Week 5 - Low Carb Bootcamp - time to get rid of all the Valentine's treats!

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BIWI Mon 15-Feb-21 00:04:12

I rather suspect that a lot of us have been so far off the wagon this weekend that it's disappeared over the far horizon!

having to post on the spreadsheet may sober us all up, in more ways than one!

I hope any cheats were enjoyable. There's nothing worse than deciding to cheat and then not liking it.

But from now, it's time to buckle down and get back into the swing of things. If you did cheat, please don't complain that the scales aren't being kind to you. It's an inevitable consequence.

So let's focus on a really strict week, recognising that this is the end of our first half of Bootcamp.

Good luck to us all flowers

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RagzReturnsRebooted Mon 15-Feb-21 02:12:58

Thanks for the new thread @BIWI
I did manage dinner in the end, had leftover broccoli mixed with a small amount of leftover meatball sauce, covered in cheese and baked (in the air fryer) with bacon on the side. Small but satisfying and reasonably nutritious.
Need to inventory the veg and freezer and meal plan tomorrow. Still have a cauliflower and an aubergine so may attempt coating and deep frying them as per a suggestion a thread or two ago.

CaptainOmelette Mon 15-Feb-21 05:44:06

Great motivating reminder Biwi, thanks.
I have a NSV to be proud of - I (just) no longer dam the bathwater!!! May sound silly but that really makes a difference to me, even if nobody else can see a difference it’s there. Fluids is my thing today, have a horrible headache as youngest had a dreadful night. Happy Healthy Monday everyone.

ListenLinda Mon 15-Feb-21 06:25:21

Morning all. Checking in with a 1lb gain this morning.
Keeping an eye on it but not too perturbed, as it was week 4, sometimes i get after affects from period week and i havent been as good with my water last few days.
So time to KOKO, and see if it whooshes over the next few days!
And if everyone who cheated this weekend gets a loss, I might have to borrow @BIWI big stick grin

Elpheba Mon 15-Feb-21 06:47:34

I’m putting my Friday weight on after a weekend of cheats. Back to it today- giving away any leftover cake and will probably need a top up supermarket trip to make sure I’ve got supplies so there’s no excuse for me to not be strict.
Wield that stick BIWI! I certainly need to remind myself why I’m doing this.

Onelittlepiglet Mon 15-Feb-21 06:57:25

Well two glasses of fizz have pushed my weight up by 1.5lbs which is frustrating but I presume it is mostly water and will just drink lots and lots of water today and try to shift it. That was my only off-plan treat so I don’t feel too bad about it. I am also due on my period this week so that will probably affect it 🙄

Plan for today is
B - Greek yoghurt
L - Green veg and cheese soup
D - beef chilli (no kidney beans!) and FLGV

Dreamqueen Mon 15-Feb-21 07:34:00

Thank you for the new thread Biwi.

I'm not on the spreadsheet. ( spreadsheets frighten me,) I started 2 weeks ago at 161lbs , I weighed in today at 153. I'm so happy & couldn't have done it without these threads. Thank you for all the encouragement on here.

Yesterday we had a seafood plater for lunch, I managed to avoid the lovely crusty bread and had no alcohol. Thats now 2 weeks alcohol free,-a major achievement.

Food plan for today is
B-bacon and scrambled egg
L-crispy chicken thighs and salad
D-steak and green salad & spinach

My portions are slightly on the big side I think. I'll cut them down a bit this week.

Hope everyone has a great week.


pinkpinkeverywhere Mon 15-Feb-21 07:34:53

Morning, my cheats mean I weigh 1.2lbs more than I did on Friday, but I've still lost 1.2lbs this week. Didn't really intend to cheat but I made the aubergine and halloumi curry from the recipe thread and it was awful. We ended up fetching fish and chips and although I ate no batter I did succumb to a few chips along with a G&T or two to drown my frustration.

VeryLittleOwl Mon 15-Feb-21 07:36:03

0.2lbs up on last week (add 1lb to that from my lowest weight in the last 7 days!) but the freshly-baked croissants with strawberry jam in bed yesterday morning were totally worth it! The rest of V-day was on plan, broccoli soup with Boursin for lunch and steak and cauliflower cheese for supper.

I'm having leftover cheeseburger pie for breakfast (have to take the sheep back out to the hills this morning, so fuelling myself for a long walk), lunch will be leftover cauliflower cheese and supper will be chilli with FLGV.

Onwards and downwards smile

CowGurl Mon 15-Feb-21 07:40:23

Very enjoyable deviation this weekend (have gone with Friday's weight). I had missed wine so much!

Back on it proper today though. Might really focus on limiting cheese to one meal a day for the rest of bootcamp. It's my absolute weakness. Also going to get some of Stuntnun's electrolytes.

Thanks to whoever posted about having aubergine parmagiana on pizza nights. I did that on Friday and it was lovely.

I am honestly quite happy to have an excuse to avoid pancake day. Was never a huge fan.

Hope this is a good week for everyone!

ouchmyfeet Mon 15-Feb-21 07:41:52

Checking in with a 1lb loss. That's 2.5lbs over the last fortnight with minimal cheating (2 gin and skinny tonics plus that chocolate mousse) so I will put it down to the cheats and the weeks 3 & 4 timing.

Definitely up for a strict week 5 (and thank you for keeping us going BIWI). I'm a stone lighter than I was a month ago so it feels like a great first step.

KOKO! smile

Bestbees Mon 15-Feb-21 07:47:09

Well done to those with losses. Back on it for those without. I Sts which I am fi e with, but.now want to be super strict to try to get below 9.13 which I have been for about 3 weeks. Nsv my mum said my skins looked amazing (over zoom) smile

Focus this week: no snacks, lots of green veg and water. Cheese out from Wed for lent, though will allow it on Sundays. Switched to almond milk for my tea too so that might help a bit. Will repeat my plan for today here.
B fast but if hungry either scrambled egg, or if it is later a hardboiled egg to tie me over.
L cream of mushroom soup with spinach and crisped up ham
D lamb tagine, swede mash and kale+ red cabbage. Greek yog for after.

Good luck to everyone in this fresh week grin

MarmaladeTeepee Mon 15-Feb-21 07:49:05

Saturday's my weigh in day so the scales have been kind. Although, I didn't deviate too badly at the weekend - just too many nuts when we were watching a film whilst DH and DC scoffed pick n mix. I need to remember to drink all the water this week whilst we're off, I find it so much easier when I'm at work and in a routine.

venus you mentioned in the last thread about meatloaf, is that on one of the recipe threads?

Good luck for this week everyone!

ZiggZagg Mon 15-Feb-21 07:49:44

5lb on, can live with that because I know it's mainly water!

Water, water, water for me today.

L Boiled Eggs, mayo and salad
D Steak and FLGV


nowlook Mon 15-Feb-21 07:58:11

Morning campers!

I haven't cheated at all halo grin, but I'm not weighing in until the end of BC. I am, however, a lot slimmer than I was four weeks ago. Having quite a bit of fun guessing what my weight will be. I have a small frame, so can be wearing a size 10 when I'm 11 stones shock. Whatever it is, I know it won't throw me into a headspin because it will be much more acceptable than had I weighed in at the start.

Yesterday was leftover lamb hotpot (even better the second day) and then cod with pak choi, oyster mushrooms and courgette. Need to space out my water more today.

I can't believe you mentioned the croissants @VeryLittleOwl. I was only a lurker back then, but I remember that BIWI went on hols and it was like something out of Lord of the Flies on here grin

venusandmars Mon 15-Feb-21 08:16:06

A deserved 1lb up, but I also know that I'd not been drinking as much water last week. So back on it seriously for the next 5 weeks. Well timed to coincide with lent.

B - walk, now that the snow and ice has mostly disappeared I can go back to my usual routes
L - avocado, eggs, salad and a creamy coffee
D - duck with Asian style veg (pak choi, courgette, peppers, carrot)
And lots of water

MilesJuppIsMyBitch Mon 15-Feb-21 08:29:56

Morning morning!

Lovely to see people's Valentine meals. Mine was a little disappointing, as DH forgot he'd promised to cook, so didn't have time to make the chocolate mousse, & rushed the lamb curry.

However, he had cooked for the last three days (I'm still vaccine-poorly), & he's starting a new job today, so I think I can let him off grin

Two and quarter pounds off for me this week, eight & a half total since we started BC. I'm ridiculously pleased. I really thought I was stuck at that weight, as nothing else has worked.

Can't remember who said they were stuck in a two-week stand-off at the end of the last thread (and don't want to tag the wrong person), but wanted to give you thanks. I've been there, and only counselling (separately and together) has fixed it. Particularly tough in lockdown.

Rainy Monday here, but no home-schooling, so I'm having breakfast in bed.

Justcallmecaptainobvious Mon 15-Feb-21 08:32:23

2lbs off, I am happy with that (no valentines cheating here, but with pancake day and my birthday fast approaching I’m not going to polish my halo just yet).

Tesco collection day today - first time in ages I’ve not been able to get a delivery slot! I’ve included unsweetened almond milk to try with my coffee.

Today’s meal plan:

B - bacon and spinach
L - tuna salad
D - baked chicken thighs (with plenty of Schwartz Season All, spice mix of the gods) and FLGV

I had a look at some keto pages on FB last night for recipe ideas but they seem to rely on vast amounts of processed/fake crap and sweeteners, I had to close them quickly!

AWryGiraffe Mon 15-Feb-21 08:40:48

I weighed in at 11'8 this morning, which is annoying as a couple days ago I weighed 11'5.5, so I'm back to my 30th jan position 😩 this always happens so will just put extra effort in this week. Was so pleased at getting to the under 11 and a half stone mark too, felt psychologically important! No Valentine's cheats or treats either!

MaudesMum Mon 15-Feb-21 08:49:23

I did enjoy my significant deviation from Bootcamp on Saturday, and the scales are demonstrating that I paid the price. Lamb tagine probably not too bad, the freshly made bread to accompany it, the ginger ripple ice-cream and all the wine - very bad. But, I did need an evening talking to other people (legit - they're my single person bubble). It's unlikely to happen again until mid/late March, so now back on the straight and narrow. As well as all the veg and water I may also try and limit my cheese consumption for the week. Having said that, I need to find a recipe which involves lots of cauliflower and broccolli tonight, and a mixed veg cheese bake would hit the spot..

Ninkanink Mon 15-Feb-21 08:53:31

Morning everyone!! flowers

Weighed in at 71kg (156.6) which is a small gain - expected after Vanetine’s indulgement. As this is a long term way of eating for me I really don’t take much notice of fluctuations - as long as I know I’m on the right track I’m happy (helps that my main motivation for low carbing is health related).

Would someone please add me to the spreadsheet of fabulousness? Thank you! flowers

Those who are saying ‘cheated with a couple of drinks and some chocolate’, that’s not cheating. You are following the plan as mindfully having some of each of those is perfectly fine. It’s best not to call it cheating, as it’s more sustainable to be realistic that sometimes you will have a little of something that you shouldn’t eat or drink vast amounts of daily.

@Dreamqueen, you mentioned taking your portion sizes down. No need to do so unless you’re finding it hard to finish your meals - that’s likely to be a dieting mentality rearing its head. I’m only saying that because you based it on meal size rather than on your appetite/hunger/satiety. This WOE isn’t about deprivation so let your hunger guide you and eat less on the days where you don’t feel hungry, but always eat enough to feel satisfied and full.

To those who’ve not lost or who are seeing a temporary gain, don’t be discouraged. Have faith and KOKO. Focus again on how well you feel, how well you’re sleeping, how your tight pair of jeans is fitting, and read up on the benefits of this WOE for preventing things like diabetes and dementia. Or how about appreciating how much less you’re farting (sorry but it’s likely to be true! grin )!

If you haven’t yet taken measurements or photos, do it today! The physical evidence of positive changes to your body is very powerful and can really help when the scales don’t reflect it.

Have a lovely day everyone and big congratulations to those who’ve seen a loss today!

NelAntartic Mon 15-Feb-21 08:53:49


What's FLGV?

Jollyholibobs Mon 15-Feb-21 08:57:31

0.8 up this morning. Lovely meal last night with 4 courses so not surprised. I have gained 2lbs overnight. Struggle to keep water up over the weekend not in my wfh routine.
Have ordered one trial LeCreuset anodised pan to try it.... DH will not countenance IKEA for pans. Thanks for all your tips. He has a lot of anxiety about buying the wrong thing. Massive amount of research first before we buy anything. I think it’s a bit OCD related. One of his things is to buy the most expensive as he thinks that means it will be good. But obviously not without reading and cross referencing lots of on line reviews. I’ve learnt to pick my battles.

Well done everyone. Good start to the thread @BIWI Some of us have got off lightly from the stick this weekend!

Have ordered electrolyte thanks for the link stuntnun.

KOKO everyone. Have a good day.

CisMyArse Mon 15-Feb-21 09:00:36

My weight has stayed exactly the same for 2 weeks now which I'm a bit gutted about.

My only cheats have been 2 gin&slims and I ocassionalmy eat the no added sugar jelly and I add cream.

I drink about 3 litres of water a day and I haven't fallen off the wagon food-wise.

Bit despondent BIWI - stick please!

prettybird Mon 15-Feb-21 09:01:04

FLGV = Fuck Load of Green/Good Veg smile

Too much wine and not enough water for me yesterday blush But it was a lovely meal and the wine was very good smile

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