Random car parked on my drive!

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UftUft Fri 23-Jul-21 20:39:53

dh has just come back from work and parked across the road. I asked why he hasn't parked on our driveway and he said he thought we had visitors.
I've gone out and there's a random car on our driveway! Knocked on neighbours door but they don't know who's it is. (They are really nice and we get on with them so they would have told them to move if it was anything to do with them).
AIBU to move the car and block them in?

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britnay Fri 23-Jul-21 20:41:12

gets popcorn

Quickchangeartiste Fri 23-Jul-21 20:42:11

Absolutely not unreasonable. I would do it. 😄

fairgame84 Fri 23-Jul-21 20:42:18

Just what I need tonight.
settles in

Yes absolutely block them in.
Don't forget the mandatory diagram.

tootingbeclido Fri 23-Jul-21 20:42:25

Block them in cf's

Flyonthewall01 Fri 23-Jul-21 20:42:32

100% block them in!!

BeaBeaBuzz Fri 23-Jul-21 20:42:57

Totally block them in, then have wine


harverina Fri 23-Jul-21 20:43:06

OMG another parking thread!!! 🍷 🍿


Block them in, close your curtains and enjoy your Friday night!

I honestly can’t believe that anyone would have the audacity to park on someone’s drive!!

Isbobmyuncle Fri 23-Jul-21 20:43:09

Definitely block them in

SassyPants87 Fri 23-Jul-21 20:43:23

Defo block them in!

BMW6 Fri 23-Jul-21 20:43:25

Block and have a drink or two (or claim to have when the CF knocks to be let out)

HappyBirthdayMrPresident Fri 23-Jul-21 20:43:55

Whoop another parking thread we are being spoiled today grin

BlowDryRat Fri 23-Jul-21 20:44:30

YANBU. Do it and then don't answer when they knock/pretend to have had a drink so you can't move the car.

AllThatFancyPaintsAsFair Fri 23-Jul-21 20:44:37

It must be National block a drive day, I just read another thread about a CF parker grin

SnarkyBag Fri 23-Jul-21 20:45:03

Yes block them in and go to bed

BlowDryRat Fri 23-Jul-21 20:45:34

Or just pretend you don't know whose car it is that's blocking them in grin

GintyMcGinty Fri 23-Jul-21 20:45:41

Your DJ needs to move your car to block this car in

GintyMcGinty Fri 23-Jul-21 20:46:02

DH not DJ

Paq Fri 23-Jul-21 20:46:31

Yay! Friday night parking thread🥰🍿don't let us down OP. We want a diagram. It's the rule.

WTFisNext Fri 23-Jul-21 20:46:37

I'm a bit more evil. I'd bounce the car off my drive until it was in the middle of the road and let them reap the consequences of it being towed away by highways/police. Handbrakes aren't often set to the highest resistance so you'd be surprised how easy it can be to just shove a car out of the way!

The only time it's almost impossible is if it's an automatic put into park or an old school driver like my dad who purposefully leaves it in gear when parked (probably because of petty folk like me).

Ijustlikedthename Fri 23-Jul-21 20:46:43

I would block them in!

30degreesandmeltinghere Fri 23-Jul-21 20:47:59

Print off a fake parking charge notice... Sellotape it very enthusiastically on the windscreen

Daisychaincarrot Fri 23-Jul-21 20:48:12

Do you have a diagram? Thems the rules

JayAlfredPrufrock Fri 23-Jul-21 20:48:14

One of the first threads I read on here was a random car parked on Pagwatch’s drive.

sleepylittlebunnies Fri 23-Jul-21 20:48:41

YANBU. I would definitely block them in, at the very least they then have to knock on your door. What a cheek!

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