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Started Fast 800 today

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DareDevil223 Mon 18-Feb-19 10:57:44

I've got lots to lose, I'm feeling lousy, so heavy, achy and sluggish and I can't bear to see myself in the mirror so I'm making a dramatic change. Losing a pound a week is not going to cut it.

I eat far too many carbs so I think this Mediterranean style of eating and the the drastic cut in calories will do me good. I've read the book, I've stocked up on the right foods and cleared out the crap. I haven't eaten yet but I'll have my first meal soon.

I know that it will be hard going at times but the promise of rapid weight loss is worth a bit of pain.

Wish me luck. I'll update on my progress as I go.

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pippistrelle Mon 18-Feb-19 11:10:47

Best of luck, OP! I'll be very interested to hear how you get on. Because I am feeling "lousy, so heavy, achy and sluggish and I can't bear to see myself in the mirror", so you definitely struck a chord with me. I'm also at the "I have to do something more" stage.

MrsAJ27 Mon 18-Feb-19 11:57:11

Good Luck OP, I am also thinking of starting this. Please keep updating

AnnaMagnani Mon 18-Feb-19 12:06:46

Good luck! I am doing a not v rigid Fast 800 (more like a Fast 1000) and have lost a stone in 6 weeks and feel sooo much better.

E20mom Mon 18-Feb-19 12:12:31

Ooh I'm going to start this week too. Was happy with my weight until i recently stopped breastfeeding and now I have a stone to lose confused

E20mom Mon 18-Feb-19 12:13:12

I just need to read the book first grin

pippistrelle Mon 18-Feb-19 12:16:31

That's excellent, @AnnaMagnani . Has it been very tough? Or have the fast results been keeping you motivated?

AnnaMagnani Mon 18-Feb-19 18:35:25

I would say:

Week 1 - feel like you want to die

Following weeks - bizarrely easy.

I am not weighing food/logging calories/being totally rigid but I have done MFP before so have a good idea of what portions etc look like. Also have included a lot of Michael Mosley recipes and once you have done a few you get the jist and can see what else looks similar -eg a other Meditteranean looking food.

I also already drink loads of water as am prone to fainting but if you didn't do this, Week 1 would be even worse as your insulin is all over the place.

I've combined with the Fitness Blender Low Impact (as I am v unfit and have dodgy knees) - any exercise is HIT for me as my heart rate races due to lack of fitness and doing proper HIT kills my knees and is demotivating. The results of that have also been great and now I've moved on to another programme smile

The real things I have noticed are finding out how foods taste naturally sweet, I don't wander around feeling ravenous all the time and I now believe v strongly that we live in an obesogenic environment - half of the supermarket is 'not for me', work has treats every day, everything comes with a food reward, packet and portion sizes have grown. What happened to me was not my fault and I don't have dodgy willpower.

OP I too started this today. I've done exactly as you have. Found Aldi was the best price place for suitable foods. I'm doing it with my dp so that's helpful. I am on some fairly heavy duty meds along with eating TONS OF CRAP for over a year due to head wobbles and I've managed to put on over 30lb add that to the 100lb I already had to lose and I'm desperate. I tried my comfy jeans on weekend, couldn't breathe sad looking forward to hearing how you get on. X

DareDevil223 Mon 18-Feb-19 20:51:59


Well done on your loss and thanks for the very helpful tips smile

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DareDevil223 Mon 18-Feb-19 20:57:47


We can do this! I was really bloody hungry mid-afternoon but after dinner (pan fried sea bream and roasted asparagus - very tasty) I don't feel too bad. I'm going to have an early night to avoid snacking.

I've drunk loads of water and have been peeing for England though grin

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ElderMillenial Mon 18-Feb-19 21:26:24

What's fast 1000/800?


I agree, we totally got this! I have invested in a Soda Stream ... It's brill! Fizzy water tastes waaaaay better. I made my usual spaghetti Bolognese sauce for dinner with a teensy bit of wholemeal spaghetti and some courgetti and caballero Nero to make up the bulk. It was yummy. I am dreaming of my breakfast tomorrow morning ... Creme fraiche, berries and toasted nuts and seeds ... Omg I'm so looking forward to that!

AnnaMagnani Mon 18-Feb-19 21:45:13

Go for it DareDevil and GhostBusters

My other top tip is eat enough fibre! If your meals aren't including enough beans/lentils etc you may find you have ahem, issues. I now have Greek yoghurt with linseeds + berries for breakfast and the linseed have solved the aforementioned issues.

Secondly a graph is very motivating grin Logging your loss on an app and having a nice graph of the weight falling off is v nice. I should have taken photos too to do before and after wink

@AnnaMagnani oooooh good tip about the linseeds! I used Chia seeds (very reasonable in Aldi) I'll have a look see if they will do the same. My DP is extremely concerned about their bowl movements being a bowl a day all bran kinda person and is driving me crackers because there's been no productions hmm so I will pass that on. I've lost 1.5lb in 24 hours. I'm extremely happy with that!
@ElderMillenial Google 'Fast 800 Michael Moseley'
@DareDevil223 how you getting on?

DareDevil223 Tue 19-Feb-19 11:50:01

I'm a bit tired and headachy so I'm drinking lots of water. I hopped on the scales this morning and I've lost 4lbs which is insane and will just be water. No <cough> transit issues at the moment grin
I thought I'd be starving but I'm not.

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@DareDevil223 Go you! Wow! I must admit I've not been hungry either ... Weird. I made Delia's roasted peppers with tomato and garlic just now, cooking them with the chicken thigh kebabs I'm going to take them for lunch tomorrow with some tinned sardines in olive oil I found lonely at the back of the cupboard ... I'm unnaturally excited about it hmm

DareDevil223 Tue 19-Feb-19 18:46:39


Your meals sound lovely. I had Greek yogurt with nuts and berries for lunch and ham, poached eggs and asparagus for dinner. Both really tasty. I prefer to have two slightly bigger meals.

I'm feeling a bit tired and fluey but I think that's cutting carbs so much (I'm the carb queen!) hopefully this first week will be the hardest. How long are you planning to do 800 cals? I'm going to see if I can do a full eight weeks...

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@DareDevil223 I have to be creative as OH is allergic to eggs ... Yeah ... Replacing non complex carb elements of meals with alternates is pretty much all I'm doing. We have chicken thighs baked in tomatoes tomorrow, usually served with mash potatoes. Instead doing a side of sauteed vegetables, and some Cauliflower rice mixed with some lentils and brown rice. I've also bought some smallish pasta bowls from Tesco (they were reduced, £1.50 each bargain!) So once I've put on the protein and veg, there is limited room for the complex carbs element. I am also serving all the meals as sort of bento bowls with everything nestled in between each other in little pretty piles. Helps if it's pretty for me grin

@DareDevil223 We're going to try for 8 weeks too.

OhMrTumnus Tue 19-Feb-19 19:30:05

Good luck OP.

I've been following the Fast800 for 6 weeks now and have lost 19lbs, after feeling exactly the same as you before I started. I'm like you - prefer two larger meals. I'm now drinking much more water and herbal tea during my fasting hours.

I found the first couple of weeks the hardest, including feeling dizzy, a bit bad tempered and my skin got really bad. But now I feel so much better and my skin is the best it has been in years. I love the recipes and the whole med diet.

If you're on Instagram, look out for the #Fast800 - that's been good at keeping me motivated and I've got a few meal ideas off there.

DareDevil223 Tue 19-Feb-19 20:00:57


Wow, haven't you done well! I'm glad that the feeling yucky wears off pretty soon. I am on Instagram so I'll check out that hashtag smile

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@DareDevil223 Weigh in this morning. Another 3lb bites the dust !?!?! I can't jeffin believe it. I'm managing to stick with the 14:10 as well. I'm absolutely positive that is helping as evenings when I'm absolutely knackered but determined to get to the end of whatever we're watching, is usually my weak point. But nope. Had dinner at 6.30, spent some time embarrassing the kids, watched 100 days, and then started watching Vera on catch up about 8. Come 9 I was doing the nodding of 'I'm awake' and so I said to dp, 'finish this tomorrow?' and we went up to bed early, both of us must have been spark out by half past. Woke up a couple of times to pee, but still woke up full of beans. It's enlightening grin
Wow well done you! After walking the dog yesterday I had a bit of a dizzy spell, I had to sit down whilst my head did that spinning thing. It was a bit like closing your eyes when you have had one too many and you're on a rollercoaster all of a sudden confused it was a bit woolly! Glad to know that will pass!

DareDevil223 Wed 20-Feb-19 16:19:45


Well done, that's amazing. I didn't weigh this morning. Still feeling surprisingly okay. It was my last day at work today as I'm moving on to a new place so I bought tonnes of lovely cake for colleagues and didn't have a crumb. I'm determined to do this!

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OhMrTumnus Wed 20-Feb-19 16:49:42

@GhostBustersFavouriteMum great work! That's brilliant.

@DareDevil223 thank you. This is really the only diet that I have ever enjoyed. The almost instant results certainly keep me motivated. How are you feeling today?

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