Infertility investigations/IVF in Scotland

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justbeingelle Tue 12-Nov-19 22:54:20

Just thought I'd start a thread for those who are undergoing infertility investigations/IVF in Scotland because it seems as though it can vary from the rest of the UK.

DH and I have been TTC since June 2018. Started investigations around July 2019. I have a large ovarian cyst which will be removed, hopefully after Christmas. Getting a laparoscopy and dye to check tubes too. I have very regular periods and I am ovulating. DH has a low sperm count, but the ones he has are good quality. Still awaiting results from ultrasounds, genetic tests etc so still feel like we're at the beginning of our journey. This is our first time TTC and we've not had a hint of a BFP.

Anyone else?

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nextweek Wed 13-Nov-19 13:21:10

Hi, I'm also in Scotland. My husband has a low sperm count and poor morphology. I've not had a laparoscopy or the dye test and we've not had genetic tests yet. We're similar to you in that this is our first time TTC and never had a sign of a BFP.
Luckily the area that we're in means that we do qualify for NHS funded treatment which hopefully we'll start next year.

justbeingelle Wed 13-Nov-19 18:29:46

@nextweek we also qualify for nhs funded treatment. It's taking a while but I'm just grateful it's free. Any word about when you'll have those tests? Presumably then your DH has already had the sperm tests?

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Scotgirl1 Wed 13-Nov-19 19:16:43

@justbeingelle hello, I am also in Scotland and hoping to start spring/summer next year. We have MFI - low count and motility. We’ve just had one appointment but needed further tests, second is later this month. Been told the waiting list is currently 5-6 months. So I am also at the beginning and just keen to get started. The waiting is so hard.

Pinecone88 Wed 13-Nov-19 19:22:22

Hi there, I am also in Scotland. We have MFI, have been trying for almost 5 years, finally decided to go for fertility treatment. All the tests are done (most of them 4 years ago in Aberdeen), just waiting for the info on protocol and start date which hopefully will be January at Ninewells.

I like the idea of having a separate chat for Scotland smile

nextweek Wed 13-Nov-19 20:09:00

Yes my husband has had two sperm analysis, both came back with similar results. They haven't mentioned doing a laparoscopy or dye test, they said since they're recommending IVF it bypasses my tubes anyway. We're waiting on results of my husbands blood tests to check his hormones and chromosomes, not sure if that's the same as the genetics test, I'll need to ask. We're very grateful to get NHS funding to but the waiting is really tough!

justbeingelle Wed 13-Nov-19 20:14:22

@nextweek that's the same tests as my husband has just had, the chromosome test I meant by genetics test lol because there were issues he also had a scrotal undersound. As part of the routine tests I had a transvaginal undersound and that's where they found the cyst so they're planning on doing the laparoscopy and dye at the same time as removing it which I think will be after Christmas.

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justbeingelle Wed 13-Nov-19 20:15:33

@Scotgirl1 it's the waiting I'm struggling with too but at least things are moving I suppose. That's good you have a rough time frame, something to work towards.

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nextweek Wed 13-Nov-19 20:17:05

@justbeingelle ah I see, I struggle to keep up with all the jargon and acronyms lol! I've had an ultrasound which showed everything was fine and all my other tests have come back in the 'normal range' so that's good

justbeingelle Wed 13-Nov-19 20:17:27

@pinecone88 thats great you have a date to work towards. You'll need to keep us updated with how it all works, it all seems complex and difficult to get your head around the different parts to this.

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nextweek Wed 13-Nov-19 20:19:26

@Pinecone88 do you mind me asking if you've opted for Dundee over Aberdeen or do you not live in Aberdeen anymore? I know if paying privately you can choose your clinic, but we dont get a choice since we're getting it on the NHS so we'll just be at our most local clinic

Pinecone88 Wed 13-Nov-19 20:30:45

@justbeingelle I will! It all is quite complex as every place does things differently and I think first time around (hopefully the only time) it will be very confusing :D

@nextweek We used to live in Aberdeen, now Dundee. We are getting the treatment through NHS. Are you getting the treatment in Aberdeen?
I will be honest and say that I preferred Aberdeen Fertility clinic though, did not feel rushed and felt like the nurses and doctors had more time to listen. In Dundee they seem overworked.

nextweek Wed 13-Nov-19 20:51:14

@Pinecone88 yeah we're in Aberdeen, we've had two appointments at the clinic so far, the staff have all been really nice and friendly which really put me at ease.

Pinecone88 Wed 13-Nov-19 20:57:33

@nextweek That is good, nice and friendly staff is important, just makes the whole process easier.
Hopefully the whole waiting process will not be too long for you smile

justbeingelle Wed 13-Nov-19 21:13:11

The staff definitely do make a difference. It's such a difficult process to go through and having kind and patient staff to guide you through it is a bonus.

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BewilderedBee Wed 13-Nov-19 21:27:40

Hi @justbeingelle you sound quite similar to me, TTC since October 2018 and not a hint of a positive. Had an ultrasound this weekend and they found a big cyst. Do you mind asking me more about yours? Mine is on my left ovary measuring 6cm x 4.3cm. They said they'll follow up with another scan in 3 months time? But also if I'm
Having any treatment with them it would need to be removed! It wasn't very clear really. I asked if it was a reason why we hadn't conceived so far, and they said not necessarily!

justbeingelle Wed 13-Nov-19 21:37:59

@BewilderedBee mines was around 7.5cm approx 8 weeks ago then was asked to come back 2 weeks later for another scan and it was up to 9cm. Went back for a scan this week because I had a scan for something else unrelated and they couldn't see it, but the cyst is still there and it's now 10cm. After the second appointment I was put on the waiting list to have it removed. I'd had no symptoms of it before, had you? They said similar to me about it effecting my ability to conceive. Did you have any bloods tests after they found it?

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BewilderedBee Wed 13-Nov-19 21:42:03

@justbeingelle mine was found as I had an ultrasound which was routine as part of fertility investigations. She asked me if I was in any pain first of all, and I said no, as I've had no symptoms, and she went on to say about my cyst and it's measurements. They said anything over 5cm they monitor, so said to come back in 3 months for another scan and they'd send me an appointment. No additional bloods requested or anything though!

justbeingelle Wed 13-Nov-19 21:46:00

@BewilderedBee they said similar to me about if it being under 5cm they prefer to monitor because sometimes it can go on its own. Mine was found as part of routine investigations too, no symptoms which is good I suppose. I would just request a re scan though if you do start to feel it.

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NG9876 Wed 13-Nov-19 23:08:00

Good idea to have a Scotland chat. Can I ask the order you've all had things done so far? We have been TTC since Nov 2017, went to doc Jan 2019, I had bloods taken to check ovulation and husband semenal analysis (both fine), fertility clinic appt March then I had tubal testing, again fine. Was then told to wait until this Oct before contacting again as that would be two years. I have a transvaginal ultrasound next week (any info on the would be helpful/do you get results there and then?) And then we an appt at fertility clinic the following week to discuss next steps (IVF referral). It's all just so draining 😓

justbeingelle Thu 14-Nov-19 00:39:56

@NG9876 I thought it would be helpful just so we could all share experiences within the Scottish system smile

DH and I are registered at separate GPsbut it hasn't made a difference. We both went to our GP around June (2019). We had been trying for approx 1 year by then. I had a blood test to check for general things (thyroid, liver function, etc) and day 21 levels (progesterone and something else maybe? Can't quite remember). Got all of those bloods done at the same time because my periods have always been very regular. DH had bloods too similar to mine minus hormones. All came back fine so we were then referred to the fertility clinic.
End of July / start of August we got our appointment through with a nurse at the clinic. She asked for some background information, did weight, height and blood presssure. We had more blood tests the same day for STDs/STIs and things like thyroid etc. She gave us a kind of check list of what tests we would need and spoke us through that. I also had a transvaginal scan at the same appointment. This showed I had an ovarian cyst approx 7.5cm (I had no symptoms so I didn't know it was there). DH arranged for a sperm analysis a few weeks later.
I went back to the clinic 2 weeks later (mid August) for a further scan as she said sometimes cysts can go away on their own, but mine had grown to 9cm. I was told that day that I'd need an operation to have it removed.
After a few failed attempts for DH with his semen analysis (nerves meaning he was unable to 'produce', so to speak) he was able to hand one in mid September. Around 4 weeks later we got a letter through saying his sperm court was low, but the sperm he had were good quality. He handed in a repeat sample mid October and the results came back the same.
DH was then asked for blood tests for genetic testing which he had a few weeks ago and a scrotal ultrasound which he has had this week.
I have also recently went back for another transvaginal scan because I had a scan for something unrelated at a different hospital but they couldn't see it. It's definitely still there and it has grown to 10cm.
We have an appointment with the fertility doctor in 4 weeks time. We have both to go to discuss what will happen next and also to discuss the operation I need to have the cyst removed. When they're removing the cyst they will also do a laparoscopy and dye test to make sure my tubes are working.

I think we're seeing the doctor sooner because of the cyst; the NHS here have a 12 week target for this type of operation to have it removed. I was told I'd see the doctor prior to it being removed.

Sorry, long post but that's basically where we're at and what we've done.

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justbeingelle Thu 14-Nov-19 00:41:15

@NG9876 sorry went off on a bit of a tangent. To answer your question about the scan, I got the results there and then. Feel free to ask any more questions about it - it can be nerve wracking going through these things.

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NG9876 Thu 14-Nov-19 21:22:15

@justbeingelle Thanks so much for getting back to me. I'm kind of annoyed thinking I should have had this scan earlier considering our first fertility clinic appt was in March. It's the unexplained bit I'm finding hard to deal with!

justbeingelle Thu 14-Nov-19 22:32:30

Surely it would have made more sense to do it then do if there were any issues they could have planned treatment. I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine though, good luck. If the scan is after you ovulate they can also tell you if you've ovulated. They just check that things look ok with your ovaries and they also check how thick you're lining is.

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justbeingelle Thu 14-Nov-19 22:33:00

Reply above for you @NG9876 forgot to tag you haha.

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