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Sir James Talbot tackles Mrs. Jack Maynard's Displaced Organ

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QuaterMiss Fri 02-Aug-19 18:17:30

Would I be unreasonable to initiate legal proceedings against this man?

Previous thread here:

With thanks to Jemima232 for rifling through Sir James’ archives to supply the title of this one.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Fri 02-Aug-19 19:36:47

Reporting to the Headmistress's study for the new term! Off to find my dainty cubicle now, I hope I have a window

IsFuzzyBeagMise Fri 02-Aug-19 20:21:40

I have brushed my mop of unruly curls and am settling into this new thread with Kaffee und Kuchen brewcake

Well, blow me down; Nancy Wilmot and Kathy Ferrars? (Yup, that went over my head...)

Doubleraspberry Fri 02-Aug-19 20:31:11

Loads of references to it, if you’re looking!

Hello, new thread.

Lonelykettleshed Fri 02-Aug-19 20:35:54

So happy that there is a new thread. I fear that I may not be a proper CS girl as I have never fallen over a cliff, rescued a princess or been kidnapped. I quite fancy a course at the Kensington School of Needlework though.

Squirrel26 Fri 02-Aug-19 20:41:55

I trust Sir James has brought the grappling hooks?

piglet81 Fri 02-Aug-19 21:04:15

Bonjour mes cheries. I've made a pot of coffee for everyone (even though it's 9pm - it never seemed to keep the Staff awake, did it? Maybe Matey slipped some of her patent sleeping draught in). Could do with some of those honey and nut cakes too.

I was a massive fan of the Chalet School books, especially the first few and then the latter ones like Two Sams, but there are large swathes of the middle of the oeuvre that I never managed to track down. If the library pree is around I would be eternally grateful for a link to the Dropbox. Merci beaucoup and vielen dank (EBD definitely responsible for my choice of language options at school!).

QuaterMiss Fri 02-Aug-19 21:18:15

Welcome all! I should have said that Parker, who is in charge of the Dropbox details, is currently on holiday in Canada without the requisite set-up to share e-books/pdfs/ etc. So we must all be patient.

IsFuzzyBeagMise I recommend you throw yourself into Challenge ...wink

IsFuzzyBeagMise Fri 02-Aug-19 22:09:11

@QuaterMiss, I will take up the Challenge...😄

MyOtherProfile Fri 02-Aug-19 22:11:49

Is there enough Kaffee und Kuchen for one more over here?

ScreamingValenta Fri 02-Aug-19 22:14:59

Joining thread with plenty of creamy milk smile.

trixiebelden77 Fri 02-Aug-19 22:29:55

So glad to have found this thread - I read all the chalet school books growing up in Australia. I enjoyed them so much my Aunty arranged for me to spend the night in a boarding school (alas no hair-raising adventures).

Parker231 Fri 02-Aug-19 22:34:37

I’m back from Canada next week and will send out the Dropbox links asap.

DoYouRememberTheInnMiranda Fri 02-Aug-19 22:39:09

Ooh, I'm another who chose German at school just to prepare me for my future Chalet career. Don't know why it didn't pay off.

And I am a bit gutted not to have triplets either.

BanjoStarz Fri 02-Aug-19 22:43:32

Maybe I have the Dropbox link as well please when it’s possible?

I remember reading some of these books as a child and utterly longing to go to boarding school.

I remember one where the child was supposed to go travelling the world with her aunt but ran away to the chalet school instead (but it was in Wales I think at that point?)

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Fri 02-Aug-19 22:45:40

Hello everyone. I am the jolly fat girl who is only good for keeping goal in hockey.

Anyone for a midnight feast?

IsFuzzyBeagMise Sat 03-Aug-19 00:02:53

I'm here for the Midnight Feast 😋

Flurgle Sat 03-Aug-19 00:15:45

Does the milk taste of onions?

Howyoualldoworkme Sat 03-Aug-19 00:21:55

Dashes in and throws plumeau over the window sill to mark place...

ravenshope Sat 03-Aug-19 05:56:31

BanjoStarz Carola storms the Chalet School. But we must not talk about her exploits in case any of the middles get madcap ideas and try to copy her.

Squirrel26 Sat 03-Aug-19 06:55:18

How would the middles (who are AT school) copy Carola by running away TO school? Maybe they were concerned they would all decamp to a different school. One where they were not accosted by Matron carrying ‘special milk’ at every turn.

ArtistOfTheFloatingWorld Sat 03-Aug-19 07:22:29

I am very late to this party and fear I have missed something wonderful. What is this mysterious drop box link?

PurpleWithRed Sat 03-Aug-19 07:27:55

Are you telling me there is a Dropbox containing e-copies of the chalet school books????? GOSH!

pontefractals Sat 03-Aug-19 08:30:50

Aha! Parker123, please could I have the Dropbox link too? I also have at least one book (Prefects) which apparently isn't in there, so I could add it, or send it to you to add, whichever works best.
I hope you're enjoying Canada, I have family in BC and was lucky enough to visit them once, years ago - gorgeous.

moonlight1705 Sat 03-Aug-19 08:34:35

Oooh would love the Dropbox link too, there are quite a few missing from my collection and would like to catch up again. smile

Did the Chalet School do many midnight feasts? I can't remember if that is more End Blighton.

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