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doistayordoigo Sat 27-Jun-20 18:00:03

Hi, wondering whether there any other parents or students on here applying for Vet Med this year to start in 2021? I was following last year's thread which was very useful and informative, and was hoping for a similar thread this year for the rollercoaster ahead, especially now that things might be very different to previous years.

My DS is probably going to be applying to Liverpool, Bristol, Surrey and Nottingham.

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mumsneedwine Sun 28-Jun-20 09:12:33

Hi. Just wanted to say if you want any info then please ask. No expert but just been through it with DD and now waiting for the dreaded results.

doistayordoigo Sun 28-Jun-20 09:54:04

Hi mumsneedwine I recognise your name from following the 2020 thread, if I remember rightly your DD had 4 offers?! Which uni is she hoping for and is she planning on taking her place this September or deferring?

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Wolfff Sun 28-Jun-20 09:56:25

I have a DD about to start 5th year at Surrey. Feel free to ask anything about life there. She was offered Edinburgh, RVC and Liverpool as well, second time around, after two interviews and no offers on her first attempt.

mumsneedwine Sun 28-Jun-20 10:12:54

@doistayordoigo after lots of angst DD has decided on Bristol. She was so lucky to get all her offers and it was then very hard to press the button turning places down. Decision was based on course, city and how close to home. Liverpool is her insurance. She also applied to RVC (loves Hawkshead but less keen on London, especially at moment), and Notts (bit too far out of city). She thinks the forms they have to complete are so important so make sure have lots of time to do these. Some will email when you apply, but RVC won't and there's is due on same day as UCAS form.

mumsneedwine Sun 28-Jun-20 10:17:16

@doistayordoigo sorry and not deferring. As what would she do with the year ? May as well start in September as can't travel.

doistayordoigo Sun 28-Jun-20 10:45:09

I just wondered whether many were derferring as there was some talk of it on general uni thread, and I had a feeling I'd read somewhere that Bristol were only doing online lectures next year, although I may have got that wrong and not sure how that would work with vet med.

May well pick your brain at some point Wolfff , although we are in the lucky position of at least having visited three of the unis, as we started with open days last year. I know a lot of other year 12 students who will be applying blind so to speak, which is far from ideal as so much is gut feeling we've found.

mumsneedwine DS isn't applying to RVC as there's no way we can afford the accommodation costs for a London area course...friend's DD is doing dentistry in London and her accommodation costs have been about £15k a year shock. He ruled out Glasgow & Edinburgh as being too far away (we're in the Midlands) and he didn't want to do 6 years so has also ruled out Cambridge. That only really left the four he's applying to. So far I think he likes Liverpool best, but would be happy with Surrey or Bristol as we're visited them. Nottingham's open day was supposed to be yesterday. It worries me that it is so far out of Nottingham itself, more like Loughborough really, but it is the nearest.

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mumsneedwine Sun 28-Jun-20 11:07:40

@doistayordoigo all Unis are doing lectures on line. And then face to face for small group work, practicals, tutorials etc. So same wherever you go at moment it seems. My eldest is at Nottingham and they have been fantastic with their communication to the students. Sutton Bonnington is fab but just wasn't DDs favourite course or campus.
DD loves Liverpool too but it's a long way (over 4 hours one way) & think Covid has made her want to be able to get home easily if needed.
Have to say I was not keen on DD going to London because of cost but kept v quiet about it. RVC is so impressive and DD never thought she'd get an offer but it made her feel good that they wanted her. She applied as wasn't keen on Surrey (it's only half an hour away from us !) and same as you didn't want 6 years or Scotland. So limited options ! Think the new Aberwysth course will be good as RVC setting it up so that will be worth a look.

doistayordoigo Sun 28-Jun-20 11:22:21

Ah, hadn't realised all unis were doing lectures online still from September...eldest DS was at Birmingham but has decided he doesn't want to go back, so hadn't really heard. Hadn't heard about Aberystwyth so will have to have a look...would be a bit of an unknown for 2021 entry though.

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mumsneedwine Sun 28-Jun-20 11:37:23

It looks good as RVC setting it up.Lovely place too, fab beaches.

There's also Keele/Harper Adams which takes first lot this year. Know some people loved the look of it.

Scottandcharlene Sun 28-Jun-20 11:44:30

Nice to see a new thread for 2021 - the sooner 2020 is behind us the better! Everyone describes the application process as a rollercoaster but that is an understatement this year! My DD is hopefully off to Nottingham in September, results allowing. There seems to be a ‘right’ place for different applicants. Dd always loved Nottingham and everything fits for her there but she would be happy anywhere I’m sure as when they have put so much effort into the application process over so many years they just can’t wait to get going. Good luck.

doistayordoigo Sun 28-Jun-20 11:54:41

Have just had a quick look at Aberystwyth...their work experience criteria is higher, as it matches RVC, but with no indication of whether it will be reduced if applicants have been unable to get the experience due to he Covid situation. I'm assuming they will reduce in line with RVC if it comes to it?

DS had been planning on doing a couple of placements over the summer to tick a few more boxes, but nothing had been firmed up. Luckily Liverpool have reduced their requirements so he will be okay there, but RVC (and presumably Aberystwyth by extension) is a bit more vague.

Scottancharlene DS will definitely grasp the opportunity if he gets an offer form any of the places he applies to! Hope your daughter gets what she needs for Nottingham!

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mumsneedwine Sun 28-Jun-20 12:02:48

@Scottandcharlene 🤗. I'd like to be done with this year too !!! Our poor kids put so much into their offers and now it's all out of their hands.
Think all the vet schools will be flexible on work experience this year. I'm hoping they will be with grades too. Think you need to keep details of any cancelled placements in case they ask to check if you'd planned stuff.

doistayordoigo Sun 28-Jun-20 14:09:00

That's the trouble, he did his last placement in February half term, then was going to start organising some other bits, but then viously Covid hit before he had anything organised. He's got enough to apply to Bristol, Surrey, Notts & Liverpool though, so probably easier not to over-complicate it further.

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doistayordoigo Thu 02-Jul-20 06:56:37

I can't believe there aren't more prospective vet med students!

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Wolfff Thu 02-Jul-20 14:18:06

To be fair, I think most prospective students (and parents) head to the Student Room forum. Masses of information there (though not all is accurate!). Mumsnet is more a support group for parents!

doistayordoigo Thu 02-Jul-20 18:00:47

I know, not looking for information, we've already done our homework, but given how active last year's thread here was, I was hoping for the same type of camaraderie this year. Looks like I'll be holding my own hand wink

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mumsneedwine Thu 02-Jul-20 18:22:51

I'll hold your hand 😊.

Scottandcharlene Thu 02-Jul-20 18:57:45

There were never very many of us on the 2020 thread really, but it was good to get a few opinions and share experiences. I will hold your hand too!

handmedownqueen Thu 02-Jul-20 21:27:18

Hi Im a 2020 mum too DD firmed Liverpool insured HK also offer from Surrey and rejected Bristol. Found Liverpool v straightforward in applying - they invite lots to interview which was straightforward and they decided within a fortnight. All done by Xmas. Just hoping they all get in now 2020 has been awful

doistayordoigo Thu 02-Jul-20 21:42:00

Do you know yet when they will be awarded their A Level grades yet? Will it be a results day in August, or sooner? Was wondering how it would work when they announced if you weren't happy with the grade you'd be able to sit an exam in September and take the best grade out of the two. What happens then with university places?

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mumsneedwine Fri 03-Jul-20 07:52:19

@doistayordoigo results day is same, on August 15th. And if not happy resist is in November and you'll have lost your Uni place. And be expected to study for exams you've not had any teaching for in 6 months - and may not have even finished the course. Which is too horrible to think about. I can see some legal action coming out off all this if things don't go as planned.

SirTobyBelch Fri 03-Jul-20 08:06:43

@mumsneedwine - I know many institutions will be honouring results from autumn exams as meeting conditions for 2020 offers, so if students meet the requirements after those exams their places will be confirmed, but it will have to be for 2021 entry because the results won't be available until mid-December. I know vet schools collectively are discussing how they are going to handle this.

The above is how UCAS would like all universities to handle it. I think there will be a few dissenters but I don't know whether any of those have vet schools. It might be a bit different for specialist institutions like the RVC, but it might not.

mumsneedwine Fri 03-Jul-20 09:38:37

@SirTobyBelch that is the nicest news I have heard in a v long time. I'm dreading results day as I know DD should get the grades and I know school will have given her the grades, but this standardisation bit is worrying. Fingers crossed for everyone it all works out ok. They've been through so much rubbish already. Mine is supposed to be in Australia backpacking at the moment.

@doistayordoigo lack of mums in here might be a good things. Fewer applying next year maybe 😊.

Scottandcharlene Fri 03-Jul-20 10:55:33

@mumsneedwine I feel exactly the same. I have a vague hope that given the arduous process our dcs went through to get their offers the universities might be more lenient if they do miss the grades, but this is probably wishful thinking! Does anyone know how many vet students do usually miss their places? My dd should have been in Greece last week with her friends. They all put fake tans on and met up in the park instead 😢

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