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Heavenly44 Tue 22-Dec-20 01:18:39

Can be anything

Can't lie a six pack

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MissConductUS Tue 22-Dec-20 13:35:38

A deep, resonant voice.

SymphonyofShadows Tue 22-Dec-20 13:36:48

Did anyone see Butterflies last night? The elder son with the curly hair, oh my days! I’ve seen the actor in other things but the 1979 version was hot!

LKJG Tue 22-Dec-20 13:45:32

Being bisexual I can appreciate lots of different things!


Good with animals - I love a man walking his dog, particularly in the cold and rain. I have one that walks my route regularly and he is just so loving with his dog. Makes me turn to jelly when he talks to me! Alas he is married!

Broad with big thighs. I can’t stand skinny men.

Toned arms but must have tanned/dark skin.


Freckles - OMG I love a woman with freckles.

High powered women in offices, the whole look. Suit, heels, make up, hair - love it!

Slim build with long legs and skirt.

HavelockVetinari Tue 22-Dec-20 13:47:39

Broad shoulders. Mmmm.

LadyGAgain Tue 22-Dec-20 13:53:20

Eyes. Smiley twinkly eyes and a broad smile with good teeth. Basically most traditional boy band looks grin. But not that age obvs.

A head of hair. Not long.

Makes me laugh. When looking at me and smiles it feels like they are in my soul.

And friendly teasing.

TerrifiedandWorried Tue 22-Dec-20 13:54:48

Ability to do the guardian cryptic crossword and score more than 200 in scrabble


WeThreeKingsofOrientAre Tue 22-Dec-20 13:56:46

Smiling dimples

PerfectlyImperfectx Tue 22-Dec-20 13:59:11


Funny. Dark stubble or full beard. Nice teeth. Manly hands. I also really like a bloke in tracksuit bottoms, when my oh is chilling in the house in tracksuit bottoms and a plain fitted tee wink

This!! Gives me the fanny flutters grin

NameChange84 Tue 22-Dec-20 14:00:28

Beautiful manners.

Good arms.

LouJ85 Tue 22-Dec-20 14:15:27


DP is a police officer. When he comes home from work in uniform with a short sleeved shirt on, forearms bare...<rubs thighs>

My DP is a prison officer so similar uniform; I totally know what you mean wink

LouJ85 Tue 22-Dec-20 14:17:09

Oh and muscular arms with tattoos ... 😍

Bronzino Tue 22-Dec-20 14:25:30


Henry cavill

So delicious, but oddly un-hot! I hope that’d prove to be incorrect ;)

Janegrey333 Tue 22-Dec-20 14:26:34

No tattoos.

Bearnecessity Tue 22-Dec-20 14:54:22

Joining the forearms appreciators here.

Indoctro Tue 22-Dec-20 14:55:34


Shirts rolled up to just below the elbow, a decent, chunky watch and putting his hand on the back of your carseat as he reverses. Phwoar.

Having said that I have been single and celibate for quite a while so even sandals with socks would do at the moment.

Sandals and socks grin

Made me actually spit my coffee out ha ha lol 😂

Indoctro Tue 22-Dec-20 14:56:03

Muscles and tattoos smile

lazylinguist Tue 22-Dec-20 14:57:21

Definitely no tattoos. Or tracksuit bottoms. Or uniforms.

LaVitaPuoEsserePiuBella Tue 22-Dec-20 15:04:22

Tall with broad shoulders (and absolutely NOT skinny/weedy)

Deep voice, well spoken, articulate

Dark hair and eyes - never fancied blond hair/blue eyes on a man

Well dressed - never, every tracksuit bottoms (unless actually doing sport) or white trainers without socks...

Witty - likes to play around with words

Good teeth

Facial hair (but not straggly/long beard)

Keeping a hand on my thigh whilst driving

Buddytheelf85 Tue 22-Dec-20 15:36:37

Forearms, especially with a watch on - oof

Lightly toned biceps

Nice suit with the jacket off, tie loosened and top button undone, sleeves rolled up - STOP


Competence - particularly at driving and DIY

Kindness and calmness

A man who genuinely likes women. You know what I mean. Rather than the poorly disguised misogynist.

But most of all, doing the housework competently and without any prompting or acting like they’re doing you a favour. That is absolutely dreamy. My DH’s laziness around the house is pretty much the reason I’ve got no sexual desire for him anymore.

shitinmyhandsandclap Tue 22-Dec-20 15:39:29

Well, having just ended a 15 year miserable relationship and nothing about him turned me on, the good things about my new bloke are:

Gorgeous blue sparkly eyes - defo a twinkle in there
Very, very funny
Makes me feel loved and wanted
Lovely grey beard - makes him look really kind and lovely
Reaches for my hand whenever we're out and about
Guides me through doors with his hand in the small of my back


Echobelly Tue 22-Dec-20 15:40:17

Dark hair and light coloured eyes

SnowDogFarts Tue 22-Dec-20 15:43:05

Alex Turner, just yeah!

Thankssomuch Tue 22-Dec-20 15:44:53

Am laughing a lot at your post buddytheelf85 😂

DonnaQuixotedelaManchester Tue 22-Dec-20 15:45:42

I think it is extraordinary how someone’s personality can totally alter their attractiveness.

Years ago, I met someone at a party and when I first saw him I thought he was the most handsome man I had ever seen - model like with an absolutely perfect face and complexion. We became friends and very quickly I no longer saw him as handsome (even though he was very nice personality wise).

I am following someone atm online for a project and whilst he is deemed to be handsome I just do not see it however he is so daft at times and posting up silly things I can see some personality which is making him much more attractive. This guy has a normal, imperfect, flawed face but the kindest eyes.

And I am haven’t seen a picture of his forearms yet but suspect they could be dangerous because they are definitely a thing👌🤪😍

HayJkl Tue 22-Dec-20 15:49:37

Muscles, clean white teeth, over 6' tall, being good at sports

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