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Anyone here TTC?

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SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Fri 28-Jul-17 16:57:34

I'm hoping to start TTC baby #4 in August. Is there an existing larger families TTC thread / group, or does anyone else fancy joining me? The groups in the Conception topic don't really seem like a good fit ...

I'm 34
3 children (4, 7 & 8)
3 miscarriages before child #1

ruthieruthuk Fri 28-Jul-17 18:04:28

Not TTC as already preg with boy #4

Have u started taking folic acid?

Also pre conception pregnacare may he worth a look as think this prob already contains folic acid?

Mimilicious013 Fri 28-Jul-17 19:42:04

I will join you to keep you company but found out we are expecting number 5 after trying for over 2years
I'm 36
4 dc(17,13,9&3)
3 day old bfpgrin.

Hie ruth

Alcea Fri 28-Jul-17 20:00:58

Mimilicious I'll answer your question here.. So glad to see someone with big age gaps. Mine are dd (14) dd (8) and a ds (3). Had dd1 very young, and waited then to have dd2 and ds. DS took ages to conceive too so that's why we've a bit of a gap there. I had some issues with AF though that I think are fixed now so I don't think it would take as long again (were extremely irregular, now regular) Swore DS was our last and found the first year very hard with 3, hence my reluctance about a 4th. So broody though so feeling so conflicted.

Congrats to you especially after 2 years ttc. How many weeks are you? How do you think the others will feel about it?

Schnitzel what do you have already?

Mimilicious013 Fri 28-Jul-17 20:21:40

I totally understand where you are coming from. It definitely is not an easy decision to make. Glad though that your cycle is now your husband keen on having another one?

My kids won't have a problem at all, maybe the little one because she is still so clingy. I think my family is the one that will have a fit lol.lm the only one with a large family yet l am the youngest hmm.

For the first time ever, I am not certain of how far along l am.we had given up trying after no luck, in May . l had stopped tracking my cycles and I know I had one period either 1st or 2nd week of June l think. This bfp came as a shocker a few days ago.

PolarBearGoingSomewhere Sat 29-Jul-17 13:07:35

I'm waiting to TTC #4 from October, probably. Not started on the folic acid yet or tracking periods etc but pleased that they seem fairly regular - have had 3 now since DD3 was born 18 months ago. Want to night wean DD3 if possible before TTC but with my previous kids getting pregnant again has been the easiest way to get them to go off bfing!

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Sat 29-Jul-17 21:18:47

Wow, great to 'meet' you all!

Hi @ruthieruthuk - congratulations on your pregnancy! That's a good idea re: the vitamin. I'm already taking 5mg folate because of previous recurrent miscarriage but I'd forgotten other vitamins ...

@Mimilicious013 - huge congratulations to you too, and I'm sorry to hear that you struggled for so long before number 5. I'm sure you can't wait for a dating scan after this surprise bfp...!

@Alcea I understand that conflicted feeling, especially if the baby days with DS were no walk in the park. Do you find that you switch perspectives on it from day to day?

@PolarBearGoingSomewhere sounds promising that your periods have returned despite feeding your 18-month-old. I agree, the only way I weaned my DD2 was by conceiving her brother! She fed until I was about 20 weeks then lost interest. With DD1, I was exclusively pumping so a bit different, and was able to keep that up until about 30 weeks pregnant with DD2, when I stopped. Is there a particular reason you're aiming for October (e.g. specific birth month, or DD3 being a certain age etc.)?

My 8- (nearly 9-) year-old and 7-year-old are both DDs and my 4- (nearly 5-) year-old is a DS. DH has been open to a 4th for years, but left it up to me. Since I got my professional qualification in 2013 I have been working on fixed term contracts, which has put me off as no job security. However, now I have a permanent full time job, the biggest reason not to try again has been removed ....
... and I'm now panicking I've left it too late (typical)!
I really want to get going NOW but my period's not due for a week so will try to focus on reducing caffeine and trying to get my weight down by a few pounds.
By my calculations, my next fertile window coincides with surgery to remove 2 of my wisdom teeth. That should be interesting ...

Have all of you always seen eye-to-eye with your husbands/partners about how many children to have, or have there been differences over the years?

PolarBearGoingSomewhere Sat 29-Jul-17 21:24:25

Dental treatment... raunchy grin

We want a slightly bigger age gap this time (got 2y1m and 2y3m already) and I want to get DD2 settled at nursery and just check what the dynamics are like once I have less time with her.

Mine are 5.5, 3.5 and 1.5 now.

Alcea Sun 30-Jul-17 13:44:38

Mimilicious you'll have to tell us what life like 4 is like. Obviously not bad, or you wouldn't have gone for 5!!! Hope you're feeling well. Will you go for a private early scan to date the pregnancy or wait for your 12 week scan?

My ds was the easiest, sweetest little baby ever. He just fed (BF) a lot and snoozed in my arms but it was juggling that with the older ones I struggled with. I think I would have no other choice to organise some help or some sort of help with something if we have another, just things like keeping on top of the house, managing appointments I found to be overwhelming.

Dh and I have talked and talked and we have decided to go for it smile
I'm cd15 but my last few cycles have been long, around 35 days, and I don't think I've ovulated yet. I've used opk's the past few days and there is a second line but it's not as dark as the control line. I used them on my others too and can't remember much about them, but they're confusing me at the moment because the line isn't faint, it's quite dark but still negative. I'll keep using them for the week anyway.
I'm excited about it since we've made our decision, especially as dh was able to reassure me about a few things.

Schnitzel, best of luck with your upcoming dental treatment. I had some issues over the past few months myself and got that sorted, as well as a clear smear test result, so I really feel that's my green light to go.

Annabelle4 Sun 30-Jul-17 15:42:43

Sorry for the confusion but I've just name changed - previously Alcea

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Tue 01-Aug-17 21:36:12

@Polarbeargoingsomewhere - ah, that makes sense re: waiting for October! You do have very neat age gaps but I understand the wish for a slightly bigger one this time smile Is your DD2 looking forward to nursery?

@Annabelle4 - how are the OPKs going? They are really tricky to interpret I think. Wonderful news that you've decided to try, and that your HD has been able to put your mind at rest. I agree that getting some help is probably necessary - we currently have a cleaner 3 hours per week but I can see how an au pair / mother's help could also be really necessary, particularly in the early days of juggling.

Me: still waiting for my period to arrive (boring - no hope of pregnancy this cycle). 9DPO and I have a 12 day luteal phase so hoping it will arrive on Saturday. Bought some evening primrose oil to take pre-ovulation to help with cf ... and I think we're all set. Just hope DH has got the energy to do his bit in the baby-making department - we both work ridiculous hours but his job definitely worse than mine since I do a lot of hours from home.

Annabelle4 Wed 02-Aug-17 16:39:35

Opk's are the same; the line is quite dark but I now know that they're negative. The test line still isn't as strong as the control line.
My last 2 cycles were 35 days, which would mean I ov'd on cd21, I guess this one will be the same. Cd17 today. Long cycles are a pain, but I've conceived before so don't think they're a problem. Dtd'ing every second night anyway just in case.

How's everyone else?

I was at my friend's today, and she has 4. I was bursting to tell her, but I'm far too private and don't discuss anything like that, no matter how close we are! I did swear though (if anyone asked) that DS was our last!!

EverythingNow Wed 02-Aug-17 18:35:22

Can I join you all?

We have just started ttc #4 this month. I'm on cd9!

My DC are 16,7 and 6 and I've just turned 38. I'm not sure how/whether that will affect ttc.

I'm also bursting to tell someone, so I thought I would join this thread smile

Annabelle4 Wed 02-Aug-17 18:38:22

Welcome EverythingNow! Similar(ish) ages to my DC! Are they boys or girls, or both?

EverythingNow Wed 02-Aug-17 18:47:02

They're all girls smile

I would love a boy but I'd be delighted (and think it likely) with a girl. It's taken a long time to convince DH so I'm just pleased to be trying.

I feel a bit nervous about the gap (again) but I feel id regret not trying now DH on board.

Annabelle4 Wed 02-Aug-17 19:49:08

I know that feeling. I desperately just wanted a baby when we were trying for #3, I guess it was a lovely surprise to have a ds after the girls though. Girls' names are so much easier though I may have already chosen names blush

We will probably be on the 2 week wait together as I should ovulate in the next few days too. Thank god we have this website, who else could you say this to in real life confused

EverythingNow Wed 02-Aug-17 21:54:12

My cycles are usually 27days so AF is due 21st August - what about you?

Ovia has me down for ovulation Sunday but I've had a lot of cm since cd7 so who knows? Despite having 3 already I'm a bit new to this stuff grin

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Thu 03-Aug-17 22:57:10

@Annabelle4 and @Everythingnow - cheering your ovaries along as I sit by the starting lines waiting to get going smile smile I am already remembering how much waiting is involved in TTC (impatient)

Please update with ovulation happenings ... not in a stalkerish way, just excited that other people are on this road too!

Annabelle4 Fri 04-Aug-17 12:34:11

Positive opk today! They make sense to me now, there's no doubting it - the test line is stronger than the other line.
Had loads and loads of ewcm yesterday (tmi, sorry) so was expecting the +
Excited and terrified all at once!

I know what you mean about waiting schnitzel, especially when you've long cycles.

Will anyone else need to change your cars?

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Fri 04-Aug-17 14:28:08

Hurrah for a positIve OPK and lots of EWCM!

Possibly another TMI (sorry!) but do you have any sort of strategy to what days you DTD? I remember trying to do the 3 days before ovulation, day of, and day after when I was TTC number 1. It just sounds exhausting now though!!

Yes, if we get pregnant with #4 will definitely need another car as my focus c-max couldn't physically fit 2 adults, 3 kids and a baby...

Annabelle4 Fri 04-Aug-17 16:05:29

We DTD last night, and plan to tonight, tomorrow night, and Sunday night. I'm going to guess that tomorrow is ovulation day and think that should cover it!

I've given up alcohol already, cut down to one coffee a day, eating healthily and exercising... I wonder how long I'll keep all that up if I get a bfn 😂

EverythingNow Fri 04-Aug-17 16:26:07

I haven't done opks because I thought I would just see what happens, though I'm sure that will quickly change! Despite 3 kids ive only ttc once before and even then didn't really know all this stuff blush

We've just been dtd every other day so far. Ovia says I should ovulate Sunday but I don't know. Will probably try as much as possible over the weekend.

We have a 7 seater already so car is fine.

Mumof3cheeky Sat 05-Aug-17 20:26:30

Hi All!

If you don't mind I'd love to join you although we haven't 100% decided that we would go for a 4th, it's very interesting that you are in the same boat (apart from knowing what you want smile )
We have 3 boys 7,5,3 all soon to have their next birthdays.
I have found going from 2-3 very hard and having no family around either side it was a big strain on our relationship. It's only recently that during an episode of OBEM dp said how lovely it would be to have another little baby and that he felt sad that we might never experience the same again.
I agreed but still a lot of these days I feel 3 boys a handful but also feel that we have crammed them in very quickly hence couldn't properly enjoy their babyhood. Ds3 is due to start nursery in sept so I will have 5 mornings to potentially rest if having an awful morning sickness which I would dread.
Dp was very honest when discussing it and said it's more me who has to consider this as he is away a lot and so I would be the one ferrying the 3 boys to after school clubs with a baby in tow and he is right it does sound a a lot when put that one.
But I just can't stop thinking how lovely it would be to cuddle another tiny body and see him/her become a toddler and just go through it all again.
Sorry for going on for so long I was very happy when found your thread as I thought that could be me if we decided to go ahead with it.
We are currently on holiday in Spain and it's going brilliantly. Boys are in the pool all day so everything seem so much easier tho hmm

Annabelle4 Sun 06-Aug-17 09:50:50

Welcome Mumof3cheeky. Hope you're enjoying your holiday! I had and do have similar worries, and have spent about a year going over them. What age are you? Can you give yourself time to think about it?

Everythingnow, do you think you've ov'd yet?

I don't know for certain when I did, but had ewcm on Thursday and a +opk Friday, so I'll guess yesterday. I know you have to temp to know for sure but I don't want to obsess. We dtd Thursday, Friday and last night so should be ok. I'd like to give it one last shot tonight but we've both said that we can't blush

I have been googling and apparently there's only a 15% chance or so (each month) shock I won't get my hopes up so!

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum, how are you? Did AF arrive? Do you think you can start ttc this month?

EverythingNow Sun 06-Aug-17 11:34:10

Welcome Mumof3cheeky smile

Hi Annabelle4, after all I said about no opks I picked up some in the supermarket yesterday. I don't actually know what I'm doing with them so just peed on when when I got home from shops about 4pm and it looked positive or very very near. I'll try and attach a picture.

Did another today and it's much lighter, not the same time of day though - does that matter?. But getting a positive yesterday would tie in with the CM and what the apps think of me ovulating today right?

So we have dtd every other day since cd1 including last night because whilst I'm mostly regular I do have the odd short cycle and because I like to blush

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