Please can someone get me home

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stuckingeneva Thu 23-Sep-21 23:14:30

I'm in Geneva.

Last minute long weekend with newish partner. Two months.

first night. We came back to the room. I crashed on the bed. I woke to him pushing me in annoyance/aggression. I remember it. Like a shove.

We talked for a bit. He's pissed off. I mentioned it and all hells broken loose. Like I'm a wild cannon. How can I say that.

I just want to go home. I haven't sorted out the tests etc as that was his job and we had a few days. But I'm hiding in the bathroom now. I just want to go home

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SpookyIan Thu 23-Sep-21 23:15:33

Book a different hotel room?

DillyDilly Thu 23-Sep-21 23:16:53

Go down to Reception and ask for assistance or else phone them from the bathroom.

pelosi Thu 23-Sep-21 23:17:32

Oh no sad

Where is your handbag and passport? The main thing is to get out safe, your suitcase can be left.

Is he waiting for you come out? Do you have your phone?

Heruka Thu 23-Sep-21 23:18:26

Yes could you manage that, continue the rest of the hol yourself? If you don’t feel safe you could speak to reception staff just now. Did he admit shoving you? Did he say why? Not that it matters but just trying to understand the situation better.

pelosi Thu 23-Sep-21 23:18:50

From the Swiss website:

‘If you dial 112, you will be connected with the police emergency switchboard. You can also call this number using a foreign SIM card, or when using a prepaid mobile phone with no remaining credit.’

WellThisIsShit Thu 23-Sep-21 23:18:53

Can you get to your handbag and passport?


tedsletterofthelaw Thu 23-Sep-21 23:19:00

Don't worry about the tests they are easy enough to do. You'll be able to get a pre departure LFT at the airport I'm sure. And book any old day two test online and fill in your passenger locator on the way to the airport.

Hope you get home soon x

RickJames Thu 23-Sep-21 23:19:30

Get your handbag and passport and go to reception. Take it from there.

What an arse! Sorry.

WellThisIsShit Thu 23-Sep-21 23:19:53

If not phone the hotel on your mobile and ask for help, explain you are trapped and the bathroom and fear for your safety.

MrsTulipTattsyrup Thu 23-Sep-21 23:20:06

If you feel unsafe can you call the police? Or Google the nearest police station: you could go there, if you can leave safely, and explain your problem. If you’re afraid, they will help you. Once there, if you need assistance arranging transit home, you might be able to contact consular help.

DukeOfEarlGrey Thu 23-Sep-21 23:20:09

Yep, get a separate room as an immediate fix and then plan your exit from therefore calmly.

Most hotels will also have a late night bar / lobby you can sit in to get away from him whilst you plan the next step - is that an option?

DukeOfEarlGrey Thu 23-Sep-21 23:20:29

*from there more calmly

Itsnotallaboutyoubaby Thu 23-Sep-21 23:22:25

💐 keep your passport and money on you. See if the hotel can help. Can you afford another room?

stuckingeneva Thu 23-Sep-21 23:22:45

It's twenty past midnight here. I'm a state.

He just said what's next you're going to say I hit you. And it's like no. But i remember you pushing me.

It's a really expensive hotel. I don't know what another room will cost.

Have my phone but everything else is in the bedroom.

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Cocomarine Thu 23-Sep-21 23:22:46

Right now, don’t worry about how you do tests or how you get home. The only thing you need to do is go to hotel reception and tell them that you need help to be moved to a safe, secure, alternative room. Be honest with them. Try to get some sleep, then in the morning the hotel staff and the internet can tell you all you need to know about getting home.

MrsTulipTattsyrup Thu 23-Sep-21 23:24:43


It's twenty past midnight here. I'm a state.

He just said what's next you're going to say I hit you. And it's like no. But i remember you pushing me.

It's a really expensive hotel. I don't know what another room will cost.

Have my phone but everything else is in the bedroom.

Doesn’t matter what it costs if it’s the difference between you being safe and being in danger.

You clearly have your phone so you can move money around or arrange an overdraft by the time you need to check out.

Or just call the police.

RickJames Thu 23-Sep-21 23:25:01

You said you were like a wild cannon. Is that what he said? Or are you very emotional?

Its important that you establish a calm demeanour so that you can ask for help clearly and don't run the risk of being made 'the bad guy' if your travel partner retaliates.

Can you google the hotel number from your phone and call them for assistance? Stay calm, help can be on its way very quickly.

rhnireland Thu 23-Sep-21 23:26:31

If you are fully vaccinated you can book a day 2 test when you land

Talk to reception sadly you won't be the first person this has happened to x

proudwomansexmatters Thu 23-Sep-21 23:27:02

When you say push you? What do you mean? As in having an argument and he shoved you? Or you were in bed sleeping and you woke up because he was shoving you? Had you both been drinking?

If you're unsafe then you need to leave.

proudwomansexmatters Thu 23-Sep-21 23:28:05

Are you sure you weren't snoring and he shoved you to get you to turn over?

WheresYourSnickers Thu 23-Sep-21 23:28:54

Go talk to the hotel receptionist. I'm sure they'll help.

DontPeeInThePlayHouse Thu 23-Sep-21 23:29:09

Call the hotel from the bathroom to ask for help to leave. Put on the shower or taps if you need to cover the conversation. Forget about everything else until you are in a place you feel safe. Tests, luggage, whatever can be sorted after you're removed from the situation.

CleopatrasBeautifulNose Thu 23-Sep-21 23:29:12

You could take your stuff, go to the airport and sleep in the waiting area until you can get a flight. I've done worse.

crazykoo124 Thu 23-Sep-21 23:29:36

At the moment, your safety is paramount and that means getting away from him.

Police and hotel security are your two options right now, don’t worry and stay calm.

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