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Hop on, the train is about to leave frumpsville

(507 Posts)
DULLDull Sat 28-Jul-18 09:40:20

I posted on chat a few days ago about this but thought this might be am even better place.

I am frumpy and I hate it.

I am 45, 3 stone overweight and a SAHM who feels has lost her mojo since motherhood descended 12 years ago.

I want to change so I am hoping to start a thread for any like minded fellow frumps.

I am thinking clothes, hair, make up, diet and style tips in one place to help release our inner goddess.

Anyone care to join?

puppydogmummy Sat 28-Jul-18 13:43:53


Liskee Sat 28-Jul-18 14:33:09

And me!! Diet wise I've been doing Slimming World happily and so far, successfully. Clothes, make up, hair and style wise I'm still a mess!

happypoobum Sat 28-Jul-18 14:41:20

Me too! I just Marie Kondo'd my wardrobe and have very little left.

Coming into some money soon so will be able to buy a few good quality things at the same time, but would prefer to be at least a stone lighter before doing that.

My hair is good, but my nails appear to be in poor condition and are peeling apart since all the hot weather.

I have had to change my eye make up because since turning 50, my eyelids hit under my brows and deposit eyeliner, making a horrid mess.So I only line under my eyes now, and wear less eyeshadow. If anyone has any top tips for this I would be grateful.

My clothes are all plain, or with stripes. Navy, black, white, grey and a few beige/tan accessories and coats. This makes dressing a lot easier. I also wear a lot of dresses.

Looking forward to our journey of self improvement.

nancybelle Sat 28-Jul-18 15:51:37

Me too. I was shopping a few weeks ago with my patner and he help up a pair of trousers and I told him they were a bit frumpy to which he replied ‘well you are though’. Any illusions I had any style credibility left got up and left after that comment 😭. Any help and guidance gratefully received for a wifey who is fat, in my forties and apparently frumpy!

DULLDull Sat 28-Jul-18 15:55:50

Wonderful, I have some passengers.

I've started today by going for a run for the first time in years. shock

I am going to clear my wardrobe tomorrow and decide what I do and don't need. I have bookmarked some fabulous bloggers recommended.

I've also had a look at the french style thread on here. I just need to work out a style first I think.

My hair is OK. Highlighted and cut every 8 weeks.

But my waistline is a different issue. It's almost in another dimension. I am going to do the blood sugar diet as recommended by someone on chat.

My nails are awful. Sadly I'm stuck with bendy nails so can't grow them.

happypoobum Sat 28-Jul-18 16:09:34

I was just googling about the state of my nails and I think it is because I have been on a low fat diet.

There is something called linoleic acid in some fats which stops nails from peeling. Apparently I can help by taking Evening Primrose Oil, which I stopped taking after going through menopause (am 52 now) so I will report back if that helps.

Am also going to book chiropodist to sort out my hooves.

Bunnybobtails Sat 28-Jul-18 18:03:10

I'll join in too if that's ok, but this week we're off camping so any sense of style will be left behind and I'll join in the week after!

sunshineseaside Sat 28-Jul-18 20:04:18

May I join? No matter what I seem to put on I feel always looks frumpy - so hopefully this will change my mindset a bit smile xx

SassitudeandSparkle Sat 28-Jul-18 20:09:21

I've bought some clothes and shoes recently, more dresses actually - trying to up my clothing game. I'm in.

DULLDull Sat 28-Jul-18 20:14:58

Yes, come take a seat sunshineseaside

I need to sort my nails, I am too lazy to paint them a colour as I then just end up walking around with chipped nail varnish for weeks. blush the gene for being bothered by passed me. So, I think I am going to go for quite short and manicured with clear varnish. My nails are weirdly weak. I think it's a genetic thing as they have always been super bendy and easily broken. I also dont like the idea of loads of dirt under long nails. Can anyone recommend a good clear varnish. Preferably as low maintenance as possible.

I have decided to look to my autumn wardrobe seeing as it's round the corner and I don't need any summer outfits. That gives me time to lose weight as well. I have made a board on pinterest to try and work out a style as it currently consists of two pairs of knackered ankle boots, skinny jeans that I'm constantly yanking up, a coat that I refer to as 'The duvet' and a mix of jumpers. Mostly a bit naff. I think I'm going to go for skinny jeans, decent knee high boots and loafers (not sure about them tbh), thin but lovely jumpers and a camel coloured coat. Trench coats keep being mentioned but I find them a bit 'Meh' and tbh, the last time I wore one I got annoyed by the bit I'd material held down by a button on the wrist and lost the belt. Sort of lost the look after that. I'm trying to emulate that chic European look with an edge. confused not entirely sure how to achieve that.

dementedma Sat 28-Jul-18 20:20:24

watching with interest. 54, fat and frumpy. Still have ok legs (lower part) so have bought some bright coloured summer dresses for work, but the rest of the time am in jeans and DS cast-off t-shirts.
on a tight budget so any tips gratefully received

BangingOn Sat 28-Jul-18 20:22:36

Taking silica capsules has transformed my nails.

DULLDull Sat 28-Jul-18 20:24:28

Liskee I'm tempted by SW. Does it require alot of planning and recording of what you eat? That's where I fall down as I just lose track and get bored. Explains alot.

happypoobum the joys of aging. I don't wear eye make up so can't help on that one I'm afraid.I look forward to hearing about the effect of Evening Primrose oil on nails.

Nancybelle aren't men just lovely? smile I sympathise, not only am I a frump, but my husband is annoyingly stylish. He told me a skirt I wore was mumsy so you aren't alone.

Bunnybobtails we look forward to hearing from you on your return. I hope you have a great time.

SassitudeandSparkle all sounds good. I do love a dress.

DULLDull Sat 28-Jul-18 20:27:48

dementedma you sound similar to me. My legs are OK so I've convinced myself the denim shorts I am living in look amazing. wink I'm not a spender on clothes, particularly as I am likely to stain something within 20 minutes of putting it on. I saw someone wearing a white dress the other day and just thought 'How does someone wear that?

Great tip Bangingon I shall look into that.

dementedma Sat 28-Jul-18 20:31:53

hi dull
I'm a real apple shape but I do like bright colours. I buy most of my clothes from charity, ebay or supermarket. I just bought a nice wrap dress fro m Tescos which I really liked and was cool to wear in this recent heat. i wore it when I popped in to see my elderly mum.
The next day, wearing a different dress (Matalan- i really shop high end) I popped in again. this time she said approvingly, "Now , that's a nice dress. it makes you look slimmer. the one you were wearing yesterday made you look really fat!"

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

JillyBear Sat 28-Jul-18 20:32:26

Please may I join you?

I need to lose weight (about 20lbs), overhaul my wardrobe and generally work on looking more groomed.

First job is to remove nail polish from toes, it's manky and needs reapplying.

I've found this helps my nails OP. I've stopped using nail polish on my fingernails and it has helped strengthen them massively. Worth a try?

idream Sat 28-Jul-18 20:39:07

Can I join please? I just need to sort everything out. Most of all I want to lose a couple of stone. Carrying extra weight doesn't help with the frumpiness. I'm really unhappy with how I look right now.

MrsDoylesTeaBags Sat 28-Jul-18 22:11:22

Please may I join? I'm 44, menopausal and banging on weight round my middle like nobodies business and feeling old and frumpy.
I don't like to spend a lot of money on clothes either, mainly supermarkets, Matalan etc. I've recently discovered Roman (which is quite old lady blush) but you can find some really nice stuff and the cut is very flattering.
My nails have always been strong but I've started using OPI nail envy, which is really good.
I want to lose about a stone in weight and get fit. I plan to start swimming again and get back to the gym, but I need diet motivation cause I really love my food!

NC4Now Sat 28-Jul-18 22:13:16

Any seats left in economy class?
I’ve crept up to a size 16 and down to a single income household this year.

teta Sun 29-Jul-18 08:48:38

May I hop on too?
53 and starting to come out of the doldrums I’ve been in for the past three years. Exacerbated by Ibs and hormonal changes. I’ve lost some weight by following the 16/8 diet. It’s easy to follow once you get used to it. Plus home brewing Kefir ( probiotic) has helped with the Ibs to a certain extent.Though i still have a long way to go before returning to my ‘normal’ self i feel i am making progress.

Liskee Sun 29-Jul-18 08:59:43

Slimming World is good! I've A Lot of weight to lose and so far 2 stone gone in about 9 weeks. It's fits in around my lifestyle quite well, but there is a lot of planning and recording involved, so whilst it suits me, it might not be for everyone.

Clothes wise I've just been wearing jeans, big baggy hide everything tops and sandals or sneakers all summer. The other women in work are all either on trend young ones or stylish got their own way women of my age and up. I feel like frumpy fanny in the corner and now I've made the decision to get the weight sorted, I really need to find out what my style post-babies is. I have no idea!!

Nails are good - strong and healthy but polish never stays on them! Even clear is chipped and raggedy looking within a day. Too much hand washing and toddler wiping to stay I think! I was thinking of trying Dior Nail Glow if anyone has any experience?

Hair-happy enough with the colour, though I do it myself. I straighten it and use products that it seems to like. But it's just a brown long shapeless bob type affair. The good news is I have a hair appointment next week so hoping for some inspiration before then!

I think the best way to describe me is a work in progress!! I've become addicted to the style and beauty boards and have picked up some really good tips, so a thread like this, with like minded works in progress grin is right up my street!

brainepson Sun 29-Jul-18 09:05:56

I'm in. I'm 55, fat, frumpy and fed up. I'm about to start the 8 week blood sugar diet and I'm determined to lose 4 stone or more by February.

I also want to get my top lip and chin waxed and get my nails done. I get my hair cut regularly already but I'm considering a change of hairdresser as I'm not sure the colour is good.

brainepson Sun 29-Jul-18 09:07:00

Liskee, go to a salon and get gels.they look good for ages

treaclesoda Sun 29-Jul-18 09:07:41

Can I join in? I've really lost my way sad

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