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Fab Feb 2009 - come rain, wind or shine, we're here for each other with copious amounts of wine

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New thread for us to quaff and chat away on... though as the sun is out today suspect I'll be pootling around here on my todd for a bit

<starts arranging the deckchairs in best position to catch the sun>

swampster Thu 14-Jun-12 10:09:11


Not on the deckchairs Swampy!

MrsY Thu 14-Jun-12 17:05:00

Loving the new title. I was thinking along the lines of

Fab Feb 2009 - the originals and best so you'll have to come up with a new name 2011s

SilveryMoon Fri 15-Jun-12 08:54:06

Haha MrsY!
<Spots the copious amount of wine, pulls up the nearest chair> I'll be here for you all but might be a bit pissshed.

So, on our way to hospital to see specialist about Jacob's hip. Hoping for some definite answers.

SilveryMoon Fri 15-Jun-12 08:54:06

Haha MrsY!
<Spots the copious amount of wine, pulls up the nearest chair> I'll be here for you all but might be a bit pissshed.

So, on our way to hospital to see specialist about Jacob's hip. Hoping for some definite answers.

swampster Fri 15-Jun-12 13:51:41

Ooh dinky, you made the Talk Round-up!

elkiedee Fri 15-Jun-12 13:56:22

So MOS, congrats on new job, does that mean you're back in England? Sorry, I've only read the tail end of the last thread.

SM, good news about your job too.

I'm being made redundant, and feeling a bit demoralised. Also narked that I've now been waiting two weeks for the formal notice period - I think I have to go through the motions of a redeployment pool but I don't think there are many jobs going, and I'd sooner stay a legal secretary for an employer who knows what legal secretaries are than move to another dept here. The solicitor I worked for from 2006 to late 2011 (when not on maternity leave!) and briefly when he returned to work this year has had to take ill health retirement (and he has terminal cancer). So I've spent far more time than is good for me crying lately, and I want to move on.

I'd like to go away for some of the summer holidays, nowhere exciting, just to take the kids to see their grandmothers in Norfolk and Ilkley (well, actually we all get excited about going to see my mum in Ilkley, but you know what I mean!) Recently I've started to feel very aware of a need not to put off spending time with people.

swampster Fri 15-Jun-12 14:00:47

So sorry about your job, elkiedee, these are really scary times we're living in.

SilveryMoon Fri 15-Jun-12 18:01:06

sad about the job elkie

Good news re Jacob. It is Perthes that he has, but they took another x-ray today and it seems he is now in recovery. They compared today's x-ray with previous ones and the damage was quite clear and easy to see but is now starting to look better.
They want to see him in 6 months just to make sure he recovers fully and they will also take a look at Luke then too.

I saw an ex last weekend, and still can't stop thinking about him. sad Not that I want to get back with him or anything like that, it kind of made me realise how lucky I am to have dp, but I really can't stop thinking about this other guy.
I started a thread in relationships about it. link here if anyone has a spare few minutes to have a look and then give me a slap.

SilveryMoon Fri 15-Jun-12 18:05:09

Actually, do you know what? Don't bother reading that, I just read it again to myself and have given myself a slap!
I feel quite guilty thinking of this guy, and know he is an arsehole.
I think I just wish he'd want me so I could tell him to f-off and then I wouldn't always be the rejected one you know?

dinkystinky Fri 15-Jun-12 21:00:50

I'll try not to let my fifteen nanoseconds of fame go to my head Swampy grin

Elkie - so sorry to hear about your job. Fingers crossed you'll find another role somewhere else much more settled soon. I hope you manage to go to visit your family this summer - abit of sunshine with my boys and time seeing loved ones always seems to help raise my spirits, no matter what else is going on in my life, so I hope it does the trick for you.

SM - so pleased Jacob is in recovery now. And havent read your other thread but you know what, most people have an ex that treated them badly - and I bet a huge number of them would, if pressed, admit that they'd like to be chased by so they could turn the tables. It doesnt make you a bad person - it just makes you human.

oooggs Tue 19-Jun-12 17:00:22

MrsY I was thinking the same with regards to the title of our new thread grin need to read the end of the last thread to catch up!!

MrsY Wed 20-Jun-12 09:42:32

Met up with MOS yesterday and she gave me the card and gift. I'm so touched, much love and thanks to you all. We're hoping to order a bench to sit next to B's grave, and the council only allow one, astronimically priced, style! Will think of you all when we visit him and sit on the bench.

dinkystinky Wed 20-Jun-12 10:47:24

You, J, M and Peanut are all in our thoughts and hearts always MrsY - am pleased and touched that you'll be able to use what we gave you to help be with B though ggrr at the council dictating that you buy hideously expensive ones...

Those of you struggling with poos and potty training - may I recommend potty training the Tom and Jerry way? We're bribing Danny with classic episodes of Tom & Jerry (which he and DS1 love - I picked up a huge boxset of them for £25 at HMV and will last ages) if he does a poo in the potty - and its working a treat. When we've run out of Tom & Jerry will be moving on to Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck grin

dinkystinky Wed 20-Jun-12 15:58:29

Just to bump thread again...

got our olympics tickets (off to hockey, beach volleyball and taekwondo) - boys v excited. Danny keeps talking about going to see the hookey at the Limpets, bless him.

Also v proud mum moment - Danny had his preschool boosters today and didnt bat an eyelid (DS1 was a nightmare with his and had to be caught as he pelted out the door between jabs).

SilveryMoon Wed 20-Jun-12 19:36:55

MrsY Pleased we were able to get something together for you that you can use.
Dinky lol at your potty training technique! Good luck smile
Glad D coped ok with the jabs, ds1 didn't like them much either.

Found out yesterday that the poisonous bitch HoD at work is leaving at the end of term (probably before she's pushed, the useless, pathetic cow)! And the teacher I was with and had an issue with has been told she can't teach next year so is back to being a TA. I know it's immature but hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha grin

swampster Wed 20-Jun-12 19:46:57

Where is that 'Like' button?

dinkystinky Wed 20-Jun-12 20:13:25

Now that's what I call Karma...

oooggs Wed 20-Jun-12 21:12:14

Luke had his jabs today as well!!

Karma grin

MrsY Thu 21-Jun-12 09:29:07

You're such a big kid, SM grin

Bless Danny, bet your dh is just as excited about the beach volleyball!

M's got her jabs next Thursday - had to make sure it was a day J was off or I'd probably have wussed out of taking her!

MOSagain Fri 22-Jun-12 09:29:07

hello all,

MrsY it was so lovely to see you and M was a HUGE hit with Harrison who keeps asking to see her again.

elkie sorry about your job. Not sure what you mean about my job confused I don't have one, am still a lazy cow. Moved back to Uk almost a year ago and still trying to find my feet/job/sanity (delete as appropriate)

SM yes, you are a big kid but totally understand. Will find time later to have a read of your other thread then decide whether you need a slap or not. Am up to my ears in PTA/summer fair/auction shite at the moment which is driving me mad. Will be glad when next Friday comes and goes (hopefully sunny) and it is all over.

DD1's hawaaiin pool party tomorrow, please god don't let it rain, can't cope with 25+ teenagers in the house!

dinkystinky Fri 22-Jun-12 09:35:53

Hope L is ok after his jabs Oooggs - Danny's MMR one has come up in a huge lump so think he's having abit of a reaction to it. He's otherwise his usual rather boisterous very contrary but ultimately loveable self though grin

MOS - cant work out if you're brave or insane having 25 teenagers to your house grin Good on you for being so involved in the PTA - between work and general family life, I barely find time to bake cakes for DS1's class cake bakes so am always in awe of those who are so hand on with PTA stuff.

Danny's seeing DS1's old private speech therapist today as am abit worried about his speaking (sh is pronounced f, j is pronounced d) so we'll say what she says. Other than that, big news in the dinky household is that we're using DH's airmiles to go to Chicago in October for a long weekend without the boys - equally excited (about the prospect of lie ins which we havent both had for at least 6 years) and dreading it (as know will miss them immensely)

MrsY Fri 22-Jun-12 15:06:55

How exciting, dinky, but isn't Chicago a bit far to go for a long weekend! I was wondering the other day about taking M to a speech therapist, she gets a lot of letters wrong. She's grown out of quite a few, but still can be tough to follow if she talks quickly, which she very often does :D

MOS will keep my fingers crossed for the weather - although I think it may be an indoor pool party! Do you have any large buckets?

So, I think we should organise a proper meet-up so Merry and Harrison can get together again. Should we do summer holidays to involve all or wait till September so oldies are at school?

MOSagain Fri 22-Jun-12 15:48:04

A child free weekend? <sigh> Agree with MrsY though, a very long way to go.

H had a course of 6 speech therapy sessions and was re-assessed two weeks ago and they said he does still have a need for therapy but hope he will grow out of it as a lot of children do.

Meet up would be lovely. Only problem with September is that H will be at nursery 4 mornings a week which rather limits things!

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