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The Archers: Will Pip grow or Jill blow? Lil make her vow or Justin take his bow? Discussion #83

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DadDadDad Sat 02-Dec-17 14:06:51

TA (The Archers) annoys me intensely but I still have to listen
I think there is a possibility that we obsess about TA in a way that most listeners don't

If this is you (genuine quotes from earlier threads), or you're new and want to ask anything about The Archers, then this is the right place.

PseudoBadger started it, but we're going to finish it (er, will TA ever finish?)

The panto is meant to be Sleeping Beauty, but are you expecting farce (Mother Goose Pip) or tragedy (Puss Cat in Wedding Dress Boots )?

This should see us through to Christmas. fsmile archers

At the end of the last thread we were remembering recent successful marriages in Ambridge. How long ago was Ed & Emma?

Vango Sat 02-Dec-17 14:17:54

Oh hello! May 2015.

R4 Sat 02-Dec-17 14:49:27

Thanks for the new thread D^3, very poetic.

To any newbies: NO SPOILERS! thank you. Separate spoiler thread over here

Imbroglio Sat 02-Dec-17 15:03:24

I bet Lily spills the beans about Pip.

EBearhug Sat 02-Dec-17 15:06:01

And then she'll say, "oooohhhh," just as she realises that in fact, she's probably let the cat out of the bag, and nor everyone knew what she thought the knew.

C8H10N4O2 Sat 02-Dec-17 15:22:52

Regarding the last marriage before Ian/Adam and offstage Rob/Helen wouldn't it be either Nick/Will or the offstage Alice/Chris?

Ed'n'Emmur are not married.

DadDadDad Sat 02-Dec-17 15:29:57

Caffeine - I've just checked, and Vango is right: Ed and Emma married 22 May 2015.

DadDadDad Sat 02-Dec-17 15:30:54

(I still don't know how Vango does it shock ).

BoreOfWhabylon Sat 02-Dec-17 15:33:59

Thank you D^3

Does Lily know Pip is upduffed?

C8H10N4O2 Sat 02-Dec-17 16:39:06

Ed and Emma married 22 May 2015

Really? I must have completely blocked that out!

I remember Emma getting a bit snitty with Ed when Will/Nick were getting married and Ed wasn't interested in doing likewise but I honestly don't remember them marrying. Did they get the usual tedious radiotimes photoshoot?

Vango Sat 02-Dec-17 16:41:38

DDD I'm sure it'll all come flooding back to you.....what will Clarrie wear?....why didn't Eddie pay the insurance premiums....will Will be the best man?......villagers all coming together blah blah....grin

Vango Sat 02-Dec-17 16:43:52

I must have completely blocked that out


DadDadDad Sat 02-Dec-17 16:49:48

Yes, Vango, I can look up Lowfields too, but it seemed magical the way you retrieved the date so quickly (but I appreciate a bit of judicious googling probably does it!) - even when I knew to look in May 2015, it took me a while in Lowfields to find the right episode.

Vango Sat 02-Dec-17 16:58:48

I promise I didn't look up Lowfields. I don't know how I remembered the wedding. Maybe it's because Emma's featured so much recently.

DadDadDad Sat 02-Dec-17 17:06:23

OK - I believe you, it was just your use of the phrase "what will Clarrie wear?"

Vango Sat 02-Dec-17 17:12:27

A coincidence, I promise! Though it was a bit of a saga.

R4 Sat 02-Dec-17 17:44:53

Didn't Emma propose to Ed? Around New Year IIRC. They had a lovely countrified, Springtime, everyone-do-their-bit-to-help wedding at Grange Farm.

C8H10N4O2 Sat 02-Dec-17 17:52:46

I don't know how I remembered the wedding

I find it weird how much I do remember from TA even storylines from when I was a child (which I presumably heard parents mention). I have never been the devoted listener it would suggest (my excuse for forgetting Ed'n'Emmur).

And of course Lowfield still carries on even if it isn't Chris doing the updates these days.

My memories of TA are all the more perplexing since I regularly have spates of calling my children and siblings by each others' names grin

MrsArthurShappey Sat 02-Dec-17 18:43:04

Ah the missing bunting *wistfulsigh

FrancisCrawford Sat 02-Dec-17 18:48:34

Just returned from visiting US family for Thanksgiving and am still catching up on TA (still digesting those candied yams with marshmallow topping too)

What fresh hell is this about Pip?

AdalindSchade Sat 02-Dec-17 18:58:14


Bekabeech Sat 02-Dec-17 20:49:39

Sorry but as I have repeatedly told my children, birth control is not 100% effective - and a lot of their friends were conceived when their parents were using highly effective forms.
But Ambridge does seem to have a special something that increases the chances of failure. (Although a Church I used to go to did too, vasectomy was the only sure solution.)
I did wince when Pip went to take care of the Ewes. Unlike Kirsty, without taking care she could be at serious risk of miscarriage.

TheAntiBoop Sat 02-Dec-17 21:55:56

It's just such unimaginative writing

HatingTheBigShow Sat 02-Dec-17 23:28:15

The risk to pregnant women isn't from ewes year-round but from lambing so she would be fine at this time of year.

EBearhug Sun 03-Dec-17 01:31:17

But Ambridge does seem to have a special something that increases the chances of failure.

All soaps do - and it's probably not so unrealistic. Quite a few of my friends' first babies, and last babies, we're not planned as such. Wanted at some point, in a stable relationship, but not planned at that point. (One of them even had a PhD in something to do with spontaneous abortion in sheep.) So not quite the same circs as Pip.

But yes, they should be more clued up about fertility and so on. Plus in places like Albert Square, they've got to get on with things before one of the parents is murdered, which isn't really a risk factor in Borsetshire.

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