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To ask what you would make for a middle class lunch buffet ?

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Lotsofsausage Fri 18-Jan-19 12:30:37

I get the impression sausage rolls and cheese twists ain’t gonna cut it.
Has to be cold so don’t have to reheat it, and travel in a car. Also not break the bank!
I was going to make a feta tart type thing with filo pastry, possibly a frittata with lots of herbs. Any other suggestions ?

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halfwitpicker Fri 18-Jan-19 12:32:24


DonCorleoneTheThird Fri 18-Jan-19 12:32:31

I really want to know what a middle class lunch buffet is? And what other types of buffet there are!

PurpleDaisies Fri 18-Jan-19 12:32:58

Middle class? confused

CallMeSirShotsFired Fri 18-Jan-19 12:33:33

What the fuck is a "middle class" buffet?

Do you mean like in a school with lower and upper and middle levels?

Coralnails Fri 18-Jan-19 12:33:43

I'm so glad you've asked that first don because it's exactly what I was wondering.

babysharkah Fri 18-Jan-19 12:33:47

what on earth is a middle class buffet?

PurpleDaisies Fri 18-Jan-19 12:33:58

Who is it for?

Racecardriver Fri 18-Jan-19 12:34:12

Just buy a whole bunch or ready made antipasti dips sushi stufffrom M&S

DarkStorm Fri 18-Jan-19 12:34:22

A middle class buffet 😂

So no sausages on sticks or Monster Munch in a bowl?

cleowasmycat Fri 18-Jan-19 12:34:32

Cheese and pineapple hedgehog

BareBelliedSneetch Fri 18-Jan-19 12:34:52

Waitrose essentials sausage rolls and cheese twists, obv.

Jackshouse Fri 18-Jan-19 12:35:39

Pate, antipasta meat selections, cheese board, olives and bits and nice bread. Don’t forget butter.

Taffeta Fri 18-Jan-19 12:35:42

ROFL @ middle class lunch buffet

Know exactly what you mean though

I personally don't like cold filo so if I was going to do a quiche I'd use shortcrust. With a quiche I'd probably buy ready made shortcrust pastry rather than making from scratch as it's hard to tell the difference in a quiche IMO. Add eggs, cream, grated string cheese and some cooked veg.

Or a feta salad with felafels would be pretty hilarious grin

Whyislarryhappy Fri 18-Jan-19 12:36:28

Quiche, fritatta, tart, pizza
Sandwiches - cheese and pickle, ham and mustard, jam, egg mayo, tuna and tomato.
Cheese scones/muffins
Summer soup (served cold)
Crackers cheese and fruit selection

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Fri 18-Jan-19 12:36:44


I mean...what?

AlpacaLypse Fri 18-Jan-19 12:36:54

The middle classes eat sausage rolls and cheese twists too. And not even artisan ones.... smile

Taffeta Fri 18-Jan-19 12:37:02

Grated strong cheese

String cheese would be a no-no with the Carolines grin

FrowningFlamingo Fri 18-Jan-19 12:37:35

What Jackshouse said.
Plus crust-less cucumber sandwiches of course grin

Munchkingoat Fri 18-Jan-19 12:37:57

Sausages on sticks obviously to go with the cheese and pineapple hedgehog, Mr Kipling's French fancies, pink wafers and party rings.

halfwitpicker Fri 18-Jan-19 12:38:04

Oh come the fuck on people, we all know what a frigging middle class buffet is. Stop being so offended, the lot of you. Frigging champagne socialists.

crosstalk Fri 18-Jan-19 12:38:15

Not sure if it qualifies but there was a great recipe in Waitrose - filo pastry baked with walnuts, dolcelatte, cream, eggs and figs .....

Taffeta Fri 18-Jan-19 12:38:28

Actually I'd do something vegan

And shout really loud about it being vegan

Felafel salad grin

FrowningFlamingo Fri 18-Jan-19 12:39:32

Speak for yourself @AlpacaLypse I wouldn't touch a sausage roll with a polo bat, especially if it's not even artisan.

PurpleDaisies Fri 18-Jan-19 12:39:53

Greggs vegan sausage rolls.

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