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Over 40's TTC loads of baby dust to all... 5

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Chatbash72 Wed 06-Nov-19 18:31:30

Hope this works as we lots the thread

Chatbash72 Wed 06-Nov-19 18:34:42

@Cleozeta @BooseysMom @Russkispy @Mystie @NicLondon1 @rubyroot @sweetpea36 @tiggerifficmummy please add link to others we lost our thread as we reached 1000 posts at a crucial moment

Mystie Wed 06-Nov-19 18:42:41

Thanks for the tag @Chatbash72 @Surferrosa74

Chatbash72 Wed 06-Nov-19 18:43:05

@Russkispy I'm so sorry sending loads of love and hugs be gentle with yourself.. take it easy 💕💕💕

Chatbash72 Wed 06-Nov-19 18:44:53

@Hmmm123 @hmmm123 couldn't remember which you were using

Chatbash72 Wed 06-Nov-19 18:56:17

@SparrowSG @rubyroot @Rose68

Chatbash72 Wed 06-Nov-19 18:57:31

@burntpinky @Widdendream77 @NicLondon1

Chatbash72 Wed 06-Nov-19 18:59:29

@Mjlp @Jojowash

Chatbash72 Wed 06-Nov-19 19:03:24

@Rubyroost @KCM99 @MaryShelley1818 apologies if you have come off the thread,just trying to think who was on the last thread

Jojowash Wed 06-Nov-19 19:25:32

Hi again guys! What happened?

hmmm123 Wed 06-Nov-19 19:34:10

I've found you! thanks @Chatbash72

Russkispy Wed 06-Nov-19 19:44:14

@Chatbash72 thank you for the new thread.
I'll be around but not active as such. As soon as I get my new plan for next transfer, I'll let you all know

Will be thinking of you all xx

Chatbash72 Wed 06-Nov-19 19:52:11

@Jojowash once we reach 1000 posts our thread stops

minime2017 Wed 06-Nov-19 20:04:38

Still floating in the background. Thanks for the new thread.

Cleozeta Wed 06-Nov-19 20:23:10

Thanks chat

Dia12 Wed 06-Nov-19 22:29:26

I'd created another thread as I couldn't find this earlier!!!

Dia12 Wed 06-Nov-19 22:29:38

So sorry to hear of your loss @Russkispy, hope you are able to look after yourself. 

Wondeful news @Cleotzeta - must be such a relief. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy x

Thank you @NicLondon1 - you're right, I think we need to consider IUI to help us. We have an appointment with the clinic tomorrow for some tests and I'm going to have a chat about this as an option to try before we begin another ivf.

I was prescribed 800mg progesterone daily too and believe this to be fairly standard and to be harmless. I didn't have any major side effects - it did make me very hot and sweaty
I've also heard vitex can help with luteal phase but there was so much conflicting information and not enough evidence in support that i decided against it. I did however take 150mcg B12 and 200mg B6 after ovulation and this has helped extend my luteal phase from 10days to 12.

Chatbash72 Wed 06-Nov-19 23:07:19

Ooh sorry @Dia12 it took me a while to work out how to post a thread,a techie Luddite 🤣🤣

CritterTamer Thu 07-Nov-19 02:11:17

Thanks for the new thread Chat 😊

KristieP2018 Thu 07-Nov-19 06:00:47

I'm still here.

So so sorry @Russkispy xx

MaryShelley1818 Thu 07-Nov-19 06:55:11

Thank you for the tag @Chatbash72 smile

Well a little update from’s fair to say I’ve been a very negative nelly the past few months and really didn’t want to go to the Infertility Appointment on Tuesday BUT it was actually really positive.
I saw the nurse practitioner initially who said that my Day 3 and Day 21 results were really good, she said I’m definitely ovulating and also the fact that I’ve a very regular cycle (every 28 days) is good. She mentioned my weight but didn’t labour the subject and said just to try to lose a stone (I probably need to lose about 5). She said none of the information I had worried her and she believed it was literally all done to timing!

So next steps:
I’m going to repeat the Day 3 and Day 21 tests just to be sure, she took blood yesterday for AMH tests and also took vaginal swabs, DH has to have his sperm tested, I’m going to have the dye/xray procedure and then we see the consultant in February to review all the results.

Has anyone had the dye/xray? What does it involve?

CritterTamer Thu 07-Nov-19 07:33:12

@maryshelley1818 that sounds positive! Do you mean the HSG test? I've had that and it's nothing to worry about, it only takes a few minutes and will check that your fallopian tubes are open. In honesty it is quite painful but the pain didn't last long - maybe a few minutes of discomfort and 30 seconds of bad pain.
Fingers crossed it all goes well for you 🤞

NicLondon1 Thu 07-Nov-19 10:27:07

@Russkispy Can't believe it, am heartbroken for you. Sending hugs xxx

Russkispy Thu 07-Nov-19 14:29:17

Thank you all! Very grateful for your lovely and supportive comments!
It's been the shittiest year ever! And I really hope this nightmare ends soon and soon enough I'll hold my Uber special rainbow in my arms!
And I absolutely wish the same to you all! X

Chatbash72 Thu 07-Nov-19 15:04:09

Sending lots of love @Russkispy 💕💕💕💕

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