting- this didn’t happen to me, I had comments about how my least favourite feature was actually not very noticeable.

Juupiter Sat 10-Aug-19 23:08:28

I am in the FB group and have mixed feelings about it. It seems that a lot of the women have been styled or followed advice to make them dress like clones. So many headscarves and bright dangly earrings and trainers. It’s a bit toddler-esque for my liking. However a lot of her advice does seem good and I like it when you can see that women are taking on board their body shapes and not blindly following fashionable shapes. They always look a lot better than the million and one midi dress and trainer pics that don’t take into account whether they’re right for their body type or not. I think the mistake some make it to emulate her style rather than find their own.

Feckinlego Sat 10-Aug-19 23:26:33

I'm finding this discussion interesting, it does sound like the analysis does have its place. Like a lot of fb groups there is a horde mentality where everyone clamour to do the same thing.

Doyoureallyneedtoask Sun 11-Aug-19 00:39:00

That's why there are rules on the FB site about being polite and only making positive comments.

I absolutely agree that posters on the FB site should be polite but it is really defeating the purpose if they are told they can only make positive comments. People have asked for honest feedback. That means constructive criticism. There is no point whatsoever surely in posting a photo where the person is dressed badly and the only way to communicate is to say nothing or be enthusiastic!

I agree that Susie's style is too toddler-eque fashion wise for me. The headband thing reminds me of Rosie the Riveter and a lot of the posters look like they are about to get their buckets and mops out.

Miseryisabutterfly Sun 11-Aug-19 10:16:05

What was the pr stunt? I’m intrigued.

I think she looks like a normal woman you’d see out on the street in high street clothes, I don’t really understand her guru status.

thanthis Sun 11-Aug-19 10:38:47

@Miseryisabutterfly A few weeks ago, Susie posted a video about an interaction she'd had with two girls whilst shopping. One was trying on sunglasses and her friend made some sort of negative comment. So Susie stepped in and told them she was a personal stylist and that the sunglasses look great, etc. Then she starts posting about how she's going to be featured in the 'national press'. All that's happened is her new PR woman has flogged the story to a couple of red top newspapers. She got torn apart in the comments section of the rags' websites.

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