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GCSEs 2018 (14): the aftermath

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mmzz Sun 17-Jun-18 10:45:44

Following on from

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InMySpareTime Sun 17-Jun-18 11:26:54

I'm in (anything to distract from the long, loooong summer ahead!)

Peaseblossom22 Sun 17-Jun-18 12:16:22

If only it was the aftermath, 4 more exams to go here .Ds has really had enough now and is definitely flagging and finding it difficult to keep going especially as so many have finished . Roll on Thursday!

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Sun 17-Jun-18 12:31:04

Thanks for the new thread. The aftermath seems a long way off here too. Three more to go.sad Dd is doing ok now after a reluctant start this morning.

Get well soon thethird flowers

Jinglebells99 Sun 17-Jun-18 12:33:33

Yes, my dd still has three German papers to go. Anyone got any tips for revising for the listening and reading? My dd has said there are only two test paper?! I don’t know if she’s right?!

AChickenCalledKorma Sun 17-Jun-18 12:38:16

DD1 has three German papers, but two of them (reading and listening) are back to back on the same day. Edexcel.

No idea about revising. At the moment she's making an Add Maths past paper while watching rubbish on TV. They had a German revision session at school on Friday. Other than revising vocab I'm not sure what else they can really do at this point.

AChickenCalledKorma Sun 17-Jun-18 12:39:51

I think those of us whose children are doing German should regard it as a personal challenge to fill the thread up before we reach the aftermath gringringrin

JugglingFromHereToThere Sun 17-Jun-18 12:50:09

The aftermath made me smile though, as in a battle, has felt a bit like that! Nice to get to the other side! DS looked so happy and relaxed when they were over and he had prom night to look forward to.
Even though he did then get a little stressed with me over pre-prom arrangements as I wanted a photo with friends.
Think he still had a good night though!

EllenJanethickerknickers Sun 17-Jun-18 13:27:34

Prom night is on Friday, here. Just to make sure everyone has completely finished, but it has affected a few who were hoping to fit in a quick holiday.

HesMyLobster Sun 17-Jun-18 13:47:32

DD (and my house!) survived her party last night!
Lots of very excited and happy teenagers - was lovely to see them all looking relaxed and having fun.

Sostenueto glad things are underway, hope you get home soon to pup and enjoy hearing stories of London.

I have managed the impossible - got tickets for Hamilton for Saturday night!
I can't wait to give them to DDs after DD1's final exam on Friday! grin

Theimpossiblegirl Sun 17-Jun-18 14:27:09

Oh wow, enjoy Hamilton, I am booking for between Xmas and New Year.
Dd is seeing Ed next week as a post exam treat.

Theimpossiblegirl Sun 17-Jun-18 14:28:41

Good luck to those who still have exams and to all of us for August.

JugglingFromHereToThere Sun 17-Jun-18 14:29:24

My DD adores Hamilton and knows the words to all the songs

She was so excited when they were able to get three tickets for the show recently to go with friends, and it totally lived up to all expectations from
everything she's said!

What a nice pressie Lobster!

TerfTerfTerf Sun 17-Jun-18 15:32:42

I'm here grin
Two further maths papers for us this week. Plus a revision session on Monday afternoon. Other than that DS has "no plans"...

We've been out for the F Day picnic and wander round Anglesey Abbey wishing I lived there (alone)! Bought bluebelle a virtual gift grin

GettinTrimmer Sun 17-Jun-18 15:36:02

My ds is just revising vocab too...I've just been testing him. I agree not much more we can do at this late stage. He has 2 tomorrow then final exam on Thursday. Good luck to all our dc.

I am just about to do the laundry. Last time of washing school uniform feels a bit odd.

Also visiting his 6th form college Thursday evening....secondary school has flown by.

GettinTrimmer Sun 17-Jun-18 15:38:30

Just read that back, my laundry comment sounds a bit random!

Oratory1 Sun 17-Jun-18 15:43:32

Further maths past papers going on here - there’s steam coming out of his ears !!! And take an age to mark. But at least with only two exams next week there’s now plenty of chill time too. Especially as we ve only found about 6 past papers and I guess there s not really much else you can do.

Got Hamilton booked for DD s in August - they can’t wait (it was last years birthday presents !) Glad it’s living up to expectations. Jamie and Harry Potter next on the wish list. But I still can’t think of anything at all for a treat/gift for DS .

EllenJanethickerknickers Sun 17-Jun-18 16:02:29

I can empathise with the laundry. I've washed DS's summer polo tops for the last time. They were DS1 and DS2's before (still labelled with DS1's name.) They are in great condition but the school is changing its summer uniform so I can't pass them on or even recycle them. Who would want blue polo shirts with a school logo? It's weird.

Lots of white shirts to recycle as well but I'll hang on to the trousers as spares for next year.

InMySpareTime Sun 17-Jun-18 16:07:24

The charities that send clothes to Eastern Europe/Africa are happy to take school logoed stuff.

cubscout Sun 17-Jun-18 16:08:12

Checking in - last 2 papers this week -phew. Ds and I have had a very chilled weekend - dh away at his mothers. Rubbish Netflix binges and Mexican food!

Jinglebells a tip I was given about French listening was to watch a film or TV program with subtitles on so dc can 'get their ear in' at the same time as reading the translation - might work for your dd? I don't know how much is available in German but Netflix and You Tube were full of French stuff - a lot of it very funny too. Ds said it was quite useful.

Another 2 weeks of school stuff and then we're off on holiday! 6th Form induction is 2 days at the end of June and then prom is after that. Dress code is business suit, so we have been shopping, and yes, I'm afraid it is blue....He's thrilled though. we are down to last fitting pair of trousers and is blazer is a disgrace so I'm glad there are only 2 more days to wear it!

adrinkofwater Sun 17-Jun-18 16:10:44

DS actually did further maths paper yesterday (clearly not as much of an insult!) and declared that he finds them much easier than the GCSE as it nearly all proofs! confused I have decided it's best just not to comment when it comes to maths. He is now doing a German listening. I really just hope that all German hasn't been forgotten!

LooseAtTheSeams Sun 17-Jun-18 16:18:00

All DS’s school uniform that’s fit to wear is handed down to DS2 but it does feel quite weird that DS1 won’t be wearing it again.

Oratory1 Sun 17-Jun-18 16:23:24

Anyone recycling revision guides. We bough a few as DS notes were almost useless and he found the CGP revision guides easy to make notes/revise from. He doesn't want to take them in to school (too much hassle but probably just means having to talk to people !!). May be I should just take them in myself

Stickerrocks Sun 17-Jun-18 16:23:47

I definitely agree on the washing front. 11 years of uniform. I was criticised by a fellow mum at junior school for not ensuring DD's shirts were sparkling white, to which I bitchily replied that if she had a career like mine, she wouldn't have time to give a flying fig about the whiteness of shirts and would just be grateful that they had been washed over the weekend! I do think I deserve a round of applause for never ever ironing an item of school uniform. Maybe the lack or sparkle and the permanent creases are the reason why DD never had an item of uniform go astray.

She has promised me she is working on maths before we settle down to watch the U20s rugby work cup in a bit.

Oratory1 Sun 17-Jun-18 16:25:14

He's still looking forward to his bonfire next Thursday !!

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