Jolly japes in July (only if they are frugal)...!

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needastrongone Wed 28-Jun-17 21:54:10

New threadsmilesmile

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Fluffycloudland77 Wed 28-Jun-17 21:59:23

Thanks Need.

Lonely I've found it slow going too.

needastrongone Wed 28-Jun-17 22:00:58

I've been offline all day. I'll read back now and post in the morning. Hope everyone has had a good (if soggy) day. X

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ememem84 Wed 28-Jun-17 22:02:43

Thanks need

Coppersulphate Wed 28-Jun-17 22:11:06

Thanks Need. Not very soggy here. Just a little bit. Ground is still dry under about 1 inch.

Girliefriendlikesflowers Wed 28-Jun-17 22:19:39

Thanks Need smile

Its rained non stop here all day!! Good for the garden, have topped up all my water containers grin

I have my lovely new sofa, am so happy with it smile loads better than the old one, boy cat seems to approve as well wink cost £40 to get it delivered and is my bargain of the year so far!!

Cag have you watched this Dr in the House programme? I'm watching it iplayer, they are focussing on a lady with M.E and Fibromyalgia, you might find it interesting.

100yearsdotcom Thu 29-Jun-17 00:30:39

Thanks need

Seacow it makes me so angry how some of these people talk to mothers. Especially when they're talking out their arse! I went to a bf cafe/clinic and found them very unfriendly despite me ebf DD and they had some very strange ideas - midwife and health visitor went mad when I told them as it was all rubbish that they reckoned had been debunked in the 70s! MW put in a complaint she was so incensed.

Anyway, fed is best no matter what any moron says so keep up the good work!

£14.57 yesterday for DN birthday present
NSD today


SunnyLikeThursday Thu 29-Jun-17 01:21:09

Thanks for mentioning the Dr in the House programme Girlie, I have just watched (or listened to actually) then whole thing. It was very interesting. It really just confirms for me that I'm going in the right direction, which is nice. I'm already changing all of the same things as he asked both of those people to change, and seeing big improvements, so that is good.

I'm up far too late tonight because we spent the Beavers evening out in the cold and I have a sore throat which is keeping me. I hope the Beavers didn't freeze too.

mammymammyIRL Thu 29-Jun-17 05:21:21

Place marking smile

lifelongfrugaleer Thu 29-Jun-17 06:12:17

Thanks need.

Frugal dilemma.
Do I go out on Friday night with friends or do overtime on Saturday which will earn me £200. To tired to do both.

WreckTangled Thu 29-Jun-17 06:41:02

Life I would do the overtime and arrange another night out.

Bacon so sorry you had a crap day hopefully today will be better smile

I'm going out this evening to the leaving do of one of the doctors where I used to work. I'm quite excited as I miss them all loads. I'll be driving so will probably just drink water with lemon (only other choice when you're diabetic is Diet Coke and the caffeine will stop me sleeping!).

Everyone is still asleep here so I'm enjoying a coffee in peace.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 29-Jun-17 06:46:36

I'd do the overtime as well.

ememem84 Thu 29-Jun-17 07:06:30

I'd choose overtime and reschedule night out.

We met new nephew last night. So so cute. Made us both sad that we won't see him in real life for a couple of years. Bil was raging that mil missed the birth. Not that they wanted her there while things were going on but he had expected her to be in the country at the same time as her first grandchild arriving in the world. Not on a last minute booked a month before holiday.

I was chatting to an aunt yesterday who's said mild been very upset because she's going to miss out on seeing our baby too. Because she isn't here. I wasn't sure what to say to that, so just mmmmd and smiled a bit. It's not my fault she's not here. She made choices to leave...

Shouldn't be nsd today. Work then off to an event this evening. One of those networking free bar and canapés type things. I'm in it for the canapés. My colleague for the free bar. alaoni have a ton of new business cards so will get to hand them out! 😂

needastrongone Thu 29-Jun-17 07:23:41

Em. My DM did the same when DS was born, I remember her saying she'd 'just see the baby when she got back'. It really hurt (I'm MUCH tougher now). I get what your saying. My own mother not being around for the birth of her daughters first child, ha!

Seacow I did think another thing. Your DD was very late no? Mine was, 10 days. So she was over 7lbs but I don't think she would have been if she had come on time. She also dropped down the percentiles quickly. I've never met a more content and happy baby, quite a shock after DS. grin. I was the same as Lonely, confident enough or stubborn enough to judge with my own eyes. Hope you are having a better time. It's early days. We were like 2 little families (DH/DS and me/DD) for what felt like quite some time, but it isn't really any time at all in reality. xx

Overtime Life I am afraid.

Copper How romantic, that's absolutely lovely.

New sofa sounds fab Girlie. Now that really is a bargain!

I've missed folk, I know I have. Which I hate doing. Yesterday was manic, and bloody wet grin

Spends were
£50 M&S, But bought all my meat.
£30 Milk bill but I've cancelled and the DC keep thinking the milk is off as they don't understand milk in bottles. smile

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lifelongfrugaleer Thu 29-Jun-17 07:30:23

I'm going to do the ot as it won't be on forever.
Feeling very tired but sleeping ok so think it's mental exhaustion after a shit few weeks. Booked into the gym tonight to sort myself out. This is my danger time when I comfort /lack of planning spend.

On another note I think I'm going to take back the summer clothes I just bought. Flaming rain.

needastrongone Thu 29-Jun-17 07:34:52

Life Good call. I'm the same re tiredness. I need to step off and chill, I'm ready for my holiday I think.

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needastrongone Thu 29-Jun-17 07:35:17

Fluffy I've pm'd.

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CremeEggThief Thu 29-Jun-17 07:46:48

Thanks Needstar.

Yesterday was MAD! Two removal men, a handyman and the broadband engineer all here at the same time! Argh! It was well into the afternoon before I got rid of them all and had some p&q, but I'm glad of it now.

Pros: the bathroom is completely sorted, the bedrooms are tidy and we slept in clean bedding last night and the sitting room LOOKS like a sitting room, but with lots of boxes and pictures around.

Cons: the kitchen is in chaos. It's like something out of a hoarding show. I have to go and do some cleaning in my old house this morning (I'm splitting it over today and tomorrow, as I'm too tired to do it all in one day), so I'll have to crack on with it this afternoon.

LonelyOversharer Thu 29-Jun-17 07:54:26

Thanks need I was tired and perplexed as to how to start and link a new thread last night! I gave up and went to bed! its easy really, I was being thick

Dp had 12 hours sleep, I guess he needed it. But I did note that it took me 15 mins to get ds down to sleep, it takes him 2+ hours hmm we've slipped into the routine where he sorts ds, so I can get on, I think we need to review!

Pouring with rain here, again.

ememem84 Thu 29-Jun-17 08:03:04

Sunny here today! Yay!

Have made a nice fruit salad - strawberries and grapes with a teensy bit of black pepper. But will have to buy a sandwich as don't have anything for lunch. Gah. Three days with a pack up though isn't bad. That's my aim for each week.

Baby boy is 27 weeks today. I have 11 weeks of work left. 13 weeks until due date. How on earth did that happen??? Where's the time gone???? We aren't even remotely ready but we're just going to wing it anyway so do we need to be ready???

Cagliostro Thu 29-Jun-17 08:18:01

Thanks for new thread smile hope today is good for everyone.

SunnyLikeThursday Thu 29-Jun-17 08:25:18

Em The answer on readiness is so complicated...

Being ready for the concept of a baby is good, but the variability amongst babies and deliveries is so huge. Do you have your working relationship with your parents very solid can you argue freely with them without trouble?. In my experience that was really the critical part in the early weeks. From what you've said, I suspect you're sorted there.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 29-Jun-17 08:38:34

Life I had some ot offered when Dh and I first got together, it was badly needed and I did it but I was secretly disappointed he didn't say to give it a miss because he couldn't wait to see me.

Creme Well done. I wouldn't want to pack a house up and move so quickly. Do you have to clean? Every house we've moved to has been a right shit hole that took weeks to get right & every one I've left has been super clean. It's really pissed me off over the years.

em Just make sure you have plenty of maternity pads & nipple cream. Maybe some ready made formula till you get to the stage where you can make a bottle up at 3am in dim light with a crying baby attached to you after not sleeping for a week. You can get little cages to put teats and fiddly bits in off the bottles through the dishwasher. Much more convenient than a steriliser.

needastrongone Thu 29-Jun-17 09:06:27

Em I don't think you are ever really 'ready'. I honestly think your first is a shock, even if you are way past your due date, have read every book under the sun, nursery sat beautifully decorated waiting etc. You will be fine though.

Bloody hell Creme, you have done fantastically well. Well done! To turn that move around on your own, in the time that you have had is heroic. You do fab you know. x

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SnugglySnerd Thu 29-Jun-17 09:31:40

Thanks for new thread, Need.

Cold and wet here. I have to walk into town later. Just had to rummage about to find a warmer top to put on.

That's gone quickly, Em. How exciting!

Congrats on the move, Creme. You sound really organised already.

Got paid yesterday. First month on just statutory mat pay with nothing extra from work. I think I have 3 more months until I am paid nothing and it's going to be a struggle. We were already into our overdraft despite DH being paid a week ago and I have a £500 cc bill to sort out although I have returned about £190 worth of stuff so that will clear some of it.
Starting to worry about Xmas.

Have also realised that by the time we've paid childcare we won't really be much better off when I return to work. Keep telling myself that it's short term. Next year will be a bit easier when DD starts school and once they are all at school we won't have to pay for any holiday childcare as I'll be off work too. Which is the only reason I can think of for staying in my job to be honest.

Anyway we need to be super-frugal now so please shout at me if I'm being frivolous!

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