Zoomchat with David Baddiel about new book 'Jews Don't Count'

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JuliaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 22-Apr-21 10:52:27


We’re delighted to announce a Mumsnet Zoomchat with critically acclaimed comedian, author of children's and adult's books, screenwriter and TV presenter David Baddiel.

If you'd like to hear from one of the UK's most successful comedians, discuss how anti-Semitism manifests in progressive politics, argue about the merits of the 4-4-2 formation, or just shout 'that's your mum that is', now’s your chance to grab one of our free places.

We’ll be particularly focusing on David’s recent short book which looks at how (in the words of the dust jacket) 'identity politics has failed one particular identity... those who think of themselves as on the right side of history have often ignored the history of anti-Semitism'.

David will be chatting with Mumsnet HQ and answering your questions on Wednesday 28 April at 8pm, and you can book your place now by registering here.

Please note 1 If you join the Zoom chat, your camera will be turned off by default. Your screen name may be visible if we ask you to read your question out ‘live’, so consider whether you’re happy to use your RL name or want to use your MN posting name, or something else entirely.

Please note 2 We can only take questions from Zoomchat attendees on the night - please don’t use this thread to ask questions in advance as we can’t promise we’ll be able to put them forwards.

Register for free (only 100 places are available) here


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Zzpplant Thu 22-Apr-21 13:06:31


clarepetal Thu 22-Apr-21 18:51:36

Me too, excited much!

DropDTuning Thu 22-Apr-21 19:59:40

Oh brilliant. This was a great book. Will register now.

Ohnomoreno Thu 22-Apr-21 20:25:38

Would love to but I'm sure I'll just forget to attend. I love his Twitter.

Louvre Thu 22-Apr-21 20:26:21

I'd like to register but when is it? I don't want to register, take a place and then realise I can't make it

DropDTuning Thu 22-Apr-21 20:34:14

@Louvre it's in the opening post grin

David will be chatting with Mumsnet HQ and answering your questions on Wednesday 28 April at 8pm, and you can book your place now by registering here.


Louvre Thu 22-Apr-21 20:35:56

Thank you 😊

bluebump Thu 22-Apr-21 20:36:12

Excellent, I’ve registered!

Langsdestiny Thu 22-Apr-21 20:42:18

That's brilliant. He is one of the most interesting people on Twitter.

Langsdestiny Thu 22-Apr-21 20:44:38

I got so excited I nearly forgot to register.

Oblomov21 Thu 22-Apr-21 21:15:54


Hohofortherobbers Thu 22-Apr-21 21:53:28

Great, registered, love David Baddiel and I've seen him several times, was really disappointed that my ticket to trolls not the dolls was cancelled, damn covid angry

CornedBeef451 Thu 22-Apr-21 23:01:10

@JuliaMumsnet I'd like to watch but it's highly unlikely I'd say anything. Will it be available to watch afterwards for lurkers like me?

I don't want to take up a place if other people would actually ask questions.

DenisetheMenace Thu 22-Apr-21 23:28:32

Oh my goodness, “that’s your mum, that is” just took me back 30 years grin

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 23-Apr-21 09:30:32


Great to hear so many of you are enthused by this one! We're looking forward to it.

Registration is open to all Mumsnet users (although Premium subscribers get first dibs), but the recordings are exclusive to Premium subscribers.

So if you definitely want to watch/be involved, hit the 'register' button now (not many places left) - or sign up for Premium for £5 a month for permanent access to the recordings of all our Zoom chats.


Oblomov21 Fri 23-Apr-21 09:38:57

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 23-Apr-21 10:05:54

edited by MNHQ repeats deleted post
Sorry @Oblomov21- you'll need to register for the Zoomchat and ask your question in the Q&A channel on the Zoom platform on the night. We always have loads of questions on the night so we don't take questions in advance.

Marmaladeagain Fri 23-Apr-21 10:47:11

I've registered. My question is:

I remember a documentary David made visiting Israel back in the 1990s (not sure exactly when). I'd be interested to see it again. It was (I seem to recall) sparked by some of his relatives identifying strongly with Israel and Jewish identity. David explored his own feelings and spoke to people with differing views.

I'd be interested to know how David felt at the time on what he discovered and the conclusions he came to back then (as I have a vague recollection, but not sure if I misremember).

Also, on reflection - has be changed any of his views since he made that documentary?

Marmaladeagain Fri 23-Apr-21 10:47:33

oh, I see - wrong place for the question

dropdtuning Fri 23-Apr-21 10:58:04


'Yids' is a pretty offensive term and David explains that in his book. Being a Spurs fan doesn't make it OK for you to use that word.

I am Jewish, I don't believe you are (correct me if I'm wrong), but you shouldn't really be using it in either case.

PerkingFaintly Fri 23-Apr-21 12:24:26

Thanks for the explanation of how to watch afterwards, RowanMN; I'm in the same position as CornedBeef451 of not wanting to hog a place from someone who will participate actively.

And this reminds me I must crack on and watch Baddiel's TV prog on Holocaust denial, which I recorded ages ago.

Oblomov21 Fri 23-Apr-21 14:36:39

Rowan I'm getting very confused.
I did register.
I then get attached email.

Telling me to post question to :

Which I do.

I then get an email:

Thanks for getting in touch.

If you want to ask David a question, please post it on the thread, and hopefully, he will get to yours during the webchat. If you need any help with that, do let us know.

Telling me to post it on the thread.

I'm sorry, but this is very poor.
Mixed messages.

dropdtuning Fri 23-Apr-21 14:38:06

It's not really as poor as using a hugely offensive racial slur and then refusing to apologise for it, @Oblomov21 .

Oblomov21 Fri 23-Apr-21 14:41:02

Droptuning, you are so very very very wrong. The Spurs Jewish links are what the club is based on. The club is very very proud of these links. As are the Jewish community who are members of the club. They like the word, and celebrate it. Do not object to it. They like it. They have stated so.
It's not derogatory. We are proud.

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