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amazing faces-join our quiche and watch the years roll back!

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bigbuttons Wed 29-Apr-15 17:32:20

sorry for rubbish title, it's been a very long day!

CoconutAmericano Wed 29-Apr-15 17:37:27

I'm signing up! I'm still feeling very positive and optimistic about my new skincare 'project' grin. Loved reading the learning on the other thread and still can't believe the queen herself contributed!! And kundry too. What a skincare guru!

mowglik Wed 29-Apr-15 17:45:59

joining - i love skincare anyway but the CH thread has been good fun!

bigbuttons Wed 29-Apr-15 17:50:54

I am white, 47, normal skin but can get eczema on face when stressed. have a few lines round the old eyes and on forehead.
I use and currently love:
cleansing: oil cleansing mix ( home made), lush ultra bland dupe ( home made) merumaya cleanser.
Bravura clay cleanser ( has glycolic in it, it's brilliant)

Acid tone: Bravura ginseng toner and calendula toner, nip and fab glycolic pads, clearasil salicylic pads.
moisturising tone. Home made toner using aloe vera, HA, rose water, witch hazel and glycerine.
Serums: Home made vit C, vit E ferulic HA
Body shop vit c toner ( more silky, but less potent, but lovely feeling)
Home made NAG serum ( niacinamide and glutamine)
NOVOPEEL coq10, ha, dmae, collage, elk peptide,pearl, vits b3, b5, c and e
Hylamide sub q anti-age.
I rotate all these serums.

I make my own face oil mix and add essential oils to these.
I use EMU and TAMANU oil both of which are brilliant for dryness, spots, eczema, scarring. I would never be without either oil.

I use retin A 0.1% buffered with emu oil every other night
I use Bravura 15% glycolic moisturiser on the nights I don't use the retina.
I have liquid gold but didn't notice any difference using it. I am on the look out for more cleansers, to ring the changes.
When my skin isn't sensitive I do GA peel, but i use so many GA products during the week that I don't feel my skin can take a peel at the moment.

pinkelephantnightclub Wed 29-Apr-15 17:51:07

me too-- and am bound to have more questions- am adding steps slowly..

DrankSangriaInThePark Wed 29-Apr-15 17:52:51

Here I am, just taking dd to volleyball and then will list what's in my cupboard.

Are we going to be brave and stick a photo up? And then at intervals as we become ever more smooth and youthful? grin

evelynj Wed 29-Apr-15 17:55:46


I'm joining but haven't read all the other thread yet-I have been really lazy lately & done nowt with my skin-rarely wearing makeup atm. Always suffer from melia (sp?) whitehead bits.

Have bought some of the 0.025 cream & have a load of Clinique, dermalogica & eve lom stuff in the bathroom. Need to read & sort a list of the to buy & to do & on a strict budget!

Twitchcoco Wed 29-Apr-15 18:01:19

51 in a week or two, combination, a bit reactive. Get milia easily and teabag pigmentation on upper cheeks. Not many wrinkles, forehead 11’s and NL lines mainly.

Lancôme micellar water or just a hot flannel
FAB radiance pads
Decleor neroli oil
Decleor hydrafloral moisturiser
Heliocare spf 50 if out and about

Remove make up and spf with Decleor micellar oil, splash water and flannel
Second cleanse with cream cleanser, currently Alpha H balancing cleanser
LRP Redermic
Decleor night balm

So far I like the routine, my skin feels as if it has a few tiny lumps making their way up and then somehow overnight they disappear.

I'm a scaredy cat and am pleased to start with these low dose acids and Redermic until I'm comfortable.

Twitchcoco Wed 29-Apr-15 18:03:30

I would like to add a hydrating spray toner after the acid tone as per CH. Any recommendations gratefully received.

CoconutAmericano Wed 29-Apr-15 18:04:01

Ok I am 38. Oily skin. Occasional acne breakout on my cheeks only. Clogged up skin with early signs of crows feet and marionette lines. Very pale and freckley. Here is my routine:

Micellar water on cotton pad
Botanics eye cream
Serum (ordered vit c +e + ferulic acid)
La Roche Posay factor 50 anti shine lotion
Make up

Pm. This varies a bit.
Double cleanse with Nivea cream cleanser for sensitive skin or Lush Ultrabland
Paula's Choice 2% BHA or Bravura glycolic acid toners (i alternate these)
Eye cream
Either LRP Effaclar Duo if spotty. If not, Vichy retinol moisturiser

Once a week I use 0.025% Tretinoin, with a view to building up (very gradually) to thrice weekly.

I have Liquid Gold too as a once a week 'treatment'.
I haven't started using the liquid gold yet. I don't want to overwhelm my skin too much at the mo. Ive already a lot going on! grin

Itsalldramarama Wed 29-Apr-15 18:15:25

I'm in smile loved the other thread and read so much information on various products that my brain hurts and eyes are bleeding !!
So far :
Soap and glory or botanical cleaner using hot flannel ( big difference just using this one step ! )
Nip and fab pads
Revitalist 10 or Balance hydrauronic( can never spell it ) serum
Youth code moisturiser
As above but cleansing
( had some fab reninol and vit c 'natysal' night cream but all gone when I went back sad
White , 48 , skin clear but forehead wrinkles , eyes a bit crinkly and a bloody huge vertical line in middle of eyes that makes me look a moody cow !!! (Used to be able to afford Botox but alas no more sad
Waiting on retin A to arrive ....
Anyone brave enough to add a photo ....

Badgerlady Wed 29-Apr-15 18:16:00

<steps into thread and looks at all the beautiful dewy people>

I'm 34. I have SPOTS. I hate SPOTS. They can't be content with making red marks and being painful. No that is not enough for these sadistic bastards. They have to leave behind horrible brown scars. I have probably 8-10 at any one time. They are cunning and move around different areas of my face. My cheeks are their current favourite.

The only thing that has ever worked is diannette. However, I came off that as I was on it for two years to long. When I went back on it did nothing. Nada. I'm now on some other antibiotics which over the last eight weeks have proved to not be up to the fight.

I must confess that I have got into despair and given up cleansing beyond a wipe. I know I know. But I had tried so many treatments that didn't work I decide they were all snake oil. (However before my wedding when I was on diannette and I was cleansing religiously my skin was good).

However, I have now read the WHOLE CH thread and am inspired.

I just have one question: what is this miceller (sp?) water I keep seeing???

Itsalldramarama Wed 29-Apr-15 18:16:05

* double cleaning

Fatstacks Wed 29-Apr-15 18:16:26

Place marking grin

U2TheEdge Wed 29-Apr-15 18:19:21

Count me in. 33, acne. Scars.

My routine


Cleanse- Superdrug hot cloth, Ultrabland or Cethaphill (spelling)
Acid tone with either NIP & FAB or Clerasil pads. Currently alternating days
Lush Tea Tree toner water
Loreal or Aldi serum


Retin A

That is all I am doing in the evening at the moment as I just started on the Retin. I hope to use Liquid gold at the weekend if I continue to not react to the Retin. I would like to tone in the evenings as well but not sure if I should when using the Retin?

I love the Aldi serum, I have two but prefer the hydrating one. My skin loves their products. The Loreal one I got was much more expensive but not as good IMO.

I don't want to add too many things at once straight away but no doubt I will add more products within time.

plumstone Wed 29-Apr-15 18:45:02

so up for this!!!! I am 39, with dry/dehydrated skin some forehead wrinkles ( I dabble with the thought of botox regularly) not too many facial wrinkles, but freckles - lots of freckles, which are verging on too many to be cute!!

I was a die-hard, wipe, foaming cleanser and a bit of Nivea soft chick till I discovered CH - me and my credit card thank you for many different reasons!!

I now have the following system:

am - cetaphil single cleanse, bobbi brown toner (looking for a morning acid toner and second toner for hydrating, have finished Lancome Genefique serum - honestly a bit meh about it, am now on one I found in a drawer hmm we shall see and then Lancome Genefique eye cream - like lots. then follow the whole wallet haemorrhaging system with Superdrug Vit E spf 15 £2.99 moisturiser - love it, and follow with Clinique city block spf 40 - prevention of more freckles is key!!

pm - double cleanse with bobbi Brown cleansing oil, and cetaphil and a hot cloth, Malin & Groetz acid peel pads (thanks Caroline) three times a week and then bobbi brown toner, then Body shop bouncy sleeping mask (CH recommended) - three days in and I love it, 50% results and 50% the texture is like memory foam mattress - makes me giggle every time!!

Alpha Gold has arrived this morning and will be trialing this evening - I expect tomorrow to look have skin resembling my 21 year old self!!!!

Hitting Sephora in the US in May so fully expect by "habit" to be completely out of control by the time I get back!!! grin

MrsGuyGarvey Wed 29-Apr-15 18:53:57

I'm also loving this new quiche, I've got all obsessed about my face and it's been good so far. I'm 45 combination skin, I'm a redhead so my skin is very fair and I have a little redness on my chin. For ages I though I had enlarged pores, but I think it's just lack of firmness because if I do that thing where you stretch you skin imagining a face lift (please tell me I'm not the only one) the pores are totally fine. I have fairly pronounced No11's, but last week I had Botox on them and I hope they'll go if I keep it up.

Having got off to a bad start by overdoing the retin a my skin is now looking fab from the new routine and a bit of tlc, I think I'll give it a few more days before I try the retin a again.

I've had a good sort out of my bathroom cupboards today and have a shelf each for cleansers, serums/toners/treatments and moisturisers. I already had a fair few things lurking and have ordered from Bravura,Escentuals and Amazon this week so more to come. I may also have gone shopping today, but that was Aldi so I told myself it was allowed.

My only concern is not to introduce too much new stuff at the same time so I've got to curb my own rampant impatience and go slow.

Here's how it's going to look


Cleansing 1 - Emma Hardy balm stuff (Md forumulations glycolic cleanser, Murad Vic C cleanser and a variety of samples all waiting to be tried out)

Cleanse 2 - Avene micellar water

Acid tone - haven't done this yet but I bought the £shop cClearasil pads today and have Bravura ginseng toner on its way.

Serum - Clinique smart serum (Aldi soy waiting)

Moisturiser- Neals Yard frankincense (Avene, Vichy and others waiting)

Spf - Mac spf 50 nearly run out ( Neutrogena stuff on its way, also have a Dermatologica sample)


Same, but have Glycolic stuff coming from Bravura and the retin a to slowly introduce. Plus will use a night time moisturiser which will be an Aldi one for now.

I've also got Lrdp Serozinc on its way but can't remember what it's for or when to use it.

Lastly I Was in Boots today and spotted some Corn Silk powder, there was a thread on here a few months ago where everybody raved about it giving them an Instagram like filter on their faces. Clearly I'll believe anything so I bought some - dear God it's amazing, I'm shine free without looking powdery and look so much better.

Thanks Bigbuttons for starting us off

DressedUpJustLikeEdie Wed 29-Apr-15 18:59:41

Apologies for epic length post coming up. blush

Oooh I am joining this quiche for sure. I am 49, have no spots, blackheads or skin texture issues really, my skin is delicate and thin with lots of fine lines around the eyes and tends to look dehydrated and easily sun damaged. Also very saggy and jowly - my collagen has deserted me. sad

I've been trying to establish a serious skincare regime for the last few months with varying degrees of effort success and I lurked on the other thread and took myself off to the CH blog. I am also a recent fan of Dr Brandith Irwin's website. I found CH very entertaining but I ten to trust Brandith's advice more, and I took issue with one or to things that CH said - namely:

that most of us go overkill on the SPF. I think she looks as though she has a fairly olive/oily skin that can probably cope with more sun exposure than mine, which is thin and pale and prone to freckles and brown spots and burns very easily.


that pores don't open and close like doors, and 'pore closing' product do nothing more than creating an optical illusion of them closing, or looking smaller. I don't imagine that they open and close much but every facialist and sauna/steam treatment enthusiast knows that extraction of blackheads is easier when steam is applied and pores are open, and that an astringent or a splash of cold water will close them up again. Fucking with that law is just like heresy and too much for me to cope with. Baby steps, baby steps… grin

I love that she tells us we can mix and match and rotate stuff though - when you are an indecisive spendthrift like me that helps a lot. grin

I got carried away at duty free the other week and bought a few different cleansers before I read that we should avoid foaming ones. sad I bought a Clarins and a couple of Dr Kiels, all of which foam, and so far I am a bit disillusioned by each of them - they feel a bit harsh and drying. One of the Dr Kiels ones kills my eyes as well. The packaging gives the impression of something simple and pure but that's obviously not the case. hmm Have definitely learnt recently to pay more attention to the ingredients list on each product in future.

I also bought the hot cloth cleanser from Boots No 7, (quite nice) the No 7 balm cleanser (nice) and the No. 7 gel/oil cleanser which is far and away my favourite so far. All of them seem better than the expensive brand ones, which is interesting.

I haven't managed to source any Liquid Gold yet (I alive outside the Uk)

I have been using Filorga products for a few months on the advice of a cosmetic dermatologist.

I have the eye cream, the night cream with hyaluronic peel, and the foaming hyaluronic cleanser which now I have finished I won't replace, due to it being foaming. She told me that it doesn't really matter what moisturiser you use so long as you have something hyaluronic, a decent serum and a decent lightweight SPF of factor 50 over the top.

I also have organic rosehip oil. Not sure what this does confused Vitamin C perhaps?

I have Estee Lauder's overnight repair thingy which I really like - it feels like it's good for me iyswim.

I have Boot Protect and Perfect serum, which I've been using half-heartedly on and off for a few years.

I have a Clairisonic cleansing sonic brush which I use about three of four times a week for a couple of months. I think the pores on my chin have been much less congesting since I've been using it.

I have the Bravura hyaluronic serum which I have used almost daily for about a year (these things seem to last ages for me, which makes me wonder if I am doing something wrong grin)

I have been using the Boots No 7 Lift and Illuminate moisturiser for about a month which feels lovely but I worry that I might prove to be a bit rich and heavy in the long run….just managed to clear lots of teeny tiny blocked pores on my chin and don't want them back again.

I have some Vitamin C powder (some Japanese brand, very expensive, can't remember which) that you mix into a paste with your moisturiser. Been using it for about a week, have no idea about it, it seems a bit gimmicky but I'm trying anything.

I've been using the Clarins Purifying Toner (acid, exfoliating) for about a fortnight. Happy so far.

I have also just bought (and not really used much yet) the Filorga serum (hyaluronic acid and Vit A/retin A) and the Filorga vitamin A oil (basically a retinol/retin A, not quite sure of the difference.)

Finally, I have the Bravura hyaluronic acid peel which I have done three or four times, but a bit sporadically so far. I am determined to keep up the regime now and have high hopes of a noticable difference. I fancy that one of my horrible sun spots is already fading.

Phew. confused

I am overwhelmed and broke now, but I am ploughing onward, ever determined.

bigbuttons Wed 29-Apr-15 19:00:30

mrsg do you rate the Emma Hardie?

thebeesankles Wed 29-Apr-15 19:02:20

Hi. I loved the CH thread.

I'm feeling all motivated to change and really go for a proper skin care routine. I need to, I'm 43 but my skin looks older sad. But hopefully I can do something to improve it or at least stop it getting too much worse.

I'm starting from a point of zero effort. Soap and water is all blush. I have depression and really haven't looked after myself over the past few years. Eating, hydration, drinking, smoking and exercise wise. That is going to change! (I'm already 10 months dry and 9lbs lighter ��)

Please be gentle though, there are cosmetic related things that are probably obvious to most women that I may need explaining as though I'm 5!

Still got to shop for products so reading with interest as to what works for others, especially on a budget.

DressedUpJustLikeEdie Wed 29-Apr-15 19:03:37

What is this cetaphil I keep hearing mentioned? I looked for it in Boots but couldn't see the word cetaphil on anything.

LtheWife Wed 29-Apr-15 19:04:59

I lurked on the previous thread, so many great tips!

I'm 33, and don't really know where things are going with my skin at the moment. Until recently I'd been a greaseball with acne for over 20 years with dehydrated skin. Like Badgerlady I'd given up on skincare as nothing made a difference. As a last resort I started taking Roacctuane two months ago so now I'm acne free with super dry, dehydrated skin. I also have a few fine lines below my eyes and have frown lines starting to appear too. I've got another 2-4 months on Roaccutane and have no idea what my skin will be like afterwards.

I started a CH inspired routine when I started the medication but have to skip exfoliating acids and retinoids and keep things fairly gentle and moisturising.

LRP Toleraine cleanser with a muslin (flannels too rough on my currently fragile skin)
Clinique moisture surge spray
Decleor neroli oil
Clarins hydraquench cream
Decleor SPF 30

I top up throughout the day with the moisture surge spray and SPF

Clinique take the day off or Emma Hardie balm
LRP Toleraine
Clinique moisture surge spray
Clarins blue orchid oil and Decleor night balm or Origins drink up intensive overnight mask

Cannot wait until I can add in some acid and retinoids to treat the scarring and fine lines!

Itsalldramarama Wed 29-Apr-15 19:09:50

It's not in the skin care section in my boots , was in a section called dry skin in another sectionwith more medicinal items . Well it was but all sold out ! ( a mild cleanser )

DrankSangriaInThePark Wed 29-Apr-15 19:20:02

I am 49 and very very pale. Skin has always been dry rather than greasy. Until I was 40 my students used to think I was in my 20s. <bless> Now, at 49 I get told I look 40. So am aging double fast. My Mum indoctrinated me about good skincare and makeup from an early age. I remember her giving me a bottle of blue nivea lotion and some cotton wool when I was about 11 and teaching me how to cleanse.

Sooooo. Right now I am doing this:

AM- not nearly as much as I should be, my aim is to incorporate something here, because I am just too rushed.....
No cleansing at all. <bad Sangria>
Serum- Have Boots Lift and Luminate Day- for a mainstream serum I really rate the Boots ones. The L+L is supposed to be for mature ladies <ahem> and it definitely improves my skin tone. I always rated the Protect and Perfect as well.
Moisturiser- L'Oreal Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream. It was as cheap as chips, I have decided to spend more on cleansing and serums as CH's advice. I picked this one over the Olays and Niveas in my local (Italian) drugstore because a) it was on offer b) it had the highest quantity of Shea in it.
Eye Cream- Having rummaged through my beauty stuff I have more eye creams than anything else I realise (Holy Grail as yet unfound) I just dobble on the first I find of the following:
Elemis Pro-Collagen - definitely not worth it, it's like putting thick water on your face hmm
Superdrug Natural High radiance- opposite end of scale, cost about £2, and is much nicer
Garnier Ultra lift - like the face cream but don't rate this
Barefoot Botanicals Rose eye cream- this one is quite nice. Not sure it's £25 nice though.
A nameless thing with a rollerball I picked up in Home Bargains.
Oh, speaking of which, I put my moisturiser on with the Roc Complete Lift rollerball- these are fab!

I want to acid tone in the morning (obv once have found time to cleanse)


Double cleanse with one of the following:
Liz Earle C +P- used to love it, not so much now, prob won't buy again
Elemis Pro Radiance with the bergamot and neroli- bloody lovely, will definitely buy again
Boots Botanics balm- don't like the gritty texture. Won't buy again.
Acid Tone with a Olay anti age one I picked up cheap.
Lift and Luminate serum night. (very nice)
Oil as moisturiser, alternating between Neal's Yard Rose and NY Frankincense. Won't buy the rose again, will never NOT buy the Frankincense.
Slather neck and décolletage in Astral like my Mammy told me to.
When my skin is particularly dry I slap Astral on my face as well.

Twice a week at the moment I am using pea sized Thai retin A. Have some 30% GA but at the moment no neutraliser so am not doing that.

I also have a shopping list longer than this post. grin

EuphemiaCoxton Wed 29-Apr-15 19:22:41

Been doing the ch routine from start of other thread and there is no difference at all to my face.
Actually that's a wee lie, I think the line between my eyebrows has lessened. Either that or pores have become so big they've taken it over grin

I also get retin a 0.5 prescribed.
I am mid 30s with very pale skin that has been browned and leathered by smoking, which I quit the same day I started ch routine. Debating whether to persuade Dr to add hydroquinine instead of just tretinoin.

It would appear I have an allergy to something in pixi glow tonic, burning red face for two days after using it.
I'm fine with other glycolic acid products, I don't use over 15% though.
Also think I'm allergic to tea tree oil, I thought my skin was just clearing itself out but no, after regular use my face was one angry spotty mess.

So I have simple cleansers, burts bees toner and a simple toner. I have a glycolic acid face mask I use once a week. I have a 15% glycolic moisteriser by isis pharm bought in UAE I use once a week. It's supposed to stay on all night but I wash it off after 10 minutes.
I have a garner and a pixi glow serum and Nivea moisterisers.
Mainly loads of simple and Nivea because there was a deal on at tescos grin

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