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TTC/ pregnancy on Prednisolone or similar part 3

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freelancegirl Tue 22-Nov-11 16:20:32

For those who are TTC/pregnant undergoing immunotherapy treatment. Current list as it stands, do feel free to come and join us, it's moving quickly round here!:

Tuesday 22nd November

Waiting to test
Snoopygirl - V High NKC TTC, will be Ist try with Pred, Intralipids on bfp Testing from 21/11
Havingkittens - Upgraded from High to V High NKC TTC #1 after 2 month break/testing 29 Nov -2 Dec depending on my resolve.
Waiting to ovulate
coleyoz - V High NKC. TTC #2 - ov 3 Dec (Pred and Intralipids at BFP)
duggs1976 - High/V High NKC - TTC #1 - Superovulation cycle1
batteryhen - High activation NKC, factor v leiden. TTC#1
Suemays - V High NKC TTC/ov 30th Oct. TTC#2.
Cherrycheeks - V high NKC, TTC#2/ ov 25th-26th Nov/ 4th cycle of pred
pureequeen - High NKC TTC #2 again from November (BFP cycle one but mc)
eurochick - TTC#1 awaiting first appointment (in Nov)/ov expected 28-30 Nov.

2nd Trimester
Stogan - V high NKC - BFP 9/7/11 cycle#2- 24+3 Due 10/03/12 next scan 30/12
Digitalgirl - High NKC - BFP cycle#2 -19+1 Due 16/04/12 anomaly scan 23/11
Coconutfeet - V High NKC, Factor II gene mutation, underactive thyroid - BFP pre-pred, started at 6 weeks ? 16+1 next scan 14/12
Comedy - V High NKC - BFP cycle#2 - 13+3 due 26/5/12 next scan 12/12
Iggi - High NKC & Hypothyroidism - BFP cycle#2 - 12+6 anomaly scan Jan

1st Trimester
BrownieGecko - High NKC, Hypothyroidism, & Glucose Intolerant. BFP on cycle 3 of Clomid - 11+4 next scan 28/11
Scooterchaser - V High NKC - BFP cycle1 - 8+1 Due 01/07/12. Scan 25/11
Freelance - V High NKC TTC#1 Hydroxchloroquine, Pred, Intralipids. Thyroid/hashimotos. MC 1st cycle. LMP18/10 - 4+6 - Scan 3/12
Arianhod - V High NKC, MTHFR homo, hypothyroid, TTC#2 BFP 2nd pred cycle LMP19/10. 4+5 Scan 7/12
Cheerfulcharlie - V High NKC, MTHFR/TTC 1/ (metformin, intralipids, no pred). LMP17/10(Ov'd 3rd Nov) 4+5 Scan 6/12.
ChoccyPud - V High NKC / TTC #1 BFP 4th Pred cycle LMP20/10 4+4. Scan 3/12.

Arianrhod Tue 22-Nov-11 16:28:22

I'm a-here but remember the old thread will stay open until it hits 1000 .. unless you can lock it? Is that possible??

freelancegirl Tue 22-Nov-11 16:30:07

Not sure - there is only space for 6 posts on it now anyone and that goes quickly, so thought I would get in before we lose everyone and panic smile

ChoccyPud Tue 22-Nov-11 16:47:32

Home and lying down. TMI warning: Still bleeding and it's a bit of a mix of red and brown and a few stringy bits. Not sure how that compares to others' early spotting experience? Would be good to hear of similar that haven't ended badly right now. I know it's not always bad but can't help fearing that here comes no5.

DH spoke to Louise while I was driving home. She said as we know it could be another mc or it could just be a bit of extra lining coming away. None of my current symptoms ie cramps, the bleeding, achy back or lack of boobs concerned her as being definitely bad. She advised to do a bit more cyclogest today/tomorrow (hence me lying down!) and take it easy for the next couple of days.

I know there's nothing I can do but I'm right back in the depths of despair. I've done everything right this time and still it's suddenly looking all over. Life is such a bitch sometimes.

Sorry to bang on about me me me I'm just venting. sad

digitalgirl Tue 22-Nov-11 17:04:55


choccypud sorry to hear you're spotting. Without wanting to give you false hope that kind of spotting sounds very similar to what I had when pg with DS. Bit of brown, bit of red and some stringy bits. I was on holiday at the time and had a scan before going which was too early to see anything other than a sac. Then had a scan booked on my return - where we saw a hb. But the whole time I bled and had cramps and stringy bits. Was a bloody nightmare, but about halfway through the holiday I started getting some symptoms - ms and sore boobs. You might not really get any symptoms because of the pred. But fingers tightly tightly crossed that this is just your bean bedding in.

eurochick Tue 22-Nov-11 17:09:52

I think the other thread can hold another 46 posts rather than 6 so there might be a bit of overlap if people don't spot this one, but hopefully your post there will make sure people find this. smile

ChoccyPud Tue 22-Nov-11 17:22:06

Thanks digi very much appreciated. thanks

Just trying to stay calm and will chill out at home for the next day at least and see what happens. It's good to know that I have all you wonderful ladies out there to talk to!

Cheerfulcharlie Tue 22-Nov-11 18:07:53

choccy Sorry to hear about the spotting - Last week I had spotting and actually a bit more than spotting (red blood -lighter than a light period, but heavier than spotting) with a very slightly achy feeling. Also a very small amount of tiny clotty bits. This was before my BFP then carried on on and off brown, then a bit red but eventually tailed off after just over a week. Towards the end of this I did get my HCG levels doubling (well actually tripling) at the docs and my HPT are still going darker and now very dark (well they were when I last tested 2 days ago). Had no more spotting since (touchwood). It's most probably just a bit of lining dropping and as long as it's not in the tiny tiny area where you've implanted, then it would most likely be nothing to worry about. Are you doing the cyclogest every 12 hours now then?

Ari Sorry to hear about your HCG levels but I would agree it's not over yet. When I was having a 'not quite doubling' wobble once in previous pregnancy I did a lot of research and many many sources seemed to say '85% of women with normal pregnancies have HCG doubling in early pregnancy' But I could never find what increases the other 15% of women with normal pregnancies had. I have my fingers crossed you are in the 15%, hopefully you will find out soon.

Duggs - you were asking about metformin? I have been taking metformin since March. It is a wonder drug! After my two back to back 12ish week miscarriages last year my weight had crept up to 12 stone with a BMI of 29 and I was desperate to lose it. I knew I had PCOS anyway with irregular periods but the specialist I went to over here decided I should have metformin. She could see the polycystic appearance on both ovaries and my FSH:LH was out of sync, although it was not a severe case. Actually the glucose tolerance test came back ok, but I went on 2000mg a day eventually, start at 500mg then increasing every few days. I did this along with a lowGI diet (more enthusiastically for the first couple of months than later on) and more exercise. I lost 1 stone 4 lbs in total bit by bit over a total of 4 or 5 months, got back to a BMI of 25 and have kept it off easily since, I do believe the low GI food is also important as when i was more slack with this it took longer to lose the weight. Also in Sept they re-did my FSH:LH blood and it was pretty much normal, which would indicate the PCOS is under control. When I saw Dr S he also noted the cysts and was pleased my other doc had put me on metformin. He also recommended I continue with it and also to carry on in pregnancy as it reduces chance of Gest Diabetes which you are more prone to with PCOS tendencies. To start with metformin can give you a dodgy stomach but often clears up after a couple of weeks. Always always take it AFTER food and not food that is high in fat / sugar. Ideally with some protein in it if at all possible. Take it on an empty stomach and you will know about it! Also be a bit careful not to take it with alcohol or if you are about to have some. It really lowered my alcohol tolerance and you have o be careful not to over do your liver.

Hi to all the new people and Free - hope your nan is ok.

freelancegirl Tue 22-Nov-11 18:19:39

Having not had a successful pregnancy yet myself Choccy I have no personal experience of this but I can say I have read about so many people (like Digi) that have a whole manner of spotting, full on bleeding, sludgey, clots, stringy, brown, red, stuff that goes on for weeks and they are fine. I know it doesn't help. What did they say - just take it easy and see what happens?

I can tell you that none of my miscarriages have happened like that, so that has got to be a good thing too. I've had no bleeding until 12 weeks first time this year and 8 weeks the second time.

I know there is nothing much you can do apart from wait at the moment and that is really very frustrating and upsetting. We are here for hand holding.

My friend who recently had the IVF miscarriage is going to see Mr S this week by the way. I have either wasted her a big chunk of cash or set her on a different path to hopefully having a successful pregnancy! I really just had a feeling that she might have immune probs. Worth her getting checked out though, even to rule it out. She texted me to ask whether I was getting any symptoms. I think I AM occasionally getting some actually, but I like I said I have no successful pregnancy to compare it with. I said to her I am actually rather used to early pregnancy limbo now - being that I have been pregnant for a total of 6 months this year already.

Oops maybe I was a bit quick off the mark for the old thread! Just too keen... Hopefully everyone will also see my terrible linking and come straight over.

Stogan Tue 22-Nov-11 18:48:38

Chin up choccy I never experienced any bleeding at all with any of my mmcs so hopefully is ur beanie making it's home all nice and getting rid of old furniture gringrin everything crossed for u hunni xxx

suemays Tue 22-Nov-11 19:00:41

Free well done on the new post! I hope your nan will be OK - even though she is old it's still horrible when family members become ill. I lost my Grandad, Nan and brother in law plus had one of my miscarriages last year all at the same time. Life does like to throw us everything at once!

BFPseeker welcome to our board - shame you are here but at least you can chat to us all!

Duggs yes talking about the super ovarian thing would be great. Are you still OK for this Saturday???

Everyone else, Duggs and I are meeting on Saturday at the Royal Oak in Farnham Royal at 2.30pm so join us if you can! There was another one of us who wanted to come but sorry I can't remember who it was!!! I know it was one of the pregnant ladies though!

Ari dont give up hope yet - you never know.

Choccy same for you, one of my friends bled all through her pregnancy and now has a healthy boy. I know I would be crapping myself though at the moment!

My friend who is going through her 3rd round of IVF has just had a 7 week scan and all is looking good. I told her about the preds we all take and her consultant has her on them too so it does look like Dr S's work is not going unnoticed.

ChoccyPud Tue 22-Nov-11 19:13:49

Thanks all. I guess I need to keep telling myself to wait and see. Am a bit calmer than earlier - absolutely freaked out at first. I'm sure you know I'm not being flippant when I say it is reassuring in a way to know some of you have also had red blood and its not necessarily bad. I've tended to have chems or v early mcs and only know I implanted properly once, when I got no pains or bleeding at all, so theres no benchmark for me.

Stogan loving the idea of clearing out old furniture, that made me giggle.

free I've just gone back and read through recent posts - I'm so sorry about your nan, and feel awful for not saying so before now. I hope you see her soon and that she makes a speedy recovery.

Comedyworks Tue 22-Nov-11 19:32:40

Really sorry Choccy that you are going through this stress - if it helps to know I didn't bleed at all with six miscarriages but have with this pregnancy that is getting on for fourteen weeks. When I had the spotting I also doubled up on the progesterone I think for about a week. My fingers are crossed that all ok for you and ari.

suemay it was me who said I might come and meet up with you guys I think I'm only 5 or 6 miles away from there

ChoccyPud Tue 22-Nov-11 19:40:30

Thank you too comedy

Question on increasing the cyclogest: any views on whether it's best to do one every 12 hours or two at night? Just thinking gravity...!

Coconutfeet Tue 22-Nov-11 19:45:59

Just marking my place.

Ari and Choccy - sorry things are so difficult for you both at the moment.

Ari - It's horrible to be in limbo just waiting. Really hope things are clearer for you soon and of course that things turn out to be well.

Choccy - I've not bled personally at that stage but one of my friends had some really heavy bleeding and was convinced things were over for her but everything turned out fine. I really hope the same goes for you.

Seeker - Welcome!

suemays Tue 22-Nov-11 20:05:02

Comedy I thought it was you so it would be nice if you can join us!

I am waiting to ovulate at the moment as have had high on my CBFM since Sunday. I hate all this waiting around! Hoping it will be in the next few days before DH goes away on Monday.

Choccy I think Dr S told me to take cyclogest at night once I get my BFP so not sure on every 12 hours.

ColeyOz Tue 22-Nov-11 20:17:55

Just catching up on all the posts.

Choccy - I'm sorry to hear about your spotting. I have heard of lots of women who have bled in early pregnancy and gone on to have a successful pregnancy. Would you consider having some Hcg tests to check your levels?

Ari - I'm thinking of you too. I really hope your numbers go up in the next few days.

Free - welcome back and hope you are coping OK with early pregnancy. Fingers crossed for your scan in a few weeks. Hope you can spend some quality time with your Nan

Welcome BFPseeker and hope you gain lots of insight from this discussion board - its a wealth of information.

Not much happening here! Just waiting for ovulation in a week or two and hoping for a Christmas BFP.

Question for you all - do you think its risky for me to book a trip overseas to Dubai/Abu Dhabi over new years/early Jan with the possibility I could be pregnant??? I don't want to put my life on hold but I also don't want to do anything that could harm a potential pregnancy....hmmm

Comedyworks Tue 22-Nov-11 21:03:38

Choccy I had one at night and one during the day - gravity less likely to take it's toll if one inserts in the back during the day and front at night!!

Thanks suemay - look forward to meeting you and Duggs and anyone else who can come.

coley I'm always inclined to try to get on with normal life - plus sounds fantastic so I'd go!!

freelancegirl Tue 22-Nov-11 21:30:10

I've just realised what I did with starting the new thread - a major attack of Brain. I saw 954 and am so used to thinking in hours and minutes at the moment I thought it was only 6 posts away from the end!!! Major Brain Fail. I blame the drugs, hormones, jet lag... blush

Coley I have had the same dilemma's about booking trips - and as you saw it did mean I had to spring into action for intralipids when in LA. But I am also trying to arrange a trip over new year as like you I don't want to put my life compltely on hold. I might have to wait until I see Mr S but am carefully working out potential dates. He said if I were to be pregnant (which of course I am at the moment) he would want me to stay close by just in case the scans revealed something he could try to do something about. BUT am wondering if, as long as I schedule the scans for where they should be (subject to his holiday dates of course - as he does like a trip!) I am wondering if I can be free to go. I need to ask him really but definitely look at your dates and see how you can work around things.

Choccy hope you are feeling a bit better and that the spotting eases soon. Sue good news about your friend! I do hope it goes well. Yes interesting indeed about the steroids. OK they are a bit annoying but relatively long-term side effect free so well worth doing I think in such cases, just as a back up.

Hello coconut and comedy too! And all the rest of course.

hopefulfor2nd Tue 22-Nov-11 21:45:17

Hey, found you all! Well done on new thread - it goes so fast on here! I'm still lurking, have my follow up with Mr S tomorrow. Feeling apprehensive!

Choccy, much love. Hope it all settles down tonight xxx
Ari, hope you have good news too

Waves to all!

duggs1976 Tue 22-Nov-11 21:47:08

hey ladies..

Many thanks for the info on metformin and Polycystic ovaries. Digi and now cheerful. So interesting you mentioned the corrolation between FSH :LH cheerful as Raj Rai mentioned it when I was pointing it out, but he didn't say or do anything about it. Not did their scan pick it up.. St Mary's Recurrent MC centre.. largest in Europe.. doesn't fill you with confidence does it? I guess it is all about timing for the scans and I guess they would have assumed something this common would have been picked up before.

Yes sue and comedy 2.30pm on Sat in that pub. I'll message you both.

I bought the link to the spreadsheet over. It probably needs updating at some point when and if people feel ready.

Hope things settle down for the newly PG ladies. The curse of worry that we are forced to carry, life is not fair and we are so helpless. huge hugs and we are thinking positive thoughts x

iggi999 Tue 22-Nov-11 21:56:54

<Pulling up a chair>
Just to add to the comments for Choccy, I had bleeding with my first pg which resulted in my wee boy.

scooterchaser Tue 22-Nov-11 22:26:30

Free really hope your nan is ok, I am sure it will be a real comfort to her to have you at her side tomorrow. By the way, I also saw 954 and thought we had 6 posts left, d'oh!! Is pregnancy-brain a proper symptom, have to chalk that one up then!  

ari it is so hard in the early days, such a battle with hope and fear and it's worse at the start because although we all knew what we were in for, somehow it's still a bit of a shock to be back in the game. Glad that you have sorted the HCG tests and fingers crossed you can get reassurance from the next lot of figures. Keep reminding yourself that the doubling thing can't be an exact science because the majority of pregnancies don't get monitored for HCG progress, all kinds of crazy things may be going on with people's levels and you may be right in there in the realms of normal all along.

choccy hope the normal implantation spotting stories have been reassuring for you, it is the right window for it after all but we all know it is such a horrible panic to see. Also I wonder if we are more susceptible to it as we are taking the aspirin... just a thought? I have to say I was freaked out in the same way at about 5 weeks but it was a massive surprise and relief that it didn't turn into anything more. Hope work issues have calmed down a bit and you can try and relax this eve.

duggs it's never nice to have a diagnosis but it must be a bit of a relief that you now have something to work with and are now in Mr S's hands for treatment. Ferrari analogy sounds promising smile 

Hi to Seeker & hopeful so sorry you find yourselves here but you are in the best company with a pretty expert body of wisdom to draw on too. Have to say I reach for the thread before the doctors these days and always find it massively helpful.

No news here but keeping busy as DH is away even longer now and I have to keep distracting myself from the fact these two weeks are usually make or break for me. Intralipids tomorrow morning and scan on Friday so I am praying for something hopeful to report then.

Waving to everyone and congrats to the milestoners with good scans! Just so much to catch up on every time I go online, sorry to miss anyone.

Arianrhod Wed 23-Nov-11 07:55:19

Well here we are again, silly o'clock and sitting in the community hospital waiting for yet another bruise in my arm. Not confident at all that my levels will have gone up enough as I did another digital test this morning, apparently it changes from showing 1-2 weeks to 2-3 weeks at 200. My level on Mon was 112, so if it had doubled in the last 48 hours then I would now be over 200 and so showing 2-3 weeks this morning. It didn't, it still showed 1-2 weeks. I think I know the answer sad

choccy how are you doing this morning.

ChoccyPud Wed 23-Nov-11 08:32:20

Morning Ari. Another bruise but another number for you. Fingers crossed its a good one it'll certainly be more accurate than a HPT.

Thanks for asking... Physically, am still bleeding and a bit crampy since I got up for breakfast and Pred.

Mentalling wise, my work-me head is all over the place and couldn't string a sentence together if I had it in front of me on a cue card. Appalling timing but I just couldn't cope with work. I am trying to stop myself feeling bad about letting work down at a busy time. That clashes with my professional instincts but I need to be selfish right now and most importantly I promised myself I would throw everything at this pregnancy and I don't want to look back and think "what if I hadn't dragged myself into work?". Thankfully my boss is very understanding.

In case it is just implantation then I feel I need to do all I can (or rather as little as I can!) to prevent the baby going out with the bath water as it were... The less I move around maybe it'll settle down without me knocking too much lining out. It is massively comforting to know that it may not all be over but no matter how much I repeat that "what will be wil be", I still feel like I'm floundering around in the midst of some big fuzzy vague sea of white noise. It's all so confusing.

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