"Massive salad"

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Sparklfairy Sat 31-Jul-21 06:57:03

I see it here all the time, it's the new mythical mumsnet chicken I think. In the recent lovely (and not so lovely) weather I've been eating a lot of salad, but I really want to know what other people think is a 'massive salad'.

So, AIBU to ask when you make a massive salad what you put in it and how much??


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MongoAkimboAGoGo Sat 31-Jul-21 06:58:18

Huge greedy bastard salad

Sparklfairy Sat 31-Jul-21 06:59:48

Yep. Binge those lettuce leaves grin

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AvantGardening Sat 31-Jul-21 07:01:05

A dinner plate sized portion that includes a protein and is a meal in itself would be a massive salad. To differentiate from a simple side salad that accompanies other elements of a meal.

Savannahnanana Sat 31-Jul-21 07:03:25

Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, peppers, feta cheese, chicken pieces, beetroot, grated carrot, sweet corn, croutons, crispy bacon, Cous Cous, coleslaw and maybe some mixed beans in vinaigrette dressing.

Eleoura Sat 31-Jul-21 07:03:36

I use either a glass bowl or a metal one, depending if the salad is the meal, or just a side.

- chicken or regular caesar salad
- som tam (Thai papaya salad)
- Thai beef salad
- Watermelon/halloumi salad
- Pototo salad
- Thai mango salad
- sweetcorn salad
- cous cous or quinoa salad

BikeRunSki Sat 31-Jul-21 07:03:39

I have a “massive salad” a few times a week for lunch.

Typically - base on leaves, maybe a while little Gen lurtyucrvof hskd an iceberg; a handful of spinach; a beetroot sliced up; 3 inches of cucumber chopped into chunks; about 5 cherry tins, 5 or 6 olives,,2 or 3 mushrooms, a grated carrot. Then maybe a hard boiled egg; or some tuna; or 2 or 3 fallafels.


Rubyupbeat Sat 31-Jul-21 07:04:00

I too would love to know what others put in their salads. Mine are so boring. Mind you I find all my meals boring, unless they are made for me.

Eleoura Sat 31-Jul-21 07:04:29

- pear and blue cheese salad
- beetroot and feta salad
- tomato/basil pesto salad
- pasta salad

MaMaD1990 Sat 31-Jul-21 07:06:49

Oh I love a massive salad! I tend to use a mixture of green leafy herbs as a base, pile in some roasted tomatoes and sweet potato, halloumi, avocado, red onion, olive oil and balsamic vinegar...yum.

Gilead Sat 31-Jul-21 07:06:59

Home made potato salad, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot, homemade coleslaw, cheese or chicken. Crusty bread.

Whatafustercluck Sat 31-Jul-21 07:07:55

My favourite massive salad is:
Yellow pepper
Cherry toms
Topped with grilled salmon and some.prawns.

Faranth Sat 31-Jul-21 07:07:56

Green beans
New potatoes boiled and griddled
Loads of chicken
A couple of poached eggs
Big hunk of crusty bread
Loads of lovely dressing

GreenWasabi Sat 31-Jul-21 07:08:20

Nuts - any type sprinkled over raises it to a new level

WasThisSexist Sat 31-Jul-21 07:11:25

Base of mixed leaves, chopped celery, cucumber, peppers, sliced beetroot, cherry tomatoes, olives. Something ‘main’ like avocado, humous, tuna fish, etc. Dressed with oil and balsamic vinegar. Sometimes nuts and seeds on top.

LolaSmiles Sat 31-Jul-21 07:12:48

The 'massive' part of massive salad makes me smile on here. Surely massive is about the portion size?
For me there's a salad (as a meal) or a side salad (to go with a main). What I'd describe as a salad is similar to the suggestions on this thread: leaves, a protein, some nice veg, dressing and some form of substantial carb, such as new potatoes or freshly toasted croutons.

Reluctantstepmom Sat 31-Jul-21 07:13:01

Pine nuts
Red onion
Cherry toms
Home made dijon honey mustard dressing

Lunaballoon Sat 31-Jul-21 07:14:08

We had salad based meals every day last week during the hot weather. I wouldn’t have described them as “massive.”

That description seems to have become shorthand on here for a whole plateful of salad in all its forms.

chatw0o0 Sat 31-Jul-21 07:15:23

Lettuce and/or mixed leaves (if we must). Tonnes of nice small tomatoes, lots of cucumber, no onion, couple of boiled eggs, maybe some tuna mixed in with a small amount of mayo, capers or some little pickles, cheese... It's not 'massive' as such, just not very salad-y grin

Littleone638 Sat 31-Jul-21 07:16:57

My husband had a massive tuna salad in a restaurant on holiday, it came on a platter, the kind you’d get for a “big plate” meal at a carvery.

There was at least a tin of tuna, maybe more, different types of leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, red onion, sweetcorn. Not anything unusual, just LOTS of it, with a good dressing.

HocusPocuss Sat 31-Jul-21 07:18:40

Growing up my mum would do us a massive salad at least once a week in summer, usually when my cousins were over. She’d put loads of condiments on the table so we could pick and choose. It was delicious! Main salad was pasta, sweet corn, carrots, olives, beetroot, cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions, mixed lettuce. Then she’d put about 6 different salad dressings, croutons, fried onions, bacon, cheese, chicken pieces and potato salad on the table and we could build our own. Now that was a massive salad! I’ve now decided I’m making one today for dinner!

msbevvy Sat 31-Jul-21 07:19:18

We like to add sliced strawberries to a salad. We first had this in a restaurant in Holland.

Essentialironingwater Sat 31-Jul-21 07:20:58

Massive salad to me is eating it out of a sort of serving bowl.

I try and buy something new each week to shake it up but some of my favourite things to add interest are:
Leftover roasted veg like broccoli, sweet potato, beetroot, parsnip and carrot
Marinated artichoke from a jar
Tinned mixed beans or chickpeas
Tinned green or puy lentils

My salads probably are massive to the competitive under eaters but I just call it a salad grin

groovergirl Sat 31-Jul-21 07:21:09

Mmm, these all sound so good.

There's a Seinfeld episode that is all about The Big Salad ordered by Elaine -- but we never get to see the salad, as it's in a paper bag. I would so love to know what was in it to make it so big. Pathetic, I know, to be still wondering about this after 25 years!

GeorgiaGirl52 Sat 31-Jul-21 07:21:33

Base: Iceberg lettuce and baby spinach leaves
Filling: grated carrots, sliced cucumbers, sweet onion rings, chickpeas
Protein: sliced boiled egg, grated cheese, crispy bacon bits and chopped ham or chicken nuggets
Toppings: peanuts, croutons, raisins, dried cranberries, fresh pineapple
chopped apple
Dressing: Italian or Ranch with croutons on top

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