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How do YOU make tuna mayo?

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FridgeCut Tue 27-Feb-18 12:27:52

I was just making myself some lunch and realised I don't add vinegar or pepper like my mother does. Is that common? Mine is literally a can of drained tuna and some mayo.

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goingagain Tue 27-Feb-18 12:28:26

I also put chopped red onion in it. Mmmmm...

FridgeCut Tue 27-Feb-18 12:30:46

Oooh I will add one to the shop, sounds goood

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snewsname Tue 27-Feb-18 12:31:03

Salad cream instead of mayo. Much nicer.

witchofzog Tue 27-Feb-18 12:31:34

I sometimes put chilli in it or peppers. I always put paprika in too and lots of pepper

Clawdy Tue 27-Feb-18 12:31:46

I mash it up with salt and pepper and a good helping of mayonnaise and salad cream!

jingscrivvens Tue 27-Feb-18 12:32:17

tuna, mayo, salt, pepper, vinegar, tabasco. Yum

Sometimes I add red onion, but that's tuna crunch a la Greggs grin

HunterHearstHelmsley Tue 27-Feb-18 12:33:11

Tuna in bowl. Squirt mayo. Stir.

The end.

DunkandEgg Tue 27-Feb-18 12:33:50

Tuna, mayo, white pepper, finely diced Cucumber, squeeze of a lemon perhaps.

RNBrie Tue 27-Feb-18 12:34:39

Tuna, sweet corn, mayo and capers. Sometimes spring onion and/or pepper.

MiriAmmerman Tue 27-Feb-18 12:35:26

Tin of tuna, small tin of sweetcorn. Stir through mayonnaise until it looks right. That's it. Although looking at this thread I clearly need to sex up my jacket potatoes grin

anxious2017 Tue 27-Feb-18 12:37:35

Tuna, mayo, white pepper, chilli flakes, finely chopped onion.

RaininSummer Tue 27-Feb-18 12:38:00

drained tuna, black pepper, chipotle chilli flakes and mayo.

PointlessUsername Tue 27-Feb-18 12:38:56

Tuna, mayo, salt & pepper with a tin of sweetcorn.

dantdmistedious Tue 27-Feb-18 12:39:10

chili flakes, lime juice, mayo

FoodGloriousFud Tue 27-Feb-18 12:41:19

Vinegar, pepper, mayo, ketchup!

Tentomidnight Tue 27-Feb-18 12:42:09

Tuna, mayo, squirt of ketchup, squeeze of lemon juice & some black pepper or chilli flakes.
Sometimes some sweetcorn.

Hobbes8 Tue 27-Feb-18 12:42:09

I like mushed up anchovies in mine.

buckbeak Tue 27-Feb-18 12:42:51

Tuna, vinegar, salt and pepper. Then add mayo and spring onions!! It's heaven!

AlishaMary Tue 27-Feb-18 12:44:55

Tuna + mayo = tuna mayo. Not sure what some of these ^^ abominations are called? shock

texxxas Tue 27-Feb-18 12:45:54

Tuna in sunflower oil

Drain the oil

Put in a bowl

Add sweet corn

Squirt mayo

Add salt and pepper


Chelsea26 Tue 27-Feb-18 12:46:17

Tuna, 0% Greek yoghurt, finely chopped red onion, red pepper, cucumber, sweetcorn, salt and lots of freshly ground black pepper. I want this now

FridgeCut Tue 27-Feb-18 12:46:31

Ketchup and mayo? Hmm I could see that working.

I cannot believe how many variants there are, vinegar or some form of pepper are popular (I sound like a bar graph), I was thinking my mother was odd adding vinegar. I am not sure I have any malt.

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TeddyIsaHe Tue 27-Feb-18 12:48:33

Tuna, diced tomato, cucumber and spring onion, Hellman’s mayo, salt, pepper, lemon juice, a bit of Frank’s hot sauce. YUM

LadySainsburySeal Tue 27-Feb-18 12:49:40

Finely chopped celery too.

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