Help! I hid my daughter's switch and now I'm in trouble!

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supercalifragilicious Tue 26-Oct-21 22:32:08

So the story goes like this:
My pre-teen daughter was being naughty, didn't do as she was told (nicely), chatted back in a super-cheeky way, rolled her eyes, lied and then didn't do as she was told again. So I got very cross and took her Switch... And hid it somewhere in the house, told her she will get it back when her behaviour improves.
Fast forward a few weeks... I cannot find the bloody thing... I took apart the whole house... left no thing unturned. It's just gone. It's so strange. I usually remember where I put things. This time, it's like I have a black hole, it's like someone erased the memory of me hiding it. It's like I have an amnesia to this specific moment in time when I was hiding it. I know I hid it but I don't know where.
Since it was also my husband's Switch I am now having to buy him a new one... If I can't find it (deadline set to a week).

Any ideas of how to retrieve this memory please? Any strategies for finding lost subjects? I don't want to buy a new one, it's expensive! sad

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WhiskyXray Tue 26-Oct-21 22:34:24

Is it a toy? Why would your husband need it?

Could you have shoved it in the loft?

supercalifragilicious Tue 26-Oct-21 22:37:49

It is a toy, in a way. Nintendo Switch, for playing videogames.

Yeah my husband is still 16, in his head grin

We don't have a loft...

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SolasAnla Tue 26-Oct-21 22:38:13

Have you checked the pre-teens hiding places too??

lnsufficientFuns Tue 26-Oct-21 22:38:37

This has happened to me SO many times 🤣

It’s like I just don’t even register where i put it

Favourite places: husbands office, high up on one of the bookcases or under my own bed

Recently I’ve taken to snapping a photo of its location to jog my memory!

Tuliptulip Tue 26-Oct-21 22:39:36

How big is it? Just trying to think of likely places…

SnarkyBag Tue 26-Oct-21 22:39:40


Have you checked the pre-teens hiding places too??

I was thinking the same!


toomuchchocolatenotenoughtime Tue 26-Oct-21 22:41:37

You need to be completely methodical and work your way round every single room in every nook and cranny etc. One room at a time, inch by inch of the room. You need to look in every single place you've already looked too. The more daft, the better. My feeling would be anywhere up high - I know she's 13 but I'm guessing still shorter than you so an up high place or your bedroom would be my first thoughts.
Is there a chance that either of them have found it and have taken it back to teach you a lesson? Your daughter in particular if it doesn't belong to her and now your DH is annoyed?

Phepho Tue 26-Oct-21 22:42:10

In a box or a cube with a cut out hole.
I have a knack for "seeing" lost items

stealthninjamum Tue 26-Oct-21 22:42:12

I often lose things that I’ve confiscated on the top shelf of my wardrobe as you can’t see it and it’s not easy for dc to reach. Have you stood on a chair and looked at all your high shelves.

Blaaaaaaaaah Tue 26-Oct-21 22:42:38

Top of the fridge, top of kitchen cupboards, kitchen junk drawers, under sofa, under bed,

SpindelWhorl Tue 26-Oct-21 22:42:40

I'd guess your DD and/or DH found it a few weeks ago and have better hiding places than you.

toomuchchocolatenotenoughtime Tue 26-Oct-21 22:43:11

No idea where I got she's 13 from... you've said pre teen so definitely an up high place would be my thought - kitchen cupboard, wardrobes etc.

HopeYourHighHorseBucks Tue 26-Oct-21 22:43:58

Ask your DD where she found it and where shes been hiding it after sneakily playing it...

I know you said you've checked everywhere but my guess would be behind some books or in your wardrobe.

Aquamarine1029 Tue 26-Oct-21 22:44:19

My guess is that your daughter found it. Makes more sense than the theory of it magically disappearing, no?

BertieBotts Tue 26-Oct-21 22:47:21

Your husband has given you a deadline or you have to replace it? confused I hope that's a joke that doesn't come across over text!

MoveAhoy Tue 26-Oct-21 22:48:10

If they use it for animal crossing then the islands are irreplaceable...

Look in a cornflakes box and/ or hope your teen has decided to return your favour?

FreeElf Tue 26-Oct-21 22:48:23

I usually shove iPads/Xbox controllers either under towels in the airing cupboard, under clothes in my draw, or under my bed

SweepTheHalls Tue 26-Oct-21 22:48:58

Check the parent app to see when it was last played....

Phlewf Tue 26-Oct-21 22:49:18

I would check when the teen was last online, not sure how to do that though. Or hid the charger and see if that magics it back to being found.

Keladrythesaviour Tue 26-Oct-21 22:50:56

Another one voting for preteen having found it and now playing it in secret. Check under her mattress and clothes drawers.

takingmytimeonmyride Tue 26-Oct-21 22:50:57

I would definitely check she didn't find and it and has taken it and hidden it, playing when you don't know.

It's something I've caught my boys doing. hmm

Northernsoullover Tue 26-Oct-21 22:51:12


In a box or a cube with a cut out hole.
I have a knack for "seeing" lost items

Can you help me with my car keys (I am being serious)? I came home today and they vanished.

Winniemarysarah Tue 26-Oct-21 22:55:19


Your husband has given you a deadline or you have to replace it? confused I hope that's a joke that doesn't come across over text!

Tbf switches are really expensive, the op’s intentionally hid it and it has been lost for weeks. It’s clearly still in the house and he’s given her more time to find where she’s put it. If it were me I would want it eventually replaced if it was lost by my oh through pure carelessness.
Op I lost a kindle, headphones and some important school paperwork 3 weeks ago trying to keep them out of the way of the kids who like to borrow things without replacing them. I found everything last night slotted inside books which were put back in the bookcase. I can’t even remember doing that so I feel your pain

Blurp Tue 26-Oct-21 22:57:13

Can you find, and hide, the charger? That way if she has found the switch and is secretly playing it, she'll soon be complaining loudly.

In the meantime, check up high. On top of cupboards etc. Otherwise, methodically pull the house apart, a room at a time!

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