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A positive thread to balance the panic. Do you know anybody who has recovered? If so then please share here

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Roostersmum2 Wed 01-Apr-20 00:45:10

I know there are alot of people who are extremely worried to the extent where they're thinking of nothing else so thought it might be nice to hear about some of the positive outcomes as opposed to the rising death rate and very sad cases that we are seeing in the media.

I'm in a Facebook group called "shine a light for coronavirus" and on there I've seen some lovely posts from the relatives of some elderly survivors who have overcome the virus.

To mention two, an 86 year old lady with underlying health issues and another lady in her 90s who recovered from coronavirus despite suffering two heart attacks in the recent past rendering her weak and not in the best of health - the media would have you believe that it is an instant death sentence for people in this category.

This is by no means an attempt to take away from the terribly sad outcomes for some of those who do pass away from coronavirus, i just want to remind those who are suffering from extreme anxiety that the almost all people do survive this. Even the elderly and immunocompromised.

Does anybody else have any positive outcomes to share? Have you had it and recovered or know somebody else who has?

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00Sassy Wed 01-Apr-20 00:46:51

I don’t know any survivors yet but I’m hoping that the antigen test will bring out lots of people who’ve already had it!

Roostersmum2 Wed 01-Apr-20 00:52:15

I suspect there is a chance I may have had it myself, an extremely mild version.

I live in London and there are alot of cases in my burrough, my DH works in a public facing role and comes into contact with alot of people every day (supermarket)

I had some gastrointestinal disturbance, a strong metallic taste that wouldn't go away, some body aches and pains, fatigue. This happened at a time when both my DC had new coughs.

I won't know for sure if what I had was CV unless we get access to antibody testing, but if it was the virus then it's important to note that at no point was I concerned that I needed medical help.

Another good case to mention is Idris Elba who tested positive and had no symptoms at all, he felt perfectly well throughout his quarantine.

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Roostersmum2 Wed 01-Apr-20 00:53:34

Oh, and Boris Johnson.

Tested positive, only has mild symptoms and is able to continue to work from isolation.

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Roostersmum2 Wed 01-Apr-20 01:12:01

Another I've seen just now

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Bubbinsmakesthree Wed 01-Apr-20 01:19:48

Very similar to Roostersmum I feel fairly confident I have had it, along with DH and the DC, but at no point have we been ill enough not to be able to do most normal activity. We all had mild symptoms which sound very similar to other people who have tested positive.

MigginsMrs Wed 01-Apr-20 01:20:02

I read something the other day about a young man with cystic fibrosis who recovered

Roostersmum2 Wed 01-Apr-20 01:25:06

Another two encouraging posts on Facebook smile

I'll continue to share these here as I come across them

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Gilead Wed 01-Apr-20 01:31:30

My 56 year old sister had it (was tested). She’s fine now. She felt rough but said it didn’t, in her case, feel as bad as flu.

Roostersmum2 Wed 01-Apr-20 01:32:20

Thousands recovered (but you won't hear about that in the media unfortunately)

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Roostersmum2 Wed 01-Apr-20 01:35:49


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Roostersmum2 Wed 01-Apr-20 01:36:36

Not sure these are loading, hopefully they do

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jazzyfizzles Wed 01-Apr-20 01:38:57

Yes, my friend an Itu nurse tested positive and has recovered well and back at work smile took about 2 weeks but all is good!

Roostersmum2 Wed 01-Apr-20 01:44:50

Another 92 year old lady who has recovered smile

Thank you for the contributions so far, I'm really glad all are ok!

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Roostersmum2 Wed 01-Apr-20 01:46:13

81 year old lady who has survived covid19 and a stroke

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Roostersmum2 Wed 01-Apr-20 01:48:31

84 year old lady - survived

80 year old man - survived

88 year old man with heart problems and cancer - survived

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Bool Wed 01-Apr-20 05:06:11

My 35 year old friend had it for a week. She is fully recovered. She was very poorly though and had an inhaler for her breathing. A friend of hers was tested and was positive but only had a mild cough. No fever. Another friend who was close to the first had flu symptoms for a week and tight chest. Recovered my DH has had it badly for a week but is recovering now. I have been exposed to all of these people and have had a mild cough for 3 weeks but no fever - but haven’t been tested so don’t know if I have had it. It seems to affect people very differently.

YgritteSnow Wed 01-Apr-20 05:21:08

So good to see this thread. I know two people, a couple, who believe they had it but weren't tested so obviously can't be sure. They were very ill but not hospitalised and both fine now.

pylongazer Wed 01-Apr-20 06:54:36

My brother had it ( confirmed) and after 3 days was fine.

Tara336 Wed 01-Apr-20 06:59:40

Exh has had it, he had a cough, temperature and fatigue. Said the worst part was the boredom of isolation. He is absolutely fine now and back at work.

definitelygc Wed 01-Apr-20 07:19:52

I know someone who did not get tested but had all the right symptoms and had been travelling a lot so there's a good chance. He's in his fifties and was in bed for about 3 days feeling a bit crap (nothing serious) then recovered. His wife and kids had mild symptoms and are now all fine.

Iseethesilverlining Wed 01-Apr-20 07:23:29

We’re pretty sure both my parents had it, but not tested. They are 75. Mum said she hadn’t felt that ill in years, but not hospitalised. They are both fine now, after a full week off their feet, but still have coughs on exertion.

Noooblerooble Wed 01-Apr-20 07:24:37

I know 5 people who have had it. 4 had mild symptoms, one felt pretty bad but didn't need to go to hospital. 2 of those people have underlying health conditions

They've all recovered and are feeling well again now. It's been comforting to see.

Frownette Wed 01-Apr-20 07:27:31

@Roostersmum2 I had the exact same as you and wondered; we'll have to wait for the testing!

zen1 Wed 01-Apr-20 07:30:14

A friend of mine (NHS) tested positive. Had a high temp and achy limbs but no cough. Recovered and back at work after 2 weeks.

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