Ho ho ho! We all want Santa to come (with loads of BFPs)! It's the December thread 🎅🌲🎁

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Squiff70 Fri 05-Nov-21 17:46:40

I don't know. Not even a week into November and sadly some are out for this month.

If you're dreaming of a white Christmas and you're definitely on Santa's NAUGHTY list, this is the one for you. Not a December bus but a December SLEIGH!

So go Dasher, go Dancer, go Prancer and Vixen! We don't want you to bring us those toys. Please stuff our stockings full of BFP joy!

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Shortmamashortcycles Fri 05-Nov-21 18:42:13

Hello jumping on because I'm in my fertile week with a wicked stomach virus... DTD out of the question.

Am writing off November and see you here in a few weeks.

Squiff70 Fri 05-Nov-21 19:29:17

@Shortmamashortcycles oh nooo I'm so sorry you're unwell. In your FW too. I understand you must be gutted but hopefully December will be your time to shine!

Really hope you feel better soon flowers

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SkaterChick Fri 05-Nov-21 20:00:15

Hopping on the Dec bus.
I'm not feeling it this month. I had a MC early October and I think I ovulated last week of October but I'm not getting any of my usual 1 week until my period symptoms or any of the symptoms I got when I fell pregnant.
Only bloody thing I have got is extra super itchy nipples 😂😂 happens everynow and again but I don't remember it ever being this bad.

Squiff70 Fri 05-Nov-21 20:34:05

Hi @SkaterChick. I'm so sorry to hear about your MC. I really hope you're okay flowers I think the symptoms you describe are common so try not to worry. If it gets bad it might bevworth giving your GP a call as breast and nipple changes should be kept an eye on. I'm sure it's just hormones, however.

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Bringonbaby3 Fri 05-Nov-21 21:01:42

Can I join please? I’m not TTC until Christmas time so still got another cycle to wait! Would be good to follow others journeys though until we can start our own.

I’m currently mid cycle and looks like I’m going to be fertile between Xmas and New Years so we will be trying then 😊

Squiff70 Fri 05-Nov-21 21:21:21

The more the merrier @Bringonbaby3! You're starting what I hope will be a special and exciting time. Fertile week between Christmas and New Year is pretty special! Wishing you both lots of luck!

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Bringonbaby3 Sat 06-Nov-21 07:04:07

@Squiff70 thank you! Yes I’m quite excited at this stage. Just taking my vitamins and trying to stay healthy but getting frustrated by the waiting! Was using condoms this month as have come off contraception but was so tempting just to not use them. We already have an August baby though and I don’t want another.

Where are you on your TTC journey? How long have you been trying?

Squiff70 Sat 06-Nov-21 10:11:31

@Bringonbaby3 I know what you mean about not wanting to bother using condoms grin but you'll start to TTC when the time is right for you.

This is our second cycle TTC our 5th child. We lost twins at 19 weeks in January 2019 then conceived twins again later the same year. They were born four months early and by some miracle, our daughter survived but sadly our son passed away at four days old. Our daughter is now nearly two and we'd love to give our her a surviving sibling but will have to wait and see as time is running out (I'm 39).

Did you say you're TTC your first child? I have every faith that you will smile

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Bringonbaby3 Sat 06-Nov-21 10:55:18

@Squiff70 really sorry to hear about your son. That must have been a really tough time flowers

It’ll actually be my 3rd! I have a 3 and a 4 year old already who I conceived fairly quickly (1st in 2nd cycle after a chemical pregnancy and then my 2nd was a bit of an unintentional pregnancy!). I’m worried I’ve been lucky though and that the third time round it won’t be so straightforward.

Squiff70 Sat 06-Nov-21 13:31:11

@Bringonbaby3 thank you. We lost two sons and a daughter in the same year. It was just plain hell and we'll never heal from it. We've put of TTC for about 6 months through fear.

You and I were very lucky in terms of how long our babies took to conceive. I came off the pill in the September and was pregnant by the October, so first time lucky. For our second set if twins I got pregnant on our 4th cycle.

I'm touched that you've chosen to share your TTC journey with us and wish you every success smile

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HRHXO Sat 06-Nov-21 17:02:11

Hi! Tentatively jumping on the December sleigh! I'm currently 14 dpo with AF due today but tested with a frer this morning and it was BFN. I've had cramps for the last couple of days so think AF is right around the corner. I'm usually regular 28-31 day cycles but today is CD 32...

Also I'm 31 and DP is 30 currently TTC #1 and this will be cycle 3 x

Hopingforarainbow27 Sat 06-Nov-21 22:16:19

Hi everyone. I’m jumping on here too as it seemed a positive thread!
I’ve had two miscarriages in a year and started trying again this month. I’m on CD31 and still bfn, my cycle ranges from 30-35 so I’m sure I’m out this month. Love to you all 🤍

Curlywurly3 Sat 06-Nov-21 23:01:58

AF arrived today so CD1 TTC #2 cycle 2. I tested early this month and it has really messed with my head. First day of my (hopefully) missed AF is 1st December so I’m determined not to test until then!

Preseli Sun 07-Nov-21 00:27:04

Hi Everyone!

Tentatively hoping to be able to join in on this one as I'm still waiting for my cycles to restart (and the never-ending bleeding to hopefully stop) following a miscarriage at 23w5d in October.

Whilst it's a horrible thing to say I'm glad that I'm not alone here with a late miscarriage, as well as having 2 in one year as I lost my first at 8 weeks in February... I am so sorry for your losses, it's something I would never want to happen to anyone flowers

Hopefully the end to this year will be the start to a great 2022 with positives all around! smile

Squiff70 Sun 07-Nov-21 12:57:30

Hi @HRHXO! Sorry it seems you may be out for November. Has AF graced you with her presence since you posted? I have heard people get BFNs the day AF is due then get a BFP a couple of days later so you never know. Anyway, thanks for joining the sleigh. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Hi also @Hopingforarainbow27! I'd like this thread to be positive if possible. We had a Lucky October thread which produced a CARZY number of BFPs, followed by a 'Remember Remember the month of November' thread which has given us quite a few BFPs so far and I daresay many more to come too! Hopefully the Sleigh will be a continuation of that! Same applies to you as what I just said above - you're not out til AF shows. Either way, I wish you lots of love and luck in your journey.

@Curlywurly3 Hello and welcome! Sorry AF got you this time. Better luck in December. If your AF is due on 1st December and you strike it lucky, we could be seeing a very early December BFP from you. Best of luck!

@Preseli Thanks for joining us! I am so, so sorry to hear of your losses. If you ever need to chat about the babies you've so recently lost please do feel free to post anywhere you like or send me a PM. I lost twins at 19+4 and also lost my daughter's twin brother after he was born at 23+1 (he lived in NICU for four days but was just too poorly). I understand a bit of your pain and there is support available if you would like it (Tommy's and Aching Arms are brilliant). Take time to grieve - there is no rush and no timescale. I am here for you. If and when you feel ready to TTC again then I am with you on this journey.

Sorry I didn't get chance to reply to any of you yesterday, it was just crazy busy at home. I am so looking forward to this sleigh ride together (that was a bit cheesy but you know what I mean).

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HRHXO Sun 07-Nov-21 13:02:37

@Squiff70 thanks lovely. Af due yesterday and still a no show. I've been having af like cramps though and now I'm having unusual cm/discharge that seems like maybe an infection which I am a bit worried about! Really want AF to show so I can get trying again.

Is anyone at a similar stage to me? (15dpo, bfn yesterday and AF now late?) X

Squiff70 Sun 07-Nov-21 13:09:59

@HRHXO I have noticed through aTTC that just before me period starts I get quite a lot of CM (I keep thinking AF has started when it hasn't). Might that be what you're experiencing? Sorry it's not what you want to hear but it may explain your symptoms.

I'm on CD 17, 2 DPO so still on the November thread also. Not holding out much hope for us this month though desite DTD lots in my FW, but because the day I got my peak, I was too tired to DTD and was asleep the minute I got into bed. The day before we DTD but DP couldn't finish as he was so tired from work. We'll just have to see what happens I guess.

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Hopingforarainbow27 Sun 07-Nov-21 13:31:02

@HRHXO I think I’m 13dpo I’m not sure exactly, last cycle was 31 days and I’m on CD31 now so I dunno when I’m due? Still bfn!

Thank you @Squiff70 for your support and positive thoughts. This is a very isolating experience and it’s good to have people who are feeling the same.

ItsSunnyOutside Sun 07-Nov-21 13:45:16

Yes please!

We conceived our dd in Dec {2018} found out a week before Christmas, It was the best present! Hoping to get a bfp for baby no.2 before the year is out.
Been ttc since May, AF came back in March but was all over the place for a few months. Tbh, my cycles are still abit up and down {last month cycle was 23 days, month before that 31, then before that 36 days!!} I am ovulating which is good but it's not always easy knowing what's going on when your periods are irregular {Pre pregnancy, they were like clockwork, 28 days}

I am on cycle day 30 now, Af could arrive tomorrow, or in a few days , who knows?! I haven't taken a test yet, if af doesn't arrive by day 33 , I will take a test!

Good luck everyone!

HRHXO Sun 07-Nov-21 14:19:05

@Squiff70 I'm not sure because the discharge is so unusual for me it definitely makes me think I have an infection rather than pregnancy related. Maybe thrush but no other symptoms so who knows! Im getting so stressed about it all which obviously isn't helping!

@Hopingforarainbow27 ah yeah so similar to me! I hate waiting for AF to show, going to test again tomorrow if it still doesn't start soon even though I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant!

Bringonbaby3 Mon 08-Nov-21 13:55:26

@ItsSunnyOutside did Aunt Flo arrive yet?! And what about you @Hopingforarainbow27?

I’m currently on day 21 but we haven’t had unprotected sex this month so I know I’m not pregnant. I always feel really crap in the week before my period and never sleep very well - does anyone else get that?

Hopingforarainbow27 Mon 08-Nov-21 14:06:55

I had severe cramps last night and af arrived this morning! sad
I had so many symptoms this month! Glad I know I’m not now so I can move on!

HRHXO Mon 08-Nov-21 15:55:13

AF is now 3 days late CD33 and I think 16dpo but still getting BFN. I have af like cramps and just really want her to show up now so I can get on with it and start a new cycle! Driving me mad! I'm never late either. Has anyone else been late with no explanation before?

SkaterChick Mon 08-Nov-21 17:22:08


Hi *@SkaterChick*. I'm so sorry to hear about your MC. I really hope you're okay flowers I think the symptoms you describe are common so try not to worry. If it gets bad it might bevworth giving your GP a call as breast and nipple changes should be kept an eye on. I'm sure it's just hormones, however.

I'm up and down. Had a down week last week and something tripped my anxiety so bad I couldn't cope with anything touching me, even my clothes 🤷‍♀️ I'm better now though. Still bit of low mood but I'm blaming SAD (I'm taking vitamin D and antidepressants).
App said to take preg test in two days so I took one today and as expected it was negative.
Was pretty disappointing to actually see it even though I knew.
Still don't feel like AF is on her way though. My work bag is prepared for her showing up but I'm getting none of my usual signs.
Can you ovulate and get no period despite not being pregnant? I've heard body does weird things post MC...

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