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Happy Impeachment! Next step is removal. (Trump thread 98)

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TheClaws Tue 24-Dec-19 00:12:35

In the last thread, Trump was impeached by Congress. Now the question is when the articles will be sent to the Senate for Trial, as - at this stage - there is no guarantee from Mitch McConnell of a fair trial. Trump clings to his belief that his call to Zelensky was “perfect”.

Previous thread:

Leaannb Tue 24-Dec-19 00:25:42

He won't be removed from office.In fact we will ( unfortunately)reelect him. This is a waste of time

lionheart Tue 24-Dec-19 00:29:57

Thanks Claws.

pallisers Tue 24-Dec-19 00:31:01

I don't think it is a waste of time. Exactly what was Congress supposed to do when there was clear evidence of a President shaking down another head of state using federal aid to achieve his personal goals?

But I agree this will not end in impeachment. Senate will vote to acquit. End of story. I also think it possible he will be reelected. In fairness, after Clinton's acquital in the senate, if he was eligible to run, he would also have been reelected imo.

I am in the US and it is depressing as hell to think of.

lionheart Tue 24-Dec-19 00:31:30


pallisers Tue 24-Dec-19 00:32:20

Also if he is impeached we get Pence. What a relief that will be --- NOT

Leaannb Tue 24-Dec-19 00:40:55

@pallissers. I'm in the UK right now visiting my son but I live in NC. I feel its a waste of time because the Senate is still controlled by the GOP. He will be found not guilty and despite his Ukraine crap he is still very popular due to the better (supposedly) economy. Besides lets face it the Democrats don't have anyone to beat him. Batten down the hatches because we have another 5 years of being embarrased by the fool

Leaannb Tue 24-Dec-19 00:43:29

@pallisers.....With Pence we can almost guarantee serious challenges to Roe vs Wade

Lweji Tue 24-Dec-19 01:13:41

Well done. Thanks for the thread.
What should we vote YABU/YANBU on?

Lweji Tue 24-Dec-19 01:14:42

Next, impeach Pence too.

lionheart Tue 24-Dec-19 01:18:46

Optimistic until the end.

YouretheChristmasCarcass Tue 24-Dec-19 01:28:26

Thanks for the new thread Claws.

For a bit of general clarification on previous posts (and being a bit pedantic), Scrotus has been impeached. He was impeached in the House of Representatives (in whom rests the sole power of impeachment) on two articles: Obstruction of Congress and Abuse of Power. As Claws says in the title the next step is a Senate trial and a verdict (by vote) as to whether or not to remove him from office. The Senate has sole power to try the President and to remove him from office.

Spkr Pelosi doesn't have to submit the Articles to the Senate for trial on any timetable. As it stands, she's waiting to see if a fair and impartial trial can be guaranteed by Moscow Mitch and his cronies. If not, she can hold the Articles indefinitely. She can even hold them until immediately before or just after the 2020 election.

Yes, we'd have Pres Pence if Scrotus was removed, but his tenure would be short as the election is next November. And the party may well want a candidate without the 'Trump Taint'.

There are already lawsuits moving through the system that will impact Roe v Wade. Chances are they'll be heard after Scrotus leaves office.

lionheart Tue 24-Dec-19 02:02:24

lionheart Tue 24-Dec-19 02:06:05

Thanks for the re-cap. fsmile

TheClaws Tue 24-Dec-19 02:50:50

AIBU for saying Happy Ipeachment?

TheClaws Tue 24-Dec-19 02:51:26


TheClaws Tue 24-Dec-19 02:56:40

Leannb So, if I read you correctly, you can’t stand Trump, yet you’re happy to take for another term? It’s that kind of apathy that leads to dictators. We’ve kept these threads going since before his inauguration because we’re not apathetic. Even if we’re can’t do anything concrete, we can do this. And we will. Even if we have the odd person come on and say it means nothing.

pallisers Tue 24-Dec-19 03:27:48

Next, impeach Pence too.

On what basis? The reality is Trump who undoubtedly did what he was impeached for (like Clinton) will be acquitted (like Clinton). In the unlikely event that Trump does leave office on what earthly grounds would you impeach Pence? On the basis you don't like him?

I hate Trump. I hate Pence. I hate what they are doing to this country. But impeachment isn't going to solve the problem.

The democrats need to figure out how to win the Senate and win the presidency and then do something with it. So far I'm seeing no leadership on this. If Joe Biden thinks he is the next best hope - well no wonder the republicans win. I'm beyond worried and depressed by this. As are my children (all of voting age).

Lweji Tue 24-Dec-19 08:36:22

According to testimonies they were all involved in the abuse of power.

Meanwhile, Christianity Today is still not backing down.

Happy resignation

""I am making a moral judgment that he's morally unfit, or even more precisely, it's his public morality that makes him unfit," said editor-in-chief Mark Galli in an interview with CBS News."
In Business Insider.

TheNorthWestPawsage Tue 24-Dec-19 08:45:03

After what has happened in the UK (re Brexit resulting in a seemingly divided country with an ineffective opposition) I am fearful that Trump is in with a good chance of re-election. (And this comes from someone who still wakes up every morning and can't believe he is actually president!)

My (DH's) family and friends in the US are all anti-Trump and talk a good Democrat talk but apart from my 90 year old PILs they don't actually get out and engage for the Democratic or ' Anything but Trump' cause.

My PILs march, canvass, fund raise etc. and are amazing and politically exhausting in equal measures!

Who knows what the solution is but at least we can rejoice that Trump has single-handedly brought back "Merry Christmas" now!

Merry Christmas y'all!

Oh... and Happy Holidays and Happy Hanukkah too!
(Up yours Trump!)

cozietoesie Tue 24-Dec-19 11:32:56

Thanks, Claws.

lionheart Tue 24-Dec-19 11:56:34

PerkingFaintly Tue 24-Dec-19 12:20:45

Thank you, TheClaws.

I bring brew and fbiscuit, in lieu of any weightier contribution.

Lweji Tue 24-Dec-19 14:28:11


Merry Christmas and may Santa bring all that we ask for. fwink

YouretheChristmasCarcass Tue 24-Dec-19 14:59:36

Merry Merry and Happy Happy to all from me and the whole Pond Crew here in California. May your every wish come true. Peace and blessings to all, no matter your Faith (or lack of one!).

Currently we're singing:

"Scrotus got run over by a reindeer,
Leaving Mar-a-lago Xmas Eve.
You can say you don't believe in Santa,
But as for Democrats, we still believe!"

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