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So where's this years Trinity/Whitgift/Dulwich/Alleyns thread

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soooooooknowwhat Fri 05-Jan-18 21:18:45

And any other schools you may wish to add... Have used threads from the previous few years as part of my research and ds sat Trinity today! I'm more of a lurker than a thread starter but decided to bite the bullet and offer a hand to hold. Good luck to all dc's sitting exams over the next few weeks! grin

AveEldon Sat 06-Jan-18 09:27:13

Here's the thread
Not much chat this year for the boys schools or the girls

MeetieVonWrinkleSqueak Sat 06-Jan-18 09:40:51

That’s last year’s thread.

sooooo, it looks like you’ve just started this years thread smile - thank you. Hand holding is definitely needed in the run up to results!

DS2 is sitting the T 10+ today. He seemed very relaxed - I’m the stressed one!

How did your DS find yesterday’s exam?

HappyPieFace Sat 06-Jan-18 10:47:56

Thank 'soooooooknowwhat' you for starting this thread. My son is also taking 10+ as we speak...very nervous (me, not him) though I know he def won't pass but I want to reveal the biggest gaps in prep for the 'real thing' next year. I heard last yrs compr passage for 11+ was incredibly tough and required understanding of wartime facts and vocab. My son has absolutely no interest in reading classic texts so hoping they balance out the scores across the maths/VR. Does anyone know what this years 11+ compr topic & essay titles were?

sooooooonowwhat Sat 06-Jan-18 11:20:23

Hi both! ds seemed to think it was ok, it's always hard to tell as it could be that he totally got the wrong end of the stick. He said English was hardest but that's what he struggles with the most anyway. All I got from him re the comp passage was it was to do with a murder?! ds said it was 'weird' but he thinks he did ok. Maths also 'ok', apart from one question which sounds like it was a scholarship one.

Puddinglane12 Sat 06-Jan-18 21:06:50

All the best to everyone’s DC going through this. We did this with DS a few years ago and he is now happily settled in one of the above mentioned schools.
Now need hand holding as we go through the same with DD. She has 2 more exams next week.

woodlysmum Sat 06-Jan-18 23:06:43

Good luck everyone. We went through this last year with our DS at 10+ as a practice and today he was up at the school doing pre-season hockey training. He couldn't believe that a year has passed since he sat the entrance exam but he did say that the whole process was quite fun!!

woodlysmum Sat 06-Jan-18 23:25:27

Ps I have just noticed that someone else has also set up a thread in the 'Education' section, which is where previous ones have been...

MeetieVonWrinkleSqueak Sun 07-Jan-18 08:29:40

So now the anxious wait begins...

DS2 was all smiles when he came out of the T 10+ yesterday, so hopefully that’s a good sign. Difficult to tell, though, when all I got was an “alright” when I asked him how each paper was!

sooooooonowwhat Sun 07-Jan-18 08:43:35

Yes that's exactly what ds was like too. It's so hard to tell if that means 'quietly confident' or 'I don't want to talk about it!' Good luck pudding with your dd - you are welcome to come here for a handhold if you need one! Dulwich tomorrow for ds!

Puddinglane12 Sun 07-Jan-18 10:20:28

smile thank you.

Tolacar Sun 07-Jan-18 14:26:39

This is my first experience of the 11+ and I'm already anxious! DS sat whitgift and Hampton this week....have heard some boys from his school have been called by whitgift for interview this coming week. The waiting is awful.

sooooooonowwhat Sun 07-Jan-18 14:44:38

oh wow that's quick Tolacar! one of ds's friends sat Whitgift too - he found it tough. Waiting really is awful, although we don't really feel like it's started as ds has just sat the one exam so far and that was Friday. I reckon I will be tearing my hair out by Thursday though!

Tolacar Sun 07-Jan-18 15:29:06

I know! Whitgift was only Thursday! However I have heard that they do their interviews letters/calls in batches with no specific order, so I guess we just need to be positive and patient. I thought the build up to the exams was bad but this waiting game is crazy!

Tolacar Sun 07-Jan-18 15:29:57

We are at Dulwich tomorrow too! 😩

Bluebonnie Sun 07-Jan-18 15:33:09

Don’ too anxious about who is called for interview first.

In many schools the kids are allocated a “candidate number” on the day the application is received.

After the tests, the school works its way down the list of candidates in numerical order, offering interviews if appropriate. So the early interviews may have gone to a child who got his application in a few days ahead of yours.

SoupDragon Sun 07-Jan-18 15:46:42

Yes, the speed with which they are called for interview means nothing. They need to get the ball rolling quickly to fit them all in so some will be called early and they aren’t necessarily the best candidates.

MeetieVonWrinkleSqueak Sun 07-Jan-18 16:09:30

Yes, to echo PPs, please don't worry about the timing of phone calls for interviews.

DS1 was very despondent a couple of years ago when his friends had all heard from T and he hadn't. But then I got a phone call the next day. He was offered a place; not all of his friends were.

sooooooonowwhat Sun 07-Jan-18 17:06:41

Yes re phonecalls, what pp's have said! I'm trying hard not to think about it. Tolacar good luck for Dulwich tomorrow! ds has been fine all day but just came up to me saying he's worried. I asked him what he's worried about - "Maths, English, VR and NVR" confused

Fingers crossed and good luck to all!

MeetieVonWrinkleSqueak Sun 07-Jan-18 18:09:36

grin so he's feeling confident, then, sooo! I'm sure he'll be fine, though.

Good luck for everyone still with exams to do!

Firefox1066 Sun 07-Jan-18 20:45:10

Great to find you all here! I had forgotten how stressful it all was three years ago with DS1 but now it's all coming flooding back!

DS2 did W 10+ last Thursday... here's hoping we all get the calls, emails, letters that we are looking for this coming week!

Firefox1066 Sun 07-Jan-18 20:46:12

I will see if I can get the mods to merge this thread with the one that I started

MeetieVonWrinkleSqueak Sun 07-Jan-18 21:15:21

Oh, good luck to you and your DS, firefox.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s worse for me this time around - with DS1 already being at T, DS2 kind of assumes he’ll be going too, and so will be devastated if he doesn’t get in!

turboturtle Sun 07-Jan-18 21:17:13

Whoever came up with the idea of 'Dry January' obviously did not have any DC going for 11+ entrance exams. wine
Good Luck for all those sitting the Dulwich exam tomorrow, and all the best for those waiting to hear from Whitgift and Trinity!

sooooooonowwhat Mon 08-Jan-18 01:32:50

Great to see you Firefox and thank you for your wisdom of previous years!! I was about to invite you over but noticed a few others had already. Good luck to your ds - and Meetie - yes that's the tricky thing when you're trying to make sure ds2 doesn't feel like he's good enough. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

And turboturtle - all new years resolutions/dry January are on hold until after these blimmin' exams!

Ds has coughed himself to sleep v late and we will have to leave at 7 tomorrow to get to Dulwich. He keeps asking if his teachers will be disappointed if he gets no offers bless him. I didn't make him study over Xmas - I reckon we did about 5 hours over the whole holidays plus some reading, but now feeling guilty. Please tell me I'm not the only one who decided to give ds a bit of downtime! Good luck to all dc's sitting DC (does that make sense?!) today!

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