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Which is the tastiest Protestant traybake?

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FiddleFaddleDingDong Fri 08-Mar-19 17:35:05

NI Protestants are famed for their tray bakes but which is the best traybake of all?

I’m thinking something crunchy and chocolatey, a tiffin like thing. But are there unchocolatey traybakes that I just haven’t been exposed to? Are they keeping all the best recipes to themselves, strictly to be eaten behind closed doors?

And does it get a bit competitive? Does Annie cast aspersions on Doris’ traybaking abilities?

madminimoomin Fri 08-Mar-19 17:36:06


evilharpy Fri 08-Mar-19 17:36:49

Fifteens. Not a traybake. Not even a bake. Stupidly easy. But amazing. Google them.

LiveThisLife Fri 08-Mar-19 17:37:16

Only clicked to see WTF your title was about!

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 08-Mar-19 17:39:21

* Only clicked to see WTF your title was about*. Me too. I prefer a nice chicken traybake. I find the Protestant a bit too big for the tray.

thecatneuterer Fri 08-Mar-19 17:39:36

LiveThisLife - me too (thought it must be an autocorrect) and frankly I'm still non the wiser.

LadyGregorysToothbrush Fri 08-Mar-19 17:40:18

Fifteens neither a traybake, nor a bake, nor even a tray grin

Rice Krispie squares win the Protestant traybake competition IMO.

FiddleFaddleDingDong Fri 08-Mar-19 17:42:08

JiltedJohnsJulie grin

LadyGregorysToothbrush Fri 08-Mar-19 17:42:20

I’m shacked - shacked - that “Protestants love traybakes” didn’t make it onto the Derry Girls blackboard

villainousbroodmare Fri 08-Mar-19 17:42:55

I don't know... would love a few nice Methodist or even Presbyterian traybake recipes grin but I do have a great Protestant marmalade-making tip! Once the marmalade has reached setting-point, allow it to cool in the pot for five minutes before pouring it into your heated jam jars. It jellifies a little bit which suspends the peel throughout the jar instead of it floating towards Heaven the top.

WhoWasIt Fri 08-Mar-19 17:43:08

No idea what a protestant tray bake is. Do they have one for Catholics and Methodists too? If you're a Quaker, is it made with oats?
I'm partial to a rocky road tray bake myself.

FiddleFaddleDingDong Fri 08-Mar-19 17:43:08

Fifteens sound tempting but that's got to be considered cheating among true traybakers!

villainousbroodmare Fri 08-Mar-19 17:44:17

grin JiltedJohnsJulie

FiddleFaddleDingDong Fri 08-Mar-19 17:44:42

villainousbroodmare I suspect the Methodists, being quite strict, are probably less generous with the sugar and butter than the Presbyterians!

AmIthatbloodycold Fri 08-Mar-19 17:45:35

Protestant tray bakes? I've heard it all now.

Do you allow mint toppings?

Itwouldtakemuchmorethanthis Fri 08-Mar-19 17:46:39

Nah catholic’s barely notice a traybake, a nice well risen cake, but not till after a slice of bread and butter.

FreeButtonBee Fri 08-Mar-19 17:46:41

Love a good PTB. Caramel slice (NOT millionaire’s shortbread!) is best for that sickly feeling after and instant blood sugar rush

newtlover Fri 08-Mar-19 17:48:09

well, you learn something new every day!

BroomstickOfLove Fri 08-Mar-19 17:48:13

I once made an amazing chocolate biscuit cake with Aldi not-mint-aero bars. I have never had a better traybake. I don't like fifteens, and am not entirely Protestant though, so missed out on the traybake culture.

madminimoomin Fri 08-Mar-19 17:51:41

Snowballs are also a good one, but again no baking or trays required.
Coconut mixed with condensed milk, rolled into a ball and covered with melted chocolate. Put in the fridge until the chocolate sets.
A northern Irish Protestant staple growing up!

FiddleFaddleDingDong Fri 08-Mar-19 17:52:34

@FreeButtonBee ooh what's the difference between the two?

loveshinealight Fri 08-Mar-19 17:53:00

Why do catholic's not like tray-bakes? confused

WhoGivesADamnForAFlakeyBandit Fri 08-Mar-19 17:56:40

See, this is why they keep their toasters in a cupboard! They need the counter space for all the tray bakes. And soup bowls.

Chocolatepeanuts Fri 08-Mar-19 17:58:57

My best prod friend does these amazing mars bar rice krispie squares. They look like a caramel square until they are sliced in the tray. A maz ing. Traybakes definitely should have made the blackboard. Protestant events are a tray bake extravaganza!

Chocolatepeanuts Fri 08-Mar-19 17:59:50

Catholics love traybakes!!! They just cant make them like protestants!

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