It shouldn’t be said that “only women have a cervix”.

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Paddingtonsmarmaladesandwiches Sun 26-Sep-21 11:32:14

Watching Keir Stammer on Marr this morning scrambling to answer whether or not it is transphobic to say “only women have a cervix” was the final nail in the coffin for me this morning with Labour. In the aftermath of The Lancet calling women, “bodies with vaginas”, I think I’ve finally figured out that the current belief system is that transwomen are women, but women who were observed female at birth are “bodies with vaginas”. Clearly Labour aren’t in need of the votes of bodies with vaginas, brains and a spine.

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VestaTilley Sun 26-Sep-21 11:41:54

YANBU. I used to be a Labour councillor. I wouldn’t vote for them now in a million years.

Horst Sun 26-Sep-21 11:47:14

I mean how hard is it. Morons. My body with vagina and cervix won’t touch labour with a shitty barge pole.

AlfonsoTheMango Sun 26-Sep-21 12:17:43

It's a way of using language to erase women - you know, people with cervixes and vaginas. The goal is for TW to be referred to as "women" while women - the class that produces large immobile gamates - will be referred to as "cervix havers", "vagina havers" and "gestators".

Whatwouldscullydo Sun 26-Sep-21 12:30:50

If this isn't proof the only women anyone cares about are those born male, I don't know what is.

Judashascomeintosomemoney Sun 26-Sep-21 12:32:41

I’ve got a smear test booked for this coming week, I’d better call the surgery up and check whether they meant to invite my husband along for one too…..

Lottapianos Sun 26-Sep-21 12:33:33

What the actual blue fuck do they think they are doing? I really want to know, WHAT is the end game here? Surely they're not so far gone that they think this is what normal, regular people want to hear, and will agree with, and vote for? Starmer is an intelligent man who used to have a lot of credibility. Why on earth is he prepared to make himself a laughing stock? As a former Labour voter, I find it all bloody heartbreaking


AnneLovesGilbert Sun 26-Sep-21 12:35:08

I shouldn’t have been surprised but my jaw hit the floor when he said that. His mother would be ashamed of him.

He’s a disgrace of a penis haver. The sheer spinelessness and contempt for reality and over yet half the population he seeks to represent will condemn him to the dustbin of history.

How fucking dare he.

PanicStationsAhh Sun 26-Sep-21 12:35:32

Well this "person with a cervix" (ffs angry) won't ever be voting Labour whilst this sort of nonsense is being peddled!

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sun 26-Sep-21 12:35:44

Agree, no more Labour voting for me now. Boris must be doing a little happy dance.

We really have no viable government options.

PanicStationsAhh Sun 26-Sep-21 12:37:13

@LyingWitchInTheWardrobe agreed, the tories must do a happy dance whenever one of the other parties comes out with more of this tripe

GCmiddle Sun 26-Sep-21 12:41:02

It is the inevitable consequence of saying trans women are women, trans men are men, etc. Once you profess to believing that, you have to follow through and that means that you have to say you believe some men have a cervix and men can get pregnant, etc.
Politicians need to think through the consequences of these things at the outset to avoid making themselves look foolish later, but it's too late for most of them now. They can't backtrack now for fear of being labelled transphobic, so they are going to have to find another way out of the mess they have got themselves into and could easily have avoided.

AnyFucker Sun 26-Sep-21 12:42:19

Keir Starmer doing all the work of the present government, again

He is a gift to Boris Johnson, that is for sure

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sun 26-Sep-21 12:45:09

What makes me angriest where politics is involved is that you cannot lodge a visible vote of 'no confidence'. I wonder what would happen if this were possible? If the electorate had the power to shelve the government and go back to the drawing board of getting a new one set up the next year? With the incumbent not allowed to do anything more than hold the helm steady before they exit?

I would be doing a very happy dance indeed.

As it is, we have no option - this shit or that shit? What a choice! angry

GoWalkabout Sun 26-Sep-21 12:45:38

Yanbu but your title might skew the voting because its ambiguous which you want people to disagree with.

usernameorlan Sun 26-Sep-21 12:47:52

What do you expect from brosolists. I know plenty of beardy, woke men trying to erase women from their vocabulary so other men can feel comfortable. Why is it ok to appropriate women but not any other marginalised group?

All these men can fuck off. I won't refer to myself in such demeaning terms as 'cervix haver' - fuck off. I'm feeling ready for a march but must prepare myself against the TRA with baseball bats. Not that they're misogynists...

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sun 26-Sep-21 12:47:59


Keir Starmer doing all the work of the present government, again

He is a gift to Boris Johnson, that is for sure

And yet he was being lauded by so many as a viable opposition when Boris was parading his stupidity at the start of Covid.

Who on earth can reasonably be voted for? If a ballot were put in front of me now - or frankly - anytime over the last 10 years, I really feel no pride at what they've achieved or hope for their future work.

I never say this but, it really is depressing.

PhiRhoSigma Sun 26-Sep-21 12:50:37

If you don't respect my sex, don't expect my X, Labour.

SpindleWorld Sun 26-Sep-21 12:52:16


So he wants a debate, but we're not allowed to express certain beliefs and facts that are, in law, actually protected, because men like Keir Starmer and Ed Davey say so?

What kind of a fucking debate is that, Keir? Because it sounds very much like totalitarianism to me - and that isn't protected in this country. Call yourself a lawyer? Call yourself a socialist?

TeaAndStrumpets Sun 26-Sep-21 12:53:05

I remember having a useful chat with my surgeon prior to my hysterectomy, about whether I could keep my cervix. Oh dear, should he not have spoken of it? Maybe he was a Tory grin

JuneFromBethesda Sun 26-Sep-21 12:53:50

I genuinely thought better of Starmer, although I don’t know why. He can’t honestly believe this bullshit, so is it that the majority of his party is so entirely captured that he can’t afford to speak the truth and keep his job?

HaroldMeeker Sun 26-Sep-21 12:54:26

I'm constantly horrified at how cowardly politicians have been over this issue. Clearly, they do NOT believe twaw, as they're still differentiating between tw and women, by reducing females to their body parts. This whole "you MUST believe what we say" narrative from a few particular groups and the insane total capitulation by a massive number of organisations also makes it clear they KNOW what sex people are. Who the hell bends over this far for females? Its only males who have the world reorganised for them, in general.
I have absolutely nobody to vote for. Those few politicians who have stuck their necks out (Joanna Cherry, for example) have been squashed, and Mhairi Black calls women "Jeremy hunts" in parliament.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sun 26-Sep-21 12:54:47

Guy Fawkes... where are you now?

Bordois Sun 26-Sep-21 12:57:23


I’ve got a smear test booked for this coming week, I’d better call the surgery up and check whether they meant to invite my husband along for one too…..

I'm going to take my cat. She is a body with a cervix after all...

Bordois Sun 26-Sep-21 12:58:34

Sorry, I just assumed my cats pronouns there as well. I shall educate myself and do better

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