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GCSEs 2018 (4 already)

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Stickerrocks Sat 24-Feb-18 20:56:11

Following on from

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Sostenueto Sun 25-Feb-18 05:02:30

Im here and thanks stickerocks for new linkflowers

TheDrsDocMartens Sun 25-Feb-18 06:10:13

I’m here. Way behind on other thread so starting fresh here.

LooseAtTheSeams Sun 25-Feb-18 07:58:27

Thanks for the new thread - there's definitely a lot going on!
DS1 did a computer revision clinic at school - a bit reluctantly until he came back with loads of file cards with notes that he got done in the lesson.
Paper 1 literature mock tomorrow, computer mock on Tuesday. So I have to rearrange 2 music lessons...

DoNotBringLulu Sun 25-Feb-18 08:18:10

Morning all I'm glad we have this thread to talk. I am also a bit behind on the thread but read the tail end of our last one.

Sticker Sorry to hear about your dd. My 13 year old dd has an ex friend who now blanks her. It's hard being dumped. Stuff 'em and your dd can make some new friends.

The suggestion of the weekly planner is great, I am hoping to get ds to do this as he doesn't look at anything I do.

He has been offered a place at 6th form college...he needs to get grade 4s in Maths English and Science and he will likely exceed that. I've broken the news to him he will have to get up earlier for the bus but all good. He saw an ex teacher from his school who's moved on to teach 6th form and ds was told he can call him by his first name which felt odd to him!. He also told my ds he is a hard working student with a good brain which was great as my ds can lack confidence and processes information a bit more slowly.

It's been a really sad week at school following the sudden death of a year 11 pupil. Some of them not sleeping. My ds is sad but not affected personally...

English Lit, Maths and History mocks this week....also Chemistry homework that my ds has spent hours on and says he still can't understand, to the detriment of not revising for the English Lit tomorrow. Really stressful and frustrating. My Dad is a retired Science teacher and can explain it but ds says he doesn't understand when Grandad goes through it!

DoNotBringLulu Sun 25-Feb-18 08:21:29

Good luck with paper 1 Eng Lit tomorrow for your ds Loose

BlueBelle123 Sun 25-Feb-18 09:20:19

Thanks for the new thread Stickerrocks, can't believe how quickly the last one filled up!

DS has been off school end of last week and probably beginning of this week due to a V&D bug........its meant he's missed being assessed for one of his sports for his PE GCSE, I presume it will just get rearranged.

Good luck to those with mocks next week, DS doesn't have any more mocks but papers are set randomly by subject teachers as and when.

LooseAtTheSeams Sun 25-Feb-18 09:55:01

ThanksLulu and good luck to your DS. Good to hear sixth form is sorted!
There's a horrible flu bug going round here - some poor dcs got it twice.

Teenmum60 Sun 25-Feb-18 10:02:58

Thanks for the new thread Stickerrocks....

Just about to go off for French session with tutor (I actually quite enjoy Sunday mornings because DD and Tutor meet up in Costa so I sit and drink coffee and catch up with morning papers). grin.

Good luck to everyone doing mocks this mocks for us now just the real thing in May/June - EEK !

Oddsocks15 Sun 25-Feb-18 10:08:07

Thanks Stickerrocks for starting this new thread.

Feeling pretty low myself at the moment, just posted on a menopause thread.

Supporting DD (and my recently bereaved DM) gets a bit much for me at times...

DoNotBringLulu Sun 25-Feb-18 10:12:28

I know where you are coming from Oddsocks I didn't know there was a menopause thread will look for it. Hope you get a break today.

snozzlemaid Sun 25-Feb-18 10:12:40

Hi all. Can I join you.
I've been reading some of the previous threads.
I'm amazed how early your dcs have started their revision. My dd had her mocks just after Christmas and didn't do much revision for those. I told her she can't be upset if her results weren't great but she managed to get all 7s and 8s, so all looking good for the real things.
Her school have pushed revision to start last week when coming back after half term. They've given them a chart to aim to do 100 hours. She's started serious revision this week and is crossing off the hours!
No sixth form at her school so she's applied to two colleges. She's had one interview and is expecting to hear about the other one soon. She's aiming to do A level Biology, Chemistry, Maths & Psychology.

Oddsocks15 Sun 25-Feb-18 10:15:00


DoNotBringLulu Sun 25-Feb-18 10:57:04

My ds is in an awful mood won't engage and is poring over his Science again....not revision but homework they are still finishing the syllabus. I will quietly take him a cup of tea in a while....and I am also escaping out for coffee in a bit with my kindle. I am not needed and interference will annoy him.

notsomanky Sun 25-Feb-18 10:58:54

Hi Snozzlemaid!

DS has been on half term this week, and has been doing 3-4 hours revision a day - school said he should be doing 6 but 4 seems to be a happy medium for us.

I walked into his bedroom and there are post it notes stuck all around the walls and around his TV screen with history "buzz words"

He has not once complained about doing revision and has been doing it without being reminded. I think aliens have replaced him!

We have mocks for the next two weeks, but he seems more focused than he was for the ones in January.

He has still been doing all his activities as usual and managed to spend 5 hours out with friends playing football one day too. He is at cricket winter nets this morning.

We will see what happens when he is back at school, doing the after school revision classes and revision at home too!

Sostenueto Sun 25-Feb-18 11:02:16

Currently in bedroom with pup whose fast asleep after run on beach while dgd does spanish revision in living room.....I'm likely to drop off me thinks!smile

BlueBelle123 Sun 25-Feb-18 11:46:32

Welcome Snozzlemaid I wouldn't pay too much attention to how much others are doing because clearly your DD is doing enough to get 7/8's in her mocks, so her method is working for her and that's all that matters.

I think we all have to remember that they are all very different children at very different schools so a variety of different approaches is required.

Oddsocks15 Sun 25-Feb-18 12:53:31

Welcome snozzlemaid some excellent advice from bluebelle

Stickerrocks Sun 25-Feb-18 13:33:05

Snozzlemaid Is there a geographic link between your username & mine?

Lulu that's excellent news on the college place.

oddsocks and all menopausal chums everywhere, I'm delighted that I only teach for exams rather than sit them myself, as I struggle to remember key words. I'm in class today & I keep saying "thingy" and "you know what I mean" a lot.

Mocks round 2 start tomorrow, but they aren't being given a timetable until tomorrow morning. How stupid is that!

DD sent me a text to say she was up & considering starting revision. I've suggested that if she watches any DVDs that she should go for the Spanish version, either dubbed or sub titled to work on her vocab. It may get brownie points in the speaking exam!

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Stickerrocks Sun 25-Feb-18 13:38:07

Looks like we're still missing mmzz. Lovely to see some lurkers. This is the home of revision, no revision, college applications, prom dresses, hormones (ours & theirs), Hamilton & AlexanderHamilton, sporting triumphs and parenting failures.

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Oddsocks15 Sun 25-Feb-18 14:02:07

Amen to that stockerrocks ! Thank goodness for the GCSE threads, problem is not the contact in rl with other parents that there used to be when they were at primary school.

Recommend reading “what about me” by Kate Figes

Stickerrocks Sun 25-Feb-18 14:09:06

Katie Figes about to move up the Kindle rankings!

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snozzlemaid Sun 25-Feb-18 14:15:48

Aha! stickerrocks there just very well could be. Are you living there then?
Glad to hear that starting revision now dd should do ok. She's one of those lucky ones who doesn't have to try too hard and excels in most things. I'm completely in awe of her intelligence. No idea where she gets it from.

Stickerrocks Sun 25-Feb-18 14:20:16

Not these days, but were you in royal blue or bottle green uniform? Or even worse, one of the high school girls down the road in brown!

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snozzlemaid Sun 25-Feb-18 14:29:19

Lovely blue and yellow for me. That's where dd goes too. Much nicer black these days.
What about you?

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