New tenants are refusing to hand over my daughter’s parcels

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PerseverancePays Tue 27-Jul-21 21:42:18

My daughter ordered £200 worth of clothes for herself and her baby from Next and forgot to put her new address on the order form. The courier has sent a photo of the door opened to her old flat with a man’s leg showing accepting the parcels. She asked her upstairs neighbour to pop down and get the parcels and hang on to them until I can get round there, but the new tenants have point blank said they’ve not had any parcels delivered !
I’m going round there tomorrow morning to show them the picture of them receiving them and seeing what they have to say about that.
If they still refuse, which is daylight robbery, would the police take any notice at all?
I’m also a bit nervous as I’m a short and small woman and easily intimidated. WWYD?

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Eleoura Tue 27-Jul-21 21:44:35

Why would the police be interested when she put the wrong address on there?

Formaldeheidi Tue 27-Jul-21 21:46:22

The police aren’t going to be interested as it’s your daughters responsibility to change her address. The best she can do is report to Next that the parcel hasn’t been delivered and get a refund/exchange.

drpet49 Tue 27-Jul-21 21:47:42

Next won’t refund or exchange. They have fulfilled their part of the agreement by delivering the goods to the address.

Formaldeheidi Tue 27-Jul-21 21:48:24

Then she needs to chalk it up to experience and remember not to do it again. We’ve all done it. It sucks.

DoubleTweenQueen Tue 27-Jul-21 21:48:37

Isn't it illegal to open and keep a parcel not directed to you, which you didn't order? Isn't it still theft?

DeflatedGinDrinker Tue 27-Jul-21 21:48:55

She put the wrong address on, the courier did their job correctly. The neighbour will probably say they don't have it and a friend was visiting so they must have taken it. Leave it to your daughter to go round it's her error don't get involved.


PheasantsNest Tue 27-Jul-21 21:49:58

Totally your daughter's fault. The police will not be interested.

endofjune Tue 27-Jul-21 21:50:01

Obviously the DD made a mistake but I’m not sure it’s as simple as oh, her fault.

I might make a mistake by leaving my purse at the shop but it’s still theft if someone takes it.

DeflatedGinDrinker Tue 27-Jul-21 21:50:12

Next wont refund, they delivered it.

Cherrysoup Tue 27-Jul-21 21:52:42

You can threaten with the police, yes, the new tenants might not realise nobody will come out! You can say it’s theft by finding, which is a crime, but 8 reckon 9nce they see the photos, they’ll cough them up.

BlatantlyNameChanged Tue 27-Jul-21 21:53:21

I’m going round there tomorrow morning to show them the picture of them receiving them and seeing what they have to say about that.

I'd keep the tone conversational/friendly and mention that the courier company/Next have said you need to report it to the police as theft but you wanted to make absolutely sure it hasn't been delivered there before you involve the police. Ten to one they will realise that their son/partner/dog took it in without telling them.

If you get no joy then do report it, it is theft and at the very least you'll get given a crime number which you can then use to try claim a refund.

Googlewasmyidea1 Tue 27-Jul-21 21:53:25

Jeez, there's some cold people on here! She put the wrong address by mistake, that doesn't entitle them to steal the parcels

breakfasty Tue 27-Jul-21 21:55:47

I think her best bet is going round there with the photo. And apologise for getting the address wrong. The police and Next aren't going to be interested. She should do it so she can show her ID so they know to hand over the parcel to her.

ScreamingBeans Tue 27-Jul-21 21:56:09

It isn't legal to keep goods and services that aren't for you, even if they were delivered to your address by accident, so the police might be interested.

Tell them you'll post the photo of their legs on Facebook (one of the local neighbourhood groups) unless they hand over your stuff.

breakfasty Tue 27-Jul-21 21:57:29

They might be interested but they are probably too busy to do anything a out it. Unless she turns it into a fight.

ScreamingBeans Tue 27-Jul-21 21:57:36

Actually the police are interested in very easy to solve crime, it makes their figures look better.

ScreamingBeans Tue 27-Jul-21 21:58:05

Burglary now... then they're not interested.

LawnFever Tue 27-Jul-21 22:00:36

I’d just go round really friendly and say the parcels have been delivered by mistake, show them the pictures and see what they say.

Don’t accuse them of anything, they haven’t really done anything wrong, it was your DDs mistake.

Any reason you’re planning on going round and not her?

FinallyHere Tue 27-Jul-21 22:12:38

* Isn't it illegal to open and keep a parcel not directed to you,*

This is not Royal Mail, it's a courier service

Martyitsyourkids Tue 27-Jul-21 22:19:00

Gosh some people on here can be so mean. Good job they're all perfect eh 🙄

As a pp has suggested I'd go round with the pics and say you want to clear up the confusion, they're with new tenners and not stolen.

Hope she gets them back 💐

NEVERENDINGST0RY Tue 27-Jul-21 22:19:46

them denying receiving it is the best thing for you i think. get next involved as the parcel has gone missing. next will either refund you or send the courier round to argue with the neighbour. any police involvement or further action will be against the neighbours who havnt got the parcel. it will probably force them to give it up.

DreamingofTimbuktu Tue 27-Jul-21 22:22:00

Why can’t your daughter sort it? I don’t see why you have to go round?

H8H8H8 Tue 27-Jul-21 22:23:19

Seems like theft to me..

“dishonestly appropriating property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it”

I’d do what @BlatantlyNameChanged suggested (well, get my daughter to) if it were me.

KTheGrey Tue 27-Jul-21 22:29:17

It's theft. It's pretty much illegal to open anything not addressed to you. Yes, you can call the police. See if you can get them to come round.

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