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Seriously. Why? Why would I do that?

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pagwatch Mon 16-Mar-09 14:09:24

Sat night party. Mostly people I don't know so feeling a bit nervous. I manage to mangle each one of my childrens names ( when asked) and then , when introduced to someone, I shake their hand and give them my husbands name ...blush " hello I am Pagman" I said shock
Long silence. I said " actually I am not. I am pagwatch. I am not sure why I said that"

DH then shook their hand and said " and i Mr Pag and married to a woman who isn't quite sure who she is"

Why would I do that. I wasn't even drunk FFS. And then I had hours ahead with people who think I am too dim to get my own name right.
I apparently AM too dim to get my own name right.

compo Mon 16-Mar-09 14:10:15

I do that when I'm nervous!

Owls Mon 16-Mar-09 14:11:34

Sorry but grin

MarlaSinger Mon 16-Mar-09 14:12:49

shall I make you feel better?

I went to the loo before leaving the dentists after an appointment last week.

I was just doing my trousers up and someone walked in shock. Because I hadn't locked the door. WTF was I thinking!

So the whole waiting room, including receptionists, got to see my pants.


TrillianAstra Mon 16-Mar-09 14:13:15

grin Sorry but that is quite funny. Next time I do that I hope people giggle with me (and perhaps hand me a drink as my body clearly needs to catch up with my mouth).

Lizzylou Mon 16-Mar-09 14:13:16

I always do things like that when nervous, forget my name, kids names/ages, where I live blush

I went out on Saturday, meeting a group of women who I didn't know, but whose Husbands/partners all meet up regularly, I introduced myself as "DH's Wife" all night, like I have no name of my own or own identity. I knew I was doing it, I just couldn't stop it.

Doodle2U Mon 16-Mar-09 14:13:18


Out of practice.

Anyway, are you likely to see any of them again?

pagwatch Mon 16-Mar-09 14:13:23

I know its grin
I have embraced my own twattery. Just wish I knew why. grin blush

pagwatch Mon 16-Mar-09 14:14:19

not now !
I expect to see lots of people ducking into doorways to avoid me grin

MamaG Mon 16-Mar-09 14:15:34


reminds me of that thread where the MNer touched hger throat and said "hello" in an electric voice t hinking the ohter bloke was messing around adn then realised he actually did have a voicebox thing


thumbwitch Mon 16-Mar-09 14:17:21

pag - sadly scrambled-eggs-for-brains catches you out at the oddest moments, I find - have done similar things - best one I can remember just now hmm was givine out my phone number to someone (who I actually WANTED to phone) and giving my landline dialling code followed by the second half of my mobile number. [doh!]

BatmansWilly Mon 16-Mar-09 14:19:33

Oh that is EXACTLY the kind of thing I would have done.

I say allsorts of stupid stuff when I'm nervous grin

BatmansWilly Mon 16-Mar-09 14:20:17

MamaG! pmsl! I missed that one lol

ScorpiowithabigS Mon 16-Mar-09 14:20:44

(pagwatch can oyu email me please, i want to ask you a question please? a non-scary one grin stephaniematthews 943 at btinternet dot com Thankyou)

georgimama Mon 16-Mar-09 14:25:28

Did you actually tell them your name was Pagman, then Pagwatch, or did you just mangle your real name? Because I have nearly introduced myself as Georgimama to people, if it is any consolation.

BatmansWilly Mon 16-Mar-09 14:28:10

lol imagine if I introduced myself as my mumsnet username? I'd be 'escorted' out I think grin

AnyFucker would be ammusing too grin

"Hi, I'm any fucker ... and you?" pmsl

pagwatch Mon 16-Mar-09 14:29:59

I said my husbands name. It wasn't even a mangling. I even added our surname as a flourish as in " Hi I am Bob Smith, nice to meet you"

Pretty bad huh .

thanks mama. made me laugh
sure scorpio

4andnotout Mon 16-Mar-09 14:31:04

I have referred to my dd's as dd1 etc rather than their names in rl blush

Gorionine Mon 16-Mar-09 14:36:06

I tend to do that on the phone. I concentrate so much I often go : hello this is XYZ, could I speak to Gorionine please?blush

LOL at intoducing yourself with you MN nickname!

GossipMonger Mon 16-Mar-09 14:39:17

I said to the Deputy Head at school when she asked if my husband could do a cookery demonstration for the children,

'It shouldnt be a problem. I will ask DH when I get in!!!!'


GetOrfMoiLand Mon 16-Mar-09 14:44:26

I am an idiot most of the time.

Had a job interview a couple of weeks ago, they asked me a question, started answering it, went off on a tangent of byzantine complexity and started wittering on aimlessly. I was like a runaway train. I brought myself to a halt by saying 'oh I have forgotten entirely what question you asked' and went off into peals of laughter, saying 'I will remember what it was in a minute' (SHUT THE F UP GETORFMOILAND), 'oh yes now I remember'. I was so embarassed but I could not shut up.

Much to my amazement I got the job. They must like loons.

Rhubarb Mon 16-Mar-09 14:45:48

My friend was on a very busy commuter train going into Manchester once. He had to stand where the toilets were along with around 10 other people. My friend noticed that everytime the train turned on the tracks, the toilet door slid open.

A smart, suited businessman squeezed past them all and went into the toilet. My friend knew about the door and expected someone to say something to him, but no-one did, probably because they were all thinking the same thing.

Sure enough, as the train rounded a slight bend, the door slid open to reveal the man with his pants down doing a crap on the toilet. From then on it was a fight between the sliding door and the man who couldn't quite reach the door whilst trying to wipe his arse and pull up his grots.

All whilst 10 people watched.

My friend said it was the best entertainment he'd had in a long time!

pagwatch Mon 16-Mar-09 14:47:06


You are all making me feel much better smile

TrillianAstra Mon 16-Mar-09 14:47:54

Your friend is mean Rhubarb, why didn't anyone hold the door shut for him? grin

chimchar Mon 16-Mar-09 14:49:29

WOW....i have tears of laughter streaming down my cheeks.

just the kind of thing i do! blush

thanks everyone on here for making my day! grin

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