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Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: Too much good taste can be very boring. Independent style, on the other hand, can be very inspiring.

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botemp Sat 13-Jul-19 13:20:47

Lovers of Parisian style and fashion with a conscious mindset and lots of chatter in between.


Favoured Parisian addresses:

Second Hand Shops


Favoured London addresses:

Charity Shops, Dress Agencies, and Outlets

Favoured NYC addresses:

Consignment shops, Vintage, and Restaurants


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Ninkaninus Sat 13-Jul-19 13:30:59

Perfect title!

XingMing Sat 13-Jul-19 17:51:27

Thanks Bo...

"Pink is the navy blue of India" gets my DV quote vote.

CatherineMaitland Sat 13-Jul-19 19:14:14

Oooh hello new thread! Thanks bo (marking place so I don't lose it)

Methenyouplus4 Sun 14-Jul-19 09:07:09

Thank you for the new thread Bo, I fell off the last one around late May but it has been a pleasure catching up with all the clothes (and kitchen). As ever, always appreciate those who share photos as they are such an inspiration.

To the those chatting about camisoles but felt exposed (sorry, lost track of who said what as had a fair bit to catch up on), I get quite a bit of wear out of mine and wear it:
1. Tucked into khaki coloured paper bag waist trousers with a loose denim shirt over (worn open).
2. Tucked into high waisted denim flares with a suede biker style jacket over.
3. Tucked into chinos with a loose, slouchy boyf cardigan over it.
4. Tucked into slim fitting jeans with a ballet wrap style cardigan worn over the top.

Related to the person who was no longer satisfied with their slouchy slightly transparent linen t-shirts, I have my boden ones in 4 colours (worn backwards so the deepest V is at the back), but while they are still easy in that they go with lots, I really don't feel they do much at all for my silhouette. Somehow they seem to emphasise my rounded shoulders ,(crap posture) and love handles.

I haven't really made many purchases at my end since Christmas (if you remember I went on an annual trip to Harrogate with my mum). I did by a Margaret Howell shirt which I love the cut of and think it will look great with a bright lip but can't seem to find what would look good with it on the bottom half, will get a photo later.

Though I haven't made many clothes purchases, I have really been drawn to chunky earrings and enjoying wearing really simple outfits with bold jewellery adding a real snap of personality- find it so easy to do on busy mornings.

I had lots of underwear advice on here as I was really eager to get away from the heavily padded bras I was wearing- found a fab one from M&S (will photo later) that has the gentlest bit of padding but is a great shape for breasts like mine that have lost their fullness at the top. It is true that the foundations make such a difference! When I wear that bra I feel so much more sensual and strangely more body confident, there's something about embracing the fact that I no longer have the breasts of my early 20s and I think that leads to a sexiness in itself.

You may remember I was reducing work days to care for my son, last night I was reflecting that in the past 5 years or so I have went from full time professional work, through x2 maternity leaves, to part time work with days at home with kids and, come September, all four children will be at school and I will only be working one day. While I feel really comfortable in my work clothes, I will now be able to wear daytime outfits midweek that I don't have to wear with the prerequisite that they may be smeared in glue at a toddler group/grass stained at the park etc. One of the first things I am thinking of getting is a nice leather bag. Most of mine have seen better days and I will not be having to haul all my son's medical supplies with me when he is at school so can get something based purely on my own style preference which I'm looking forward to picking.

quirkychick Sun 14-Jul-19 10:12:19

Lovely to hear from you methen, I went from working full time, to part time with baby, to stay at home, then caring for dd2 with SEN. Now I'm trying to get back to part time, as she's properly full-time in special school, but due to an overhaul in management of my previous school (it's been going through a rocky stage) getting the required references etc. has been slow and hard work. Good idea, I did think of a cami under a shirt, actually. I think it's the looseness around the underarms combined with thin straps just emphasises my wider shoulders and any extra weight I might carry. A more fitted vest top with wider straps, however, does much the same job as a cami, but adds some structure and just somehow works.

Floisme Sun 14-Jul-19 10:13:41

Thanks for the new thread bo - excellent sentiments.

Looking forward to seeing the Margaret Howell shirt Methen. If it's the yellow linen one I may self combust with envy.

Redandblue11 Sun 14-Jul-19 11:45:15

Brilliant tittle Bo!
And hello 👋 new and old faces ! So nice to read again people that have not been here for some time.
Will catch up later properly.

ToEllewithIt Mon 15-Jul-19 08:39:26

Dropping in to say hi!

I love the title. My issue with the cookies seems to be resolved so I'll try to do a read and catch up later. Briefly bani I think your new dress looks great, particularly belted. red i prefer the navy dress, I think it looks really nice on you.

Welcome back metoo a new bag sounds like a great way to mark the transition to a new stage.

banivani Mon 15-Jul-19 11:42:32

Salutations de Paris mes filles! We are well installed in a super cute and very personal little airbnb flat in the 10th. In a “cosmopolitan” area which as you know is code for “here be immigrants” which in this means mostly Indian/Pakistan. So it’s a bit like when we went to London and stayed up in the East End haha. I’m shattered, got up at 4 which is not my style. My son is grumpy as hell now and wants to sit and watch Netflix 🙄 we’ll head out to the supermarché in a bit.

Welcome back Methen!

How are you lot wearing stuff backwards? Like I told you before I find the slanted shoulder seam a giveaway. I tried on a top of mine with a deep front drape (too deep) backwards the other day. It just looks like I’m wearing my clothes backwards.

I agree completely that there is something to be said for the sexiness of embracing your body the way it has aged instead of desperately clinging to past ideals!

On the royal style thread people discussed James Middletown’s French girlfriend’s very low cut Wimbledon shirt. Reminded me of the very first thread where we talked about how French this is. A complete clash with all the other Wimbledon styles. Effortlessly French.

Ninkaninus Mon 15-Jul-19 13:39:48

Hey again everyone! ☀️☀️☀️

I’m not sure they’re necessarily ‘parisienne’, (never been) but I’m very pleased with these shoes I picked up in the Russell & Bromley sale! ☺️

quirkychick Mon 15-Jul-19 14:27:10

I'm another one who wears softer, more natural bras now. As a teenager and in my 20s, I thought I needed round, full breasts, which I've never had. As I head towards 50 and after 2 children, they have definitely lost some fullness, but I agree embracing your natural shape is so much better (or I could just be deluded...) . In fact, I'm just wearing a lace bralette today. Let's face it, a lot of stylish and chic people work with their natural body shape rather than against it!

Ninkanimus, nice shoes.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 16:54:34

Ban- can't say I have noticed an issue with shoulder seam, if I have time, I will take a photo of one of the linen tees as it should be/ backwards so you can see.

Re: low white shirt- I think it is French when everything else is understated, as we were saying, so unpadded bra, not skyscraper heels, not inches of make-up, not uber styled hair etc. For me, it's one of those looks that is hard to nail (like no makeup makeup) because it takes time to make it look breezy and effortless.

Quirky- in full agreement. My next phase is to embrace my legs. I'm pretty tall and have long legs, so up until my twin pregnancy, I loved wearing short skirts with glares and long sleeved tops- sexy yet understated. Since pregnancy 3/4, I have varicose veins, less definition and a sort of fatty layer that sits above my knee cap (previously I had great knee definition- one of those weird things about aging that you don't notice until it's gone- a bit like toned arms or neck I guess- though not hit issues there yet). Today has been pretty hot and I looked around- about half women I was near had legs out, some more aesthetically pleasing than mine, some less so. What i noticed is that I hadn't even noticed those with obvious veins/cellulite etc until I was specifically looking, instead I had noticed nice sandals/ linen dress etc. Perhaps it is almost a strange vanity that leads me to think others would even notice the flaws I see on my own legs. It is forecast to be another scorcher tomorrow so I am adamant I will wear a mini skirt at the very least. If I remember, I'll grab a quick snap.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 17:00:33

That should be I wore short skirts with flats, not sure why autocorrect put glares!

Nink- I have a few pairs of Russell and Bromley shoes (from ebay) and they are incredibly well made.

Redandblue11 Mon 15-Jul-19 17:01:16

Thank you Elle I also prefer the navy dress on me, but I have not tried them again yet, will do that and play with the belt and maybe another belt and make a decision.
Love the shoes Ninka!
methen, quirky - re very lightly soft padded bras, which ones do you use/recommend? For flat chested? I might be wrong but I think you are probably both reasonably flat chested? (I am)
I have a CK and Sloggi ones, I prefer the CK ones (photo) as the sloggi actually have a bit more padding than the CK ones and I also prefer to just slightly enhance rather than change my shape completely.
But I want other recommendations. The ones I have are invisible bralette type.

Ninkaninus Mon 15-Jul-19 18:38:41

Me yes I love R&B. Haven’t had shoes from them before, but have had handbags. I’m hoping I’ll be pleased when the shoes get here. I’ve got rid of a lot of shoes recently (about 30 pairs) so I really needed something for evenings/parties. I also want some patent loafers, but that will have to wait til the next sale...

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 19:43:42

Nink- you will love them. I have found that with my R&B shoes/boots, I can get them reheeled etc and they just go on wearing really, really well. I have x4 pairs (various styles) from Ebay, all under £20, all immaculate. Can't imagine going to a cheap shoe shop now after having such good quality.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 19:48:46

Red- have shown photos of 3, tried to take photos of the cup too so you can see that the pad is very thin (for me it's because I teach teenagers and don't want to have an obvious nipple erection, rather than to change the shape of my breast.

First one is black Calvin Klein one, I can't remember exact one but pretty sure Bo will remember as I'm sure she recommended it. It is the most molded but much less so than what I used to wear.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 19:52:33

This one is a cheap H&M one. I bought it for about £4 in the sale to see if I was comfortable wearing less support before I bought a more expensive one. I think they come in clothes sizes, I bought a 10 (I'm 34B/Cand usually wear a size 10 on top) but I need to get an extender as it is too tight on my rib cage. It is pretty though and I don't mind if a bit peaks out of knitwear as just looks like a cami. It looks much more padded on photo, hence my photo showing actual width of padding.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 19:55:00

Final one and by far my fav to wear is the M&S one. I think it was part of the Rosie range. I couldn't find exact same one but there are similar on M&S site, they do them for bigger sizes too.

Ninkaninus Mon 15-Jul-19 19:57:10

Oh I’m glad to hear that, me although if I love them it will take a lot of discipline to not buy more, more, more...

Haven’t actually been into a shop in years, maybe 5 or 6 by now, but I do remember that the quality of their shoes was obvious.

Ninkaninus Mon 15-Jul-19 20:01:33

Oh dear I feel a new eBay obsession coming on! 😁

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 20:48:14

Nink- I actually prefer some of the older styles so works well for me. Their loafers tend to be £££ even second hand in fairly poor conditions but some great bargains to be had. I suppose because they are so well made, people know you can just repair a lot of the time.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 20:51:15

Apologies Bani, I had an early bath and sm too lazy to put a bra back on for photo of t-shirt. I will try to grab one at some point tomorrow.

Plus side, I did pop a quick light tan on pins, so I have no excuse not to get them out tomorrow.

quirkychick Mon 15-Jul-19 21:19:06

red, mine are mostly not padded, but I totally get why you would teaching teenagers, methen. I have an ancient red French bra from La Redoute which is still going strong, a Freya one from Selfridges, my most recent bra is a black triumph one from John Lewis. I find they fit me well. Dd1 has a sloggi, and I'm quite tempted, they look nice, I had a CK in the 90s, which I really liked. I'm wearing a bralette from Free People, but it's definitely style over substance and not great quality. I think there was lots of bra discussion in the advent calendar, which I should go back and look at. I think the understated French thing, with underwear is probably acknowledging your shape and wearing what suits you, rather than trying to force yourself into something else. Being comfortable in your own skin.

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