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Due June 2020: Thread 5

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umabb Mon 16-Mar-20 23:16:23

New thread ready! x

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Zoey92 Mon 16-Mar-20 23:44:03

Been catching up and looks like im not the only one with high stress levels.
I run a salon on my own & have no idea what to do, I'm already very strict with cleanliness and sanitizing. Unfortunately me not working means no pay.
Such a stressful time


APD1981 Tue 17-Mar-20 00:29:26

Can't sleep. Feel full of anxiety about everything. Want to just fall asleep and wake up to find all of this just a nightmare!

BabyBird20 Tue 17-Mar-20 03:33:23

Ditto to the lack of sleep!! Just running through every scenario where my Head makes me keep teaching and complete the remaining 20 learning meetings I have with parents 😩😩

I'm going to have to go in in the morning and hope he lets me go back home!! 🤞🤞

Liveforholidays Tue 17-Mar-20 04:16:21

Yup another non sleeper here. 😢 I'm hoping that once I get used to the idea that I'm now part of the high risk group and accept that it means no contact with the world for a bit I'll start to relax again. Thank goodness for this group.... This will certainly be a story to tell the grandchildren in years to come.

BabyBird20 Tue 17-Mar-20 06:28:09

@Liveforholidays I was thinking that! What a story to tell the baby in years to come... the year you were born 2020... Brexit and corona!! Part of the history books for sure!!

AndddddHerewegoagain Tue 17-Mar-20 06:41:58

Ive also been stressing all night on whether I should cancel my sons birthday party this weekend. The sensible part of my brain says yes but the other part thinks
Im still working (theres only 2 of us at work, 4 at a maximum)
My son is still at nursery
My dh is emergency services and i think he puts me at most risk but I'm not going to kick him out grin

The other solution is for me to miss the party 😭😭

BabyBird20 Tue 17-Mar-20 06:53:49

@AndddddHerewegoagain how many kids are you supposed to have there? It's so hard isn't it when they're not closing schools and nurseries but telling people to cancel socialising! If you do have it you might find some parents don't want to bring their little ones now and you should Def try and avoid other parents and kids yourself if possible!

AndddddHerewegoagain Tue 17-Mar-20 06:57:44


16 children. But he's at nursery with them all week so i don't see how 2 hours Saturday will make much difference 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

Haven't had anyone asking if we're cancelling yet and all my friends I've spoken to have said they would still have the party.

Its just so hard being a responsible adult grin

BabyBird20 Tue 17-Mar-20 07:01:51

It's tough isn't it!! You've got to do what's right by you and them! It might be the last time they see each other for a while if things do shut from Friday! Xx

mrssunshinexxx Tue 17-Mar-20 07:03:19

@RPPs the thread has come at the right time we now have actual advice to follow which is to self isolate and work from home where possible
I should be set up at home by tomorrow really hope my boss just gets it sorted

Rinoa Tue 17-Mar-20 07:08:27

Just got an email my antenatal class will be cancelled , it was for beginning of April. They will send out packages of information instead. Not too bothered about it. Safety first! And don't mean to be a negative Nancy, but I'd cancel any parties getaways for now. It's difficult to stay away from someone who needs to go out for work especially if you are in the same household but I'd at least take precautions. If DH shows signs of any sickness I'd try to move to another room. In my case DH got sick last weekend and I moved to my in laws spare room (same house different floor) . Sucks being away from him but I know he's just trying to keep me safe .

APD1981 Tue 17-Mar-20 07:08:55

My head teacher has replied this morning and said to stay home today and seek further advice going forward. I'm not sure if he's seen the more detailed advice from the govt website though, which seems to make it a lot clearer to me! I will, however, phone my union and ask my MW at my 28 week appt this afternoon.

I'm so relieved it looks like I can keep my distance from the 1000+ kids in my school!

Magpiefeather Tue 17-Mar-20 07:28:58

I am a bit anxious but mostly cross this morning. I’m angry that the government have given this as “advice” rather than enforce a proper ban or restriction. I’m self employed and I can’t afford to lose the pay. If I choose not to go to work, that’s it, there’s nothing. I mean, the nursery and school I visit to teach might close soon anyway but until then I have no choice but to keep going in . By making it “advice” the government get out of having to support the self employed or businesses who are closing (theatres, pubs, clubs etc.... haven’t been told to close, so can’t claim on insurance, but the govt has told people not to attend! It makes me angry).

Anyway, leaving that aside, my current plan is
- go to work as normal (3 days a week) but do more hand washing and sanitising. Try not to touch as many surfaces.
-stop any social activities, as painful as this is. I will still take my dd to the park or out for a walk. We are rural and I feel the risk is minimal.
- try not to panic
- make a “stay sane” plan . Whole days, weeks, months at home with a 3 year old are daunting

I’m going to throw myself into sorting the house out, keeping everything clean and tidy, doing the garden, making clothes (luckily I have a good indoor hobby!), batch cooking for the freezer, and keeping dd entertained. Also I’m going to limit myself to how much of the news I watch and listen to - maybe only the daily TV address. Last night I was up til late reading loads of news stories and it didn’t do me any good, just made me more anxious.

One other thing I’m going to do is order last few baby bits just to make sure we have everything ready in case this lasts ages. So we just need: new cotbed mattress, new snuzpod mattress, steriliser, some kind of nightlight for night wakings.

Stay safe everyone but also stay sane!

Blizy Tue 17-Mar-20 08:17:12

I hope everyone is ok this morning?
I guess I'm "lucky" in that I'm already off work due to pelvis issues. DH is self employed so he is continuing to work until told not to.
I've found
Out this morning that any antenatal appointments/scans I will have, I have to do alone, dh is not allowed. My next scan and appointment is not until 6th April, I am however cancelling my physio and clinical psychology appointments. Attempting to limit my time at the hospital.
I too was just thinking about ordering essential baby bits now, blankets/sheets and mattress.
So, now I need a plan to keep my 5 year old ds busy for the next 12 weeks!

sarahlounich Tue 17-Mar-20 08:22:58

Our NCT classes were meant to start this evening but website says all classes suspended for now. I know it's sensible but also a bit gutting as a FTM wanting to be informed.

My boss is sorting out me being able to work from home today so popping in to my office to sort desk etc out as may be my last time there before baby arrives....scary thought!

I think my house is going to be the cleanest ever and having time at home will only encourage my nesting instinct!

A scary time but at the same time we have to remain positive for our babies and our own mental health. Make the most of the opportunity to be at home (for those that can) and thoughts go out to those who are self employed or have no option but to go to work..especially our emergency workers. My partner works in a prison (as do I) and no doubt there will be an expectation he goes even when they have confirmed cases....which brings the question of should we separate ourselves....certainly not something I'm happy about 😕

29 weeks today

AndddddHerewegoagain Tue 17-Mar-20 08:45:46

@Rinoa you're absolutely right. Im going to cancel his party today. Ive just messaged the soft play people to let them know. Ive asked if i can hire a bouncy castle from them instead and then have his 2 best friends over for a couple of hours +cake.

So much food to eat now 😂😂

Rinoa Tue 17-Mar-20 08:51:54

@magpie wow so organised! That's the best way to go though. Might as well keep busy at home and try to stay happy/non stressed. Babies in are belly need to be happy 😊

@sarahlounich FTM here too. But I'm sure they will give out some info to help us out at least. Plus reading up and watching some online stuff might be good to keep us busy! Lol

@AndddddHerewegoagain sounds like a good alternative!

Stay positive today ladies. Have faith

chocolate26 Tue 17-Mar-20 08:58:34

@AndddddHerewegoagain I think you are making the right decision to cancel his birthday party, as sad as it is it's the right choice. At least you have lots of food!!

I'm so glad I can still walk my dogs! I live rurally so I can walk them without coming close to anyone. I think I will be okay as long as I can still get some fresh air as I'm quite a home bod anyway.

Sorry to those of you who are having antenatal classes cancelled and appointments postponed or changed. My antenatal classes aren't until May (bit late as my midwife forgot to book me on) so I'm not sure if mine will go ahead yet.

I hope we aren't told that we will have to give birth alone! That really worries me. I was planning on having my DH and my mum with me but I've already accepted my mum probably won't be able to be with me but I hope DH will still be able to.

SearchingTheSkies Tue 17-Mar-20 09:33:28

Morning all,
I went into school as normal this morning but got sent straight home! Really glad my headteacher was so decisive. I think I'm going to get on with some lesson planning and cleaning today.

Sorry that some of you are having to cancel plans. All for a good cause though. And thank goodness for this thread!

BabyBird20 Tue 17-Mar-20 10:13:10

My head teacher was not too nice about it all this morning, refused to send me home until he'd had an official order to do some from the business manager and risk advisor! Was in class one minute then sent home at ten past nine and that's the last I'll see if my little ones!! Totally emotional with all the anxiety and no chance to say bye to my colleagues etc!! 😢😢

Liveforholidays Tue 17-Mar-20 10:21:15

Victoria Derbyshire programme on BBC 2 now talking about corona and pregnancy.

Mj2196 Tue 17-Mar-20 10:35:07

anyone else unable to work from home still going in?.. oh the joys of retail management 😕

umabb Tue 17-Mar-20 11:00:23

My antenatal classes aren't until May as well and likely they will be cancelled too, if the situation here isn't going be any better than China (2 months since the outbreak there and only started to loosen). I'm going to buy some books instead and hopefully there are some videos for us to watch too.
Well done ladies making sensible decisions with social activities - it's never easy. I'm surprised how many teachers are on our group - hopefully you all get support from the schools and head teachers xx

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Kez437 Tue 17-Mar-20 11:18:22

Hi all: Just checking in. I'm lucky that I can work from home and have been since last week, I effectively told my midwife to write it in my notes as I wasn't convinced by the PHA statement and then work were too afraid to argue, so, so glad I did. I feel so much for all of you who have to continue to go in or with horrible bosses, just remember to prioritise yourself and bambino.
In other news I feel increasingly lonely, hubby is still working for now and we live very rural so it's hard to structure my day and not feel alone. Also got notice that all my parenting classes and Hypnobirthing classes run by the NHS are now cancelled. Just appointments at the minute. Beginning to feel like I'm doing this on my own but so grateful for you lot daffodilthanks

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