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Hyperemesis Support

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LucindaE Sat 22-Jul-17 20:13:24

I hope everyone suffering from the Horrors of Hyperemesis will find this thread useful as a source of support and information.
There's no TMI on here - can't be by definition - and nobody should feel ashamed of moaning as much as they feel the need to.

MOH's wonderful website is full of useful information on this illness:
Another invaluable website is:

If you need help in obtaining medication, this phone number is great: 024 7638 2020

Lastly, the NICE guidelines on treatment are useful:!scenario

I would like to thank everyone who has given such invaluable support and advice on this and on previous threads.

Remember when you are at your worst, 'This Too Shall Pass'. It really will.

So many women on this thread have thought they couldn't get through this, but they did.

LucindaE Sat 22-Jul-17 20:14:33

Here's the new thread. Welcome, everyone.

thingymaboob Sat 22-Jul-17 20:23:29

So ill again today!

LucindaE Sat 22-Jul-17 20:24:55

Sorry to hear that, Thingymaboob.

IAmSeriousAndDontCallMeShirley Sat 22-Jul-17 20:26:46

Good evening everyone! Remember me?

My daughter is now 10 weeks old, it's been a complete whirlwind with her and my 21 month old. But we are getting there.

They are currently both asleep AT THE SAME TIME! so I thought I would check in. How is everyone doing?


P.S. glad to report sickness stopped after 1 week for me. You will get there! X

user1471462428 Sat 22-Jul-17 20:29:43

Can I join? Having a bad day on cyclazine and prochlorperazine and still being sick. Only 7 weeks and spending most days on the sofa. Feel quite despondent. Had missed miscarriage in November and just waiting for it to happen again.

Mustang27 Sat 22-Jul-17 20:46:41

Wow Don'tcallmeshirley it took at week poor you that must have been hard to cope with. Congrats on your wee girl.

Sorry you are so poorly Thingy it will get better.

Hi user sorry you have had to join us. Yeah it's not a great place to be with the extra worry of HG and miscarriage. This is definitely the place to vent though everyone is so understanding and very supportive.

Lemondrop99 Sat 22-Jul-17 20:54:12

Hey Serious!!! waves 10 weeks already? Wow. Hope you're enjoying a bit of peace and quiet and everyone is still asleep

Lovely photo on the last thread Door. Huge congratulations on your graduation! I don't know how you've managed all that with HG. Amazing.

Sorry you're still feeling bad Thingy. What meds are you on?

Hi user. Sorry you've had to join us. Must be a worrying time for you but hopefully all will go well. How long have you been on your current meds? If they're not working, you might want to ask your GP about ondansetron. Most of us have ended up on that ultimately.

Hello to everyone else, hope you all found your way over to the new thread. I'm not too bad today. Felt rough waking up and had a stealth vomit sneak up on me while buying our car seat!! Fortunately I was in their toilet at the time! Felt alright-ish this afternoon though.

Lemondrop99 Sat 22-Jul-17 21:00:45

Oh and can I just add - 30 weeks today!! I'm so relieved I'm in count down mode. I honestly felt like I'd never get here. I know Mellee, Daffodil, Haitch etc are ahead of me but I do feel like I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Everyone suffering at the beginning, hang in there. You're all doing amazingly well. Those early weeks are so so so hard, but one day at a time and you'll get there too x

TwoDrifters Sat 22-Jul-17 21:04:15

IAmSerious So nice to hear from you! Glad all is going well.

Commiserations to everyone else flowers

user1471462428 Sat 22-Jul-17 21:11:25

I've asked for Ondanestron but was told it's too expensive. When I had my daughter I had 3 hospital admissions but I just can't go in this time as I have her well being to think of. Can you buy Ondanestron privately and how would I get it?

Melleebacca Sat 22-Jul-17 21:20:34

Lemon - 30 weeks does feel like you're so close to the end, and then you hit 35 weeks and feel like 'why isn't it over yet?' Or that could be just me...

User - GPs should be able to give you ondansetron, but may make you try other meds first. Considering how many my dad got when he started Chemo, it doesn't appear to be as expensive as they make it out to be.

Deaddoor - congrats on graduating! Rest up now. And I totally get the whole wanting to not have guests thing. I keep telling people I'm too busy for visitors, because I can't be bothered being hospitable.

Lemondrop99 Sat 22-Jul-17 22:13:41

User, ondanstron is a bit pricey (think I recall it being about £1 a pill, so £30 for a box of 30 - and you might be taking up to 4 a day). However, hundreds of women across the U.K. are prescribed it for sickness. If you've tried the other medication and it's not working, it would be immoral of your GP to leave you to struggle simply because of cost!

I'd strongly suggest giving the PSS helpline a call on Monday. They are brilliant and VERY used to the various problems people face getting ondansteron. If your GP won't prescribe, PSS have a list of HG friendly consultants and you can ask to be referred to your local one

BlueIsYou Sat 22-Jul-17 22:14:00

Place marking from old thread flowers

DeadDoorpost Sun 23-Jul-17 00:16:25

Mustang thanks I had a great day and no I haven't watched it. Seen Vicar of Dibley though. Loved it. DMother is just... there's a lot of behind the scenes stuff and I'm so certain she's on the Autistic spectrum but when I mentioned it to her she totally refused to believe she was. Would explain so much about her though. But other than that she drives me insane. So many little things adding up...
Also 23 weeks today (sunday) so getting there.

Lemon managed it through a lot of vomiting and early preparation for my dissertation. I'm now totally stuck.. I feel like continuing my education but not sure what exactly. Might just do some simple stuff like working on another A level or something... I can't rest 😂😂😂

Natsku Sun 23-Jul-17 07:11:30

I'd love to meet Dawn French!

I need to renew my meds in the next few days but wondering when to try coming off them. There's still some nausea in the evenings when the med has worn off (and the occasional vomiting when I see or smell something disgusting!) but I reckon its getting better now and might be worth trying without.

pippanippa Sun 23-Jul-17 07:49:04

Hi everyone,

Just catching up, it's been busy again! weasledee thinking of you and hoping this week passes as quickly as possible for you. Congratulations on the graduation deaddoor and welcome user Sorry you're feeling rubbish still thingy. Iamserious so glad you're well now!

Muddling along here, bad days mixed with ok. Does anyone have any suggestions for holidays (with toddler in tow) which will actually be a break with HG? - Need something to look forward to but the trip back to the UK the other week left me totally exhausted rather than relaxed. We really need something to look forward to though!!

beanhunter Sun 23-Jul-17 08:22:51

Marking my place. Today is packing up day. Feel I shall be in a heap for days after the next two days sad

Melleebacca Sun 23-Jul-17 09:02:06

Natsku - don't try weaning off tablets until about a month of being vomit free. You don't really know how much they help until you come off them and then you need to build them back up in your system again. I was on ondansetron from week 5 till week 33. Stopped vomiting at 16/17 weeks, but the ondansetron helped keep the nausea at bay. Started the slow weaning process at 24w, and only completely stopped taking them due to low baby and awful constipation. Some days are gagging over the sink, but I've held back the vomit so far.

Pippa - at 6w, we took DD to the beach for the day. I could lie under an umbrella while hubby chased her around etc. Mostly I've spent the last 8 months on house arrest. Once baby comes, we will go on more road trips etc.

user1471462428 Sun 23-Jul-17 09:17:58

Thanks Lemon drop. I know I'm heading towards be admitted but will try anything to avoid. I can't imagine any of the consultants at my local hospital having a interest in he, they don't seem to like women! With my daughter they were always pushing me to have a termination, I'm not sure I could handle my temper if that was suggested now. I have various gynae complaints and have received some poor treatment then too. I'm a nurse in the same hospital hmm

HaichM Sun 23-Jul-17 10:28:01

Nice to hear from you Shirley. Sorry it took a week but glad things are going well otherwise.

User: sorry you've had to join us but welcome and I hope we can help in anyway.

I hope there've been some good days out there

HaichM Sun 23-Jul-17 10:41:55

Forgot to say well done on the graduation Dead and meeting Dawn French. What a good memory to have from while suffering with HG.

LucindaE Sun 23-Jul-17 10:59:50

User1471 Welcome. I am shocked if they pressed you to have a termination last time - a number of people on here have been very ill with not only Hyperemesis, but other health conditions, and not seemingly had that offered except as an option. Lemondrop's advice to phone Pregnancy Sickness Support website on 024 7638 2020 is the best option - they have helped many women on here get effective medication. They will have to phone you back,but they will and be very useful. As you are a veteran, you don't need my usual blurb about kesostix to check on dehydration in the early stages, and bearable liquids, the juice of tinned fruit, flat full sugar coke, ice lollies, Lucozade etc and for food the renowned cuppa soup and melon.
IAmSeriousAndDon'tCallMeShirley How lovely to hear from you.
I am glad all is well now, but sorry to hear that for a week you had to join the 'underpriviliged few' who suffer after birth - that is so discouraging.I hope the nursing staff were less dubious with you that it could be happening than they were with me. That makes you, Oklahoma, OnceaMeer, Lucy Slippers on the first thread and a couple more out of hundreds.
pippasnippa The Isle of Wight for an old fashioned family holiday?
I took my daughter there when she was small - from what I hear, it hasn't changed much.
Lemondrop Mustang and others,great advice. Lemondrop Congratulations on 30 weeks. How do you feel overall? I hope the returned sickness passed?
Waves to lovely TwoDrifters and everyone. weasledee Thinking of you. Cyber hugs on offer if you can bear them.
Apologies to anyone rudely ignored.

LucindaE Sun 23-Jul-17 11:02:16

HaichM Sorry we cross posted. I hope those contractions come back soon! Ah, and beanhunter All luck for the move.

Anatidae Sun 23-Jul-17 12:01:00

I was on here a couple of years ago with my little one (now 21 months - ye gods time flies!)
I went back on the pill after I'd had him, and now I'm off it as we are trying for another baby.
So my problem and question: I've had increased nausea and sickness to a degree ever since I was pregnant first time. Thank goodness nowhere near as bad as actually being pregnant but still unpleasant. I'm finding I am getting extremely sick for 3-5 days after ovulation each month. This month I'm a week and a bit past and still feeling utterly grim.
Has anyone had these long term symptoms? I'm sure there must be a psychological component as well but I am sick to my stomach today. It's very unpleasant.

Hugs to all suffering. I'm hoping we can have another baby and I won't be ill this time sad

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