To think Laurel Hubbard should not be competing against other women

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Belle82 Sat 31-Jul-21 09:26:22

I know I am going to get ripped apart for this. smile

I have no problem with the transgender community, that is your life/body and I am not one to judge anyone else, do what makes you happy.

There is something fundamentally wrong about a person who is biologically a man competing against a woman in sport as significant as weightlifting.
I am not taking anything away from women weightlifters, however when competing in that sport, a person who was born a man will always have an unfair advantage over a woman.

I am all for equal rights but it seems political correctness has now put us in a position that we will only consider the equal rights of those in the transgender community. What happens to the equal rights of all the other women who have worked extremely hard to get to the olympics who should be competing against biological women.

There needs to be clearer cut criteria on entrance requirements to every sport, to give every person the equal rights they deserve.

My heart goes out to all the other women competing who I’m sure must be somewhat disheartened about their chances of success now they are competing against a biological man. sad

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Potteringshed Sat 31-Jul-21 09:27:20

YABU to post here when there is a whole board for these conversations.

IAmNotAClownfish Sat 31-Jul-21 09:27:40

You're not wrong at all but this thread will probably end up in the naughty corner.

PotteringAlong Sat 31-Jul-21 09:27:47

No, i agree with you. Your weightlifting journey will be nowhere near as successful if you’re competing against a biological, chromosomal male.

MsTSwift Sat 31-Jul-21 09:28:40

I don’t understand the emphasis on “being inclusive” but the end result is actually excluding women.

ShowOfHands Sat 31-Jul-21 09:28:43

It is not fair in the slightest and I think the majority of people know this. It makes me as angry as it does sad.

Hont1986 Sat 31-Jul-21 09:29:20

Isn't there a separate board for these?


IAmNotAClownfish Sat 31-Jul-21 09:29:49

Oh look, a complainer right on time.

Do you go onto pet threads to say they should stay in the litter tray, or is it just this subject that needs policing?

Twinkletwinklelittlecar Sat 31-Jul-21 09:29:50

It is absolutely not fair, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to explain why women have their own categories in sport in the first place.

MadeOfStarStuff Sat 31-Jul-21 09:30:29

YANBU at all

Sport should be segregated based on biological sex not feels and stereotypes

Dabo Sat 31-Jul-21 09:30:30

I agree with you, female sports should be sex segregated, it's complete unfair.

Teacupsandtoast Sat 31-Jul-21 09:32:14

I agree with you. You shouldnt benefit from the physical biological advantage of being male to then choose to identify as female and use that advantage against women. It is just another oppression of give transgender people their rights it seems women need to be silenced. But you'll get called a TERF for think that way!

ConstanceGracy Sat 31-Jul-21 09:33:12


YANBU at all

Sport should be segregated based on biological sex not feels and stereotypes


Teacupsandtoast Sat 31-Jul-21 09:33:36

While I'm ranting - if you want to present yourself as non-binary, then why choose to compete in the womens section? You've made the choice to be non binary, so shouldn't compete

AnyFucker Sat 31-Jul-21 09:34:00

Yabu to say “other women”

Laurel Hubbard is a biological male so, by definition, not a woman

mayaknew Sat 31-Jul-21 09:34:30

YANBU one bit. Completely unfair.

What I dont get is someone who would WANT a medal in an event where they have an unfair advantage. I would want to win because I had worked hard to be the best, and not win in a way by default.

Apeirogon Sat 31-Jul-21 09:34:45

Agree - it's completely unfair

Mycatismadeofstringcheese Sat 31-Jul-21 09:35:14

I want to remove the word “other” in your title.

Laurel Hubbard should not be competing against women.

MintyChops Sat 31-Jul-21 09:35:34

It’s fucking ridiculous and totally unfair.

JulesCobb Sat 31-Jul-21 09:35:39

do what makes you happy
Very, very selfish attitude.

Of course yanbu. It is cheating. There are a growing number of mediocre males cheating their way to medals now. And loads and loads of women so badly conditioned to be kind at all costs they cheer it on, or cover their eyes.

If you are a woman, and you specifically opened this thread to attempt to silence a woman concerned about women, be ashamed of yourselves.

Witchesbelazy Sat 31-Jul-21 09:36:14

Yanbu this will be hidden in the other board to pander to people soon enough though.

LizziesTwin Sat 31-Jul-21 09:36:14

A woman has been pushed out of this event by someone old enough to be their mother or father.

I think there’s a poor young woman from Nauru who missed out on this Olympics due to someone from New Zealand with a millionaire father.

TidyDancer Sat 31-Jul-21 09:36:26

There should be no male bodied competitors in female sexed sport categories.

Given the somewhat obvious unfairness that this has actually been allowed, I'd be fascinated to hear any convincing argument that this person is categorised appropriately.

Foghead Sat 31-Jul-21 09:36:50

I don’t understand how this was even allowed. It just seems a bit mad.

ClaryFairchild Sat 31-Jul-21 09:36:51

YANBU - biological sex should be the deciding factor in sport, not gender.

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