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In a Chain Support Thread Nov2017

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YogaDrone Thu 26-Oct-17 09:32:01

Congrats to those who have exchanged and are moving soon.

Fingers crossed to those hoping to exchange soon.

Come vent your property chain based frustrations and joys here.

Previous thread is HERE

Gizlotsmum Thu 26-Oct-17 09:42:24

Just popping in to wish everyone luck!

Bunnyfuller Thu 26-Oct-17 09:44:18

What will today bring. We need a 'just had the most abject fuckwittery happen' prize every day. At least that way there's something positive .

The daily winner is allowed to make a crown and post a pic.

yoomoo Thu 26-Oct-17 09:49:15

Yay found you all on the new thread.
Well my exchange deadline on my new build apartment is rapidly approaching (2nd November) so I've emailed my solicitor to see how we're getting on. I don't know what's wrong with me but I feel bad for chasing, even though I know it's silly as I'm paying them a fortune!
Slight panic yesterday when I found out my buyers house had been downvalued, I understand it's sorted now and they've agreed to take the hit. Phew they really love my house!
I've got the decorating lady in today filling all the holes where we've taken pictures and mirrors down, I really like my buyers so want it all to be perfect for them smile
Also got my decree nisi certificate yesterday so nearly divorced, can apply for the absolute on what would have been 2nd wedding anniversary! Lovely! Signing the financial order tomorrow so that side of things won't now delay the house going through. Overall relieved just counting down the days until exchange then I know it's all definitely happening, not getting excited until then.
Hope everyone is doing ok, good luck to those moving this week!

YogaDrone Thu 26-Oct-17 09:49:47

Morning Giz and Bunny

More packing today Giz? The end is so close for you now smile

Great idea Bunny, although at the moment there are so many contenders it's going to be difficult to pick a single winning incident. Let's see what today brings... Fingers crossed your buyer can lug that money jar of coppers to the bank this morning wink

YogaDrone Thu 26-Oct-17 09:53:41

Sounds like it's happening pretty smoothly for you yoomoo, despite a few bumps along the way. Congrats on the degree nisi. I know it must hurt but your new and improved life is shortly going to start flowers

Gizlotsmum Thu 26-Oct-17 10:00:40

@yoga yes. Last fiddly bits which seem to fill more boxes than they should! Oh and a bed to dismantle, washing machine to unplumb could be a long day but so close,hoping tomorrow goes smoothly. We get the kids back tomorrow so they can see the house is empty ( none of their toys left behind) and settle into the new one....

AnnPerkins Thu 26-Oct-17 10:07:51

Hi everyone. Thanks for the new thread Yoga.

yoomoo glad you will soon be starting your new life. Hope things continue to go smoothly with the exchange.

Giz, when you get a chance please update us on how the move goes tomorrow, I'm living vicariously through you at the moment.

Bunny, much as I love a crown I do not want to be today's winner.

Waiting for updates here <drums fingers>

SellMyFlat Thu 26-Oct-17 10:22:02

I'm still here <waves>
I leafleted the rest of the houses I'm interested in last night. No bites at all so far, little disappointing but keeping fingers crossed that something else comes up soon

I was just catching up on the other thread. I'm obviously selling to first time buyers and I don't want to hold anything up for them. I feel guilty that I haven't found anything already and it's only been two weeks confused I don't know how some of these people holding up the chain sleep at night honestly

StormyIsland Thu 26-Oct-17 11:34:52

Hopefully we'll all have better luck in this thread. I'm totally living through Giz too. It's nice to get updates from someone who actually got there in the end!

I need your wise advise and to say whether we're being totally unreasonable. I really don't know. Our estate agent contacted us to say the buyer has signed but that she also wants us to pay for the boiler and electrics to have a certificate. Our father in law did our house up from scratch for us when we bought it five years and we've got electricians etc in the family who did the electrics and fitted the boiler in. I was never involved as I didn't understand anything about the process and I thought they knew what they were doing but now it turns out they never gave us a certificate. We've been totally open about his with the buyer but she wants us to pay for it now. What we're selling is a 4 bed terrace with quite a big garden, lovely quiet but sociable village with outstanding schools in every direction with plenty of space for new kids. We were told we'd get 165-170k for it but accepted 155 as we wanted a quick sale and knew the buyer. We were tempted to market for longer as that 10k was a big hit for us. We've said we wouldn't pay for the certificates as we've reduced the price for her by 10k. Do you think we're being totally unreasonable? I really don't know. I just feel like it's cheeky to ask us to put more money in when she's asked that much off he price and is getting it really cheap. The house needs nothing doing to it. Also don't understand how she can have signed the contract when we've not even seen the contract yet? And does signing it now mean it binds her or does it only become legally binding ( not sure if that's the word) when we exchange? A bit puzzled and pissed off.

mussinboots Thu 26-Oct-17 13:00:08

Thanks for starting a new thread Yoga smile

Still here and still no change in our situation. Preparing what to say to our vendor about our broken chain this weekend. Don’t want to tell her EA what’s happened as we’ve had several bad experiences with them and are worried they’ll list the property and we’ll lose our dream home. Any advise on how to approach this?

Good luck to all who have exchanged/waiting to exchange- hoping the next couple of steps are hassle free.

WhatwouldOliviaPopedo Thu 26-Oct-17 13:02:17

Thanks for the new thread Yoga! Our has-no-cash-yet cash buyer should be getting the rest of her cash tomorrow. Chased EA yesterday and all signs are positive, so it's just a waiting game. Good luck to everyone still waiting for news and happy moving day tomorrow Giz!

AnnPerkins Thu 26-Oct-17 13:02:57

Hi Stormy

The contracts are only binding once you have exchanged. Our sellers are signing theirs tomorrow but we signed several hmm weeks ago.

There wasn't a completion cert for the boiler installation at the house we're buying. You can't get one after the fact so we paid a plumber to do a safety check for our own piece of mind. It was £60.

Similarly, an electrician will do a safety check. I remember organising one when our company moved offices, it was about £125.

TBH as the buyer I would prefer to organise independent checks for myself, but if your buyer won't do it it should 'only' ( hmm I know) cost another couple of hundred quid.

SerialGoogler Thu 26-Oct-17 13:29:51

Gah! Got a bit of gazundering going on! About 1% of the offer even though the valuation was fine and the not-so-urgent works quote is less than half of that. Add to that an ultimation at the other end of the chain saying we exchange tomorrow or they're out. Stress levels are through the roof!

Gizlotsmum Thu 26-Oct-17 13:31:03

@pulling good luck! 🙀one more sleep and a lot of boxing still to do

LazyDailyMailJournos Thu 26-Oct-17 13:35:13

On the one hand - yay new thread! (Thanks Yoga)

OTOH fuck me it's depressing that I am still here! When I think back to merrily posting a few weeks ago about being done and dusted before old thread finished... <hollow laugh>

Off to catch up on the updates now.

LazyDailyMailJournos Thu 26-Oct-17 13:45:37

OK updates ahoy!

Giz - eeek! So excited!! Has packing driven you demented yet? grin

Bunny excellent idea. Perhaps the winner gets a trophy inscribed with the immortal words "Your sale and purchase should be quite straightforward..."?!

Yoo good news about the decree nisi - you must feel like the end is in sight and you can start a new chapter now smile

Ann I think our solicitor has now developed a nervous twitch whenever I call - because I am constantly chasing for updates! Hope you hear something soon.

Sell FX something turns up. Could you rent to protect your sale and then look at your leisure? After mid-November things tend to quieten down until February because everything stops for Christmas and nobody has any money in January!

Muss has your EA offered any advice? I think they really need to be stepping up here and helping you to come up with a plan.

Olivia sending lots of "show me the money" vibes your way grin

Serial can you get your EA to read them the riot act? What reason are they giving for the gazunder? If they are using a mortgage for their purchase then do they realise that changing their asking price could potentially re-trigger the mortgage approval process? I'd be tempted to go back and say no you won't reduce and that exchange needs to happen tomorrow or the chain collapses and they will lose all of their valuation, survey and legal fees because they will have to start again. This is where your EA needs to earn their money and use their negotiating skills to stop them messing you about.

Stormy - what Ann said. The checks aren't particularly expensive (in the grand scheme of things) and she's known from the start that there were no certificates in place - plus she's had a substantial reduction on the asking price so should absorb the costs herself. I would go back via your EA and point out exactly that.

Raaraaboonah Thu 26-Oct-17 13:48:08

Hmm appears the conservatory doesn't meet building regs (do they ever?)

Allegedly the vendors have the doors that were originally on there so if we ever did have building control round we could put them back up and then take them down again when they've gone but the gap looks pretty big and we haven't seen any evidence at all that there are doors anywhere that might fit there


We ask the 'we say no to everything' vendors to take out an indemnity. And wait for them to say no again. What then?

Should be a fun conversation.

Gizlotsmum Thu 26-Oct-17 13:58:49

@lazy I was doing ok till I tried to vacuum pack bedding...😣 now back to boxing things and DH can do the vacuum packing!

SerialGoogler Thu 26-Oct-17 13:59:19

It seems to be based on a series of what ifs and 'reds' on the survey that they've had for weeks. My agent is on it so will see what happens. Would be gutted to lose my onwards purchase but I am literally stuck in the middle!

LazyDailyMailJournos Thu 26-Oct-17 14:01:58

Raa I think I'd give them two options; they either buy an indemnity policy or they reinstate the doors and finish the 'join' between the two rooms to an acceptable standard - and that you cannot exchange contracts unless they do one or the other. I'd leave this one to your solicitor and ensure that he/she puts the pressure on their solicitor.

Giz grin

Gizlotsmum Thu 26-Oct-17 14:08:39

Oh no @serial hope it’s just bluffing from both sides

AnnPerkins Thu 26-Oct-17 14:58:50

Fucking fuck. I've just had to send a stiff email to our sellers' EA, telling them if they don't get our completion date agreed with the upper chain this afternoon we will be forced to proceed without our onward purchase.

My EA is pissed off with them too, she's been trying to get them to address completion dates for a few weeks. Our buyer and their buyer are both really pissed off now.

In other news, our buyer has asked to pop round on Sunday to take some measurements. I'll be spending Saturday cleaning then!

SellMyFlat Thu 26-Oct-17 15:18:42

Sell FX something turns up. Could you rent to protect your sale and then look at your leisure? After mid-November things tend to quieten down until February because everything stops for Christmas and nobody has any money in January!

I will be ok Lazy fortunately as I can move home if I need to. It's just the faff of having to put everything in storage and then get back on the property ladder without mortgage company pushing up the interest rate. I ideally want to port it to keep the same rate but I also won't hold it up for the people buying mine so needs must smile

YogaDrone Thu 26-Oct-17 15:19:05

Stormy I agree with Ann and Lazy, pick your battles wisely and if it's all going to kick off over a couple of safety checks then I'd probably bite back my irritation and do them myself. It's worth pushing back initially though I think, particularly if the buyer has been aware throughout the process.

Fingers crossed for you muss. I'm sure your vendors will be sympathetic once they hear the circumstances and at least keep it of the market for a few weeks to wait for you to find a new buyer. Has your EA got viewings lined up for you?

Good luck Olivia - hope that money comes through today!

Oh Serial that's very crap. I agree with Lazy on how to deal with this. Olivia had this on the last thread and she called their bluff and they backed down. They are just trying it on. Gits angry

Ann fingers crossed you get progress soon. You have to keep chasing them and don't let the buggers get you down!

Your buyer cannot fault your commitment to finding a place to purchase Sell smile

Keep going on those boxes and dismantling Giz - only a few hours left to go now!

Oh Lazy I would say that I'm sorry you are still here too - but you might take it the wrong way wink I'm sorry you are still in chain purgatory flowers

Raaraa ask the vendors to put the doors back up. That'll prove if one way of the other won't it?

So our lovely long suffering please please please yes to a part-ex vendor has told us (via his EA) that he downloaded our house details from our EA's website this morning and it is still the very original asking price, incorrect floorplan and old photos sad. Coupled with the fact that we've only had feedback for 1 out of the last 8 viewings I've reached peak EA and emailed them to formally give notice to terminate the sales contract when it expires next month. Fuck 'em. We'll either go to vendor's EA on a short term rolling contract or (please please please) get the part-ex instead. If our vendor finally dumps us we'll come off the market entirely.

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