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Handhold please. 27 weeks and bleeding

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Vebrithien Thu 23-Apr-20 01:03:52

Just that. Currently in hospital, after having sudden bleeding starting at about 10pm. 27 weeks pregnant, phoned the hospital midwife, who told me to call 999.

Ambulance turned up within 5 mins, put a cannula in and took me straight to the assessment center/labour ward.

Baby heartbeat is fine, but having tightenings, and a test for showing possible premature labour came back positive.

Been scanned, don't think the blood is from the placenta or cord, but it is quite watery. Going to be given antibiotics and steroid injection asap, then reassessed in the morning, including testing for amniotic fluid.

On my own, husband looking after our 3yo DD, and in any case, not allowed in with me anyway. Had 2 losses in the last year, and am so scared something will happen to this one too.

NurseP Thu 23-Apr-20 01:06:00

I am here for a hand hold! So sorry this is happening. X

LouLouLoo Thu 23-Apr-20 01:08:33

Sorry you’re going through this, must be very scary for you.

You’re in good hands, hope the morning brings good news.

Vebrithien Thu 23-Apr-20 01:24:29

Thank you. Had one steroid injection and just waiting for antibiotics now.

SavannahCat Thu 23-Apr-20 01:28:36

I'm sending prayers to you and your baby. How are you feeling OP?

Seventytwoseventythree Thu 23-Apr-20 01:29:18

Very sorry to hear this. Handhold from me as well.

thesnackbitch Thu 23-Apr-20 01:31:23

I'm so sorry you're going through thisthanksHere for a handhold and supportthanks

Vebrithien Thu 23-Apr-20 02:20:42

Thank you. Had the antibiotics, still having tightenings, which are a big sore. Just being monitored now, until the morning

THATscurryfungeBITCH Thu 23-Apr-20 02:39:24

Also here for hand hold op

Lou573 Thu 23-Apr-20 02:42:45

OP, if they do have to deliver it will be tough but ok. I had similar at 27 weeks but hung on in until 29 weeks - in the NNU there were 27 weekers. Obviously no one’s dream birth but at 27 weeks it’s going to be ok.

Lou573 Thu 23-Apr-20 02:44:04

It’s a huge plus that you have time for the steroids - it makes a big difference. Ask them whether they’ll give magnesium as well if it becomes clear baby is on the way.

Vebrithien Thu 23-Apr-20 02:57:45

Thank you. I don't know which way this is going to go. Blood was very thin initially, and they've not said anything about where is could be coming from. Hopefully, being treated for the worst case scenario. Worrying now about DD waking up at home in the morning, and I won't be there sad

Vebrithien Thu 23-Apr-20 03:11:56

I mean, I know where the blood is coming from blush, but don't know what is causing it.

octoberfarm Thu 23-Apr-20 03:13:46

Oh love, I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. Who's with your DD right now? I'm confident they'll be able to explain it all in a way that's low key and easy for her to understand, and that you'll be back with her in no time, though I know you must miss her, and how scary this all must feel. Just wanted to offer a handhold and to say that I hope tomorrow brings more answers and good news thanks

Vebrithien Thu 23-Apr-20 03:18:13

DH is at home with her, she's safe, but just worrying about her waking up to find that I'm gone.
Feel like I've got really bad trapped wind.

TenShortStories Thu 23-Apr-20 03:23:19

Your DD has her dad, they'll manage even if it involves early morning cartoons, chocolate and cuddles as an emergency measure!

I'm sorry you're having to deal with such a scary situation. I hope you can get some sleep flowers

Lou573 Thu 23-Apr-20 03:58:59

Your dd will be fine, my 3 year old took it all in her stride. Not to alarm you but that’s exactly what I felt like before I went into preterm labour, I thought it was something I’d eaten until it started to ramp up. What level is the NNU at your hospital?

Vebrithien Thu 23-Apr-20 04:14:22

Thank you. Still wide awake. Had more, dark red liquidy blood loss. Waiting for next set of obs.
Worrying about DD seems like it a fairly benign displacement worry. Logically, I know she's fine with her dad. She has him completely wrapped around her cute little finger!

Vebrithien Thu 23-Apr-20 04:16:56

Not sure what you mean by the level of the NNU, but there is a huge unit, endowed by the gentleman who makes the alternatives to Hoovers. So I assume it's pretty good.

HuloBeraal Thu 23-Apr-20 04:33:07

So for under 28 weekers you generally need a level 3 NICU. Most 28 weekers and under will need help with breathing at birth. Possibly ventilation and almost certainly CPAP. It is great they got steroids in as that makes a huge difference.
A premature baby will also need a NG tube for feeding unless the suck and swallow reflex develops.
Fingers crossed your baby stays in for as long as possible. You sound like you are in good hands.

popgoesperfection Thu 23-Apr-20 04:52:50

Handhold here too. Prayers for you and your baby thanks

ineedanotherholiday Thu 23-Apr-20 05:09:31

Handhold and big hug OP. Hope you get some good news this morning and baby stays in as long as possible

Doyouwantanothercuppa Thu 23-Apr-20 05:24:24

Thinking of you OP.

LincolnshireYellowBelly Thu 23-Apr-20 05:34:17

Loads of love to you. I’m thinking of you x

DorotheaHomeAlone Thu 23-Apr-20 05:45:03

I really hope the morning brings good news for you. Hopefully baby stays put for a while but I know three babies born at 27 weeks and all are now healthy children aged 3, 5 and 16.

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