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Ocado priority, tips and hacks and Toblerone

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FredAstaireAteMyHamSandwich Wed 17-Jun-20 22:05:53

Carrying on from the last Ocado thread that is about to fill up. Still haven’t been given a toblerone yet.

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FlamingoAndJohn Wed 17-Jun-20 22:23:18

No Toblerone for me either, and I didn’t get my anniversary present.

UntamedShrew Wed 17-Jun-20 22:30:06

Didn’t you get a voucher? I got one to say sorry you didn’t get a toblerone. I don’t even like toblerone so was pretty happy with that!

FlamingoAndJohn Wed 17-Jun-20 22:33:04

Nothing. No mention of toblerones at all!

BertiesLanding Wed 17-Jun-20 22:55:53

I got two Toblerones. (Sorry!)

Justgivemewine Wed 17-Jun-20 22:57:25

We got ours although dh was a bit disappointed it wasn’t a big one 😁

Sportsnight Wed 17-Jun-20 23:02:06

Whaaaaaat! No Toblerone here, but I’ll let them off as I’m allergic.

Lovelydovey Wed 17-Jun-20 23:03:13

What toblerones?!

butterry Wed 17-Jun-20 23:23:49

We got a toblerone last week. Are the deliveries getting back to normal now as I had an email a week ago saying that I could book a delivery every 3 days if I wanted to?

I'm still getting subs that are much more expensive than what I ordered and generally the shop costs noticeably more than before.

LittlePickleHead Wed 17-Jun-20 23:29:27

We had a toblerone then DH edited the shop and removed it because he didn't realise it was free 😡 (I mean WTF was he thinking removing chocolate anyway?!?)

FredAstaireAteMyHamSandwich Thu 18-Jun-20 00:36:39

I had an email saying I could book every 7days. I don’t think Ispend enough at the moment though. I’m using all my slots for my Mum and #he spends £50 ish a week. And she would have mentioned it if she had free chocolate!

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PerditaProvokesEnmity Thu 18-Jun-20 06:07:17

Early coffee while I wait for my 5.30-6.30am delivery.

Ordered a sourdough loaf, just one. They are bringing no bread! Nothing, not the scraggiest tail end of a slice. I do have some yeast in the freezer but, despite loving baking, I don't enjoy making or eating my own bread. And am in no mood for soda bread. Ho hum ...

FlamingoAndJohn Thu 18-Jun-20 06:37:26

My average order at the moment has been £150 a week and I’ve not had the offer of a toblerone.

tootyfruitypickle Thu 18-Jun-20 06:47:23

Not even an apology for no toberlone here 😡

Bakeachocolatecaketoday Thu 18-Jun-20 06:58:23

two toblerones here! (sorry!)

beela Thu 18-Jun-20 07:00:13


beela Thu 18-Jun-20 07:03:11

They've sent me a long email about butter confused but no Toblerone.

JacobReesMogadishu Thu 18-Jun-20 07:10:30

They sent me an email saying I could now order...I think once a week. This is after not letting me do any orders since week 2 of lockdown/panic buying.

Don’t think I’ll bother thanks. They obviously didn’t consider me a good customer. I’d only started shopping with them in January But had shopped with them every week in Jan/feb/March.. Morrisons on the other hand were fine so think I will stick with them.

MayFayre Thu 18-Jun-20 07:14:17

What’s with the Toblerones? I don’t like them but I’d like to be offered!

I’ve been having weekly orders all through lockdown without any problems after the first week. Maybe it depends on where you live and your local depot. I think mine is near Wolverhampton, even though we’re some distance from there.

Mumdiva99 Thu 18-Jun-20 07:15:43

Toblerone? Why don't I have one. No anniversary present fir years. No discount and we spend a fortune! Since lockdown shopping bills gave shit up. Last weeks order was £220. This week £180....i want a Toblerone!!! Lies on floor drumming legs into the ground.

Although I would settle for them switching the app back on to make shopping easier.

Thisbastardcomputer Thu 18-Jun-20 07:17:37

I've had two tolberones, in the checkout process it comes up with a zero price and I just add it

kingkuta Thu 18-Jun-20 07:18:24

I have Toblerone and they also let me add it free to another 3 existing orders. Sorry to gloat guys grin. Its only the little one if it makes you feel any better.

AdaColeman Thu 18-Jun-20 07:22:07

No sign of a Toblerone here. sad
Is editing your order back to normal now?

Mendeleyev Thu 18-Jun-20 07:31:41

No problem getting slots here and I’ve been offered every 3 days. I’m getting tired of them though. Expensive substitutions, nothing in stock (had about 3 weeks when I couldn’t get any sugar), small toblerone instead of a tenner towards some wine and I’ve been with them 10 years! And to top it all off, about 3 bags of shopping not delivered. About 40 quids worth. I’m getting ready to jack them in.

kingkuta Thu 18-Jun-20 07:37:51

Large shop with them arriving today, around £300 (2 families) and first week for a long time no subs or missing items. Just wish they would get the app back up and running now.

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