Recognise your fellow Mumsnetters by nominating your favourite Mumsnet user to win Silent Pool gin

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AbbiCMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 12-Jul-19 11:12:42

To tie in with their new #FortheSpirited campaign, Silent Pool Gin is on a quest to unearth the UK’s most spirited characters – and the search starts right here. For two months, the award-winning distillers will be celebrating the spirit of Mumsnet by getting you to nominate the users who you think show the most – well – spirit. They'll be giving one bottle of gin per week to a winning Mumsnet user. In addition, if your nominee wins, you'll also receive a shopping voucher worth £30..

Here’s what Silent Pool Gin have to say:
“For the spirited. Three small words that capture the essence of Silent Pool Gin. It represents our independent mindset and our uncompromising commitment to producing a gin with a refreshingly individual character.

For the spirited is about following your own path. Embracing life and living for the best things it has to offer. It’s about doing something kind, inspiring, creative, different. Could be finally handing in your notice, booking that round-the-world trip, starting that new Japanese course or even just deciding to make your very first post on AIBU.

Whatever your version of ‘spirited' is, we applaud you. However, applause only gets you so far, so to officially recognise the wonderful achievements of the Mumsnet community, we are launching the Silent Pool Gin For the Spirited award. Each week, one lucky Mumsnet member will be recognised as a kindred spirit and will win one bottle of Silent Pool Gin.

Also we’d love to hear your spirited stories so please tag us in at #forthespirited @silentpoolgin

There's no such thing as a best Mumsnet user but you probably have your favourite(s). Is there someone: Whose posts you always read? Who brightens your days and whose views keep you glued to the screen? Who has given you priceless advice, yet you wouldn't know from Adam in real life?

Every week for two months, Silent Pool will be giving the #FortheSpirited award to one lucky Mumsnet user – with the prize of a bottle of gin. Simply nominate your favourite Mumsnet user on the discussion thread and they'll be in with a chance of winning. In turn, if your nominee wins, you'll also receive a £30 voucher. Win, win (gin) gin.

Thanks and good luck!



Terms and conditions of prize draw:
Activity specific T&Cs: Mumsnet will run a random prize draw once per week. The nominees within the winning entries will be contacted via email or PM to inform them of the win, and to ask if they would like to receive the prize. A non-alcoholic prize will also be available if desired. To receive an alcoholic prize, nominees will need to provide a copy of photographic ID to Mumsnet (eg a photograph of a passport or driving licence), as well as a physical name and address for the prize to be dispatched to. The name and address will be shared with Silent Pool Gin, with the user's permission. Mumsnet will dispose of this information within one week of users' receipt of the prize. Posters of the winning entries will be emailed by Mumsnet to inform them of the win, and to give them the opportunity to choose the voucher they would like. Their name and email address, with the user's permission, will be shared with Mumsnet's voucher fulfilment company for the purposes of ordering the voucher. Voucher winner's details will be retained for audit purposes. Winner's details will be used for the purpose of the prize draw and prize delivery only, and not for any other marketing purpose. Standard Mumsnet T&Cs can be found here.

[POST EDITED BY MNHQ to remove language around 'courage' and 'bravery']

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AuntieStella Fri 12-Jul-19 15:51:54

Easy - TwitterQueen1

A lovely poster and going through quite a tough time at the moment

MrsGaryLightbody Fri 12-Jul-19 15:58:53

Easy peasy has to be @Anyfucker cos in real life I've started to think what would AF do gin

00100001 Fri 12-Jul-19 16:13:24

well, I nominate @00100001

She's so witty and pretty and kind...

serenadoundy Fri 12-Jul-19 16:24:10


Called on for practical help by many grin

TheQueef Fri 12-Jul-19 16:29:49

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TheFatberg Fri 12-Jul-19 16:33:05

I must nominate CherryPavlova as her posts never fail to make me smile.


joanofbarc Fri 12-Jul-19 16:37:29

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Startoftheyear2019 Fri 12-Jul-19 16:50:04

I'd like to nominate @cricketmum84 as she did a great job on a recent weight loss thread and this would be a lovely way to thank her!

FamilyOfAliens Fri 12-Jul-19 17:06:02

I’d like to nominate @Datun for her wisdom and clarity.

CanoeDoYouThinkYouAre Fri 12-Jul-19 17:06:16

I have always been in awe of Sadwidow and her dedication to posters who are struggling.

GooodMythicalMorning Fri 12-Jul-19 17:06:39

pigletjohn for literally helping everyone.

joanofbarc Fri 12-Jul-19 17:10:39

I haven’t seen sadwidow for ages!

LimitIsUp Fri 12-Jul-19 17:14:07

I agree with Pigletjohn

CharityDingle Fri 12-Jul-19 17:23:11

Only UK posters?

SpartacusAutisticusAHF Fri 12-Jul-19 17:24:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

joanofbarc Fri 12-Jul-19 17:27:10

A sad loss.

joanofbarc Fri 12-Jul-19 17:29:59

Paxillin is lovely.

JaimeBronde Fri 12-Jul-19 17:31:16

I'd like to nominate @Iambuffy from the Perfumistas threads on style & beauty.
She's very friendly & knowledge & she makes me smile.
Though the main reason I nominated her is because she's having a bit of a hard time at the moment as her kitchen caught fire & the house could have gone up through the stupidity of tradesman.
I think she really could do with the gin.

LoseLooseLucy Fri 12-Jul-19 17:33:48

BertrandRussell, for being a great source of knowledge and opinion.

ReganSomerset Fri 12-Jul-19 17:33:48

I nominate mathanxiety.

joanofbarc Fri 12-Jul-19 17:36:49

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

BoreOfWhabylon Fri 12-Jul-19 17:37:20

@OhYouBadBadKitten for her weatherwatching.

twattymctwatterson Fri 12-Jul-19 17:39:33

Anyfucker for me. Gives great advice, no nonsense approach and seems to really care about getting women out of shitty relationships

FlaviaAlbia Fri 12-Jul-19 17:40:33

@Datun for her patience and calm logic

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