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The Archers No. 94: Freddie’s doing porridge, Tom gets his oats, but will Home Farm be toast? We’ll have to wheat and see ... Serial production is in full swing in Ambridge

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witchmountain Thu 18-Oct-18 21:27:23

archers Thanks to LilG for the title, and DDD for starting the last thread and the tradition of the thread starter nominating the next thread starter grin

Lurkers are always welcome to unlurk and join in, including asking questions of the many very knowledgeable posters with a long Archers-listening history.

Don't post spoilers based on forthcoming plot synopses that you've read, there's another thread for that (and we'd love to see you over there). Once an episode has aired then it's fair game. archers

TigerDrankAllTheWaterInTheTap Thu 18-Oct-18 21:28:56

Thanks, witchmountain! Admirable bit of stepping up to the plate there.

witchmountain Thu 18-Oct-18 21:32:20


Minimammoth Thu 18-Oct-18 21:41:15

Well done witchy I’m in.

BoreOfWhabylon Thu 18-Oct-18 21:51:39

Thanks witch and LilG for thread and title <settles in>

Fink Thu 18-Oct-18 21:52:06

Thanks witchmountain, saved all the rest of us from having to follow Dadx3's super - difficult instructions about how to link from a previous thread! grin

Poor Jill.

LillianGish Thu 18-Oct-18 21:53:39

Thank you Witch - well posted. Thanks for using my title.

BitOutOfPractice Thu 18-Oct-18 21:59:52

Hello all. Not listened for s couple of days do shamelessly marking my spot in case I lose you again

pretendingtowork1 Thu 18-Oct-18 22:27:50

I still want to know what the continuity announcer said....

NotANotMan Thu 18-Oct-18 22:28:48

Place marking!

DadDadDad Thu 18-Oct-18 22:54:18

Woohoo! And we're off, a new tradition established, a new era ushered in (but always honouring the great foundation that Pseudo laid to get us here).

Thanks, witch and Lillian.

You seemed to go a bit mad on the archers at the end of the last thread. We might need to ask MNHQ to get some more in stock. grin

Eastpoint Thu 18-Oct-18 23:27:22

Thank you for the new thread witch.
I can’t remember exactly what was said I’m afraid. It was just before the 7 o’clock news.

DeusEx Thu 18-Oct-18 23:32:00

Checking in!

DeusEx Thu 18-Oct-18 23:33:27

Ooh yes and what did the continuity announcer say?

I locked my seven hens up safe tonight and was very glad to do so...

EBearhug Fri 19-Oct-18 00:30:59

Checking in...

Theyprobablywill Fri 19-Oct-18 00:33:22

Why does David hate Josh so much?

FiveShelties Fri 19-Oct-18 02:45:24

Excellent thread title.

ppeatfruit Fri 19-Oct-18 09:02:27

Thanks for the straightforward titles folks!!!!!.

Dave was being quite nice to Josh earlier in that particular ep. it's almost as if he put him in charge of Jill's hens as a test, which J sadly failed giving his Dad the excuse to have a go at him. The 'fox, or rogue dogs, in the hens story is a regular occurence in rural areas.

elpth Fri 19-Oct-18 09:06:03

Thank you witch for the new thread! I didn't actually come back on MN between my last post and this so couldn't listen to my own advice blush
I rarely listen nowadays so you guys and Lowfield (what is up with that?) are where I get all my info. Thank you thanks

witchmountain Fri 19-Oct-18 09:27:29

archers that was to alert less observant people that it was time to move on!

Anyone who’s unsure how to post a link is welcome to experiment on this thread. You all seem like intelligent people, I’m sure you can work it out grin

thurmanmerman Fri 19-Oct-18 10:02:26

Thanks for the new thread smile

BertrandRussell Fri 19-Oct-18 10:21:54

"Why does David hate Josh so much?"

Because he is a vile, opportunist, exploitative, self centred little git?

Theyprobablywill Fri 19-Oct-18 10:23:14

Yes, but so is Pipsqueak, and she gets all the love!

EBearhug Fri 19-Oct-18 11:43:57

it's almost as if he put him in charge of Jill's hens as a test

I don't think it was - David was passing on a request from Jill. I think if Jill had seen Josh before she went to Carol's, she'd have asked him directly.

cheminotte Fri 19-Oct-18 12:42:37

Thanks for the new thread witch

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