Do you still 'snog' your husband?

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OhFFSMum Sat 25-Aug-18 23:19:19

We've been together for 7 years, married for 3. I don't think we've had anything more passionate than a peck on the lips for about 6 years shock - yes, even during sex... Interested what other couples do!?

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AnneLovesGilbert Sat 25-Aug-18 23:23:10

All the time!

Are you both happy with how things are? I’m sure snogging all the time isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so if you’re happy then that’s all that matters.

I’m a big fan.

Menolly Sat 25-Aug-18 23:23:24

We've been together about 10 years and no, we don't snog either, we snogged on our first date but I don't think we have since, we do lots of other things and show each other plenty of affection, just neither of us particularly like snogging.

Version2point0 Sat 25-Aug-18 23:24:49

Well, I've been with my husband 14 years and we 'snog' quite often... did so earlier today and was in public too blush maybe I'm just reliving my teenage years!

Somerville Sat 25-Aug-18 23:26:12

Loads. Except when I was pregnant and went off th smell of male human.

Do you miss snogging, OP?

Passthecake30 Sat 25-Aug-18 23:29:35

Just when we have sex, other than that it's a peck on the lips goodbye/goodnight.

Gillian1980 Sat 25-Aug-18 23:31:17

Not particularly often though, usually just closed-mouth kisses.


Tanfastic Sat 25-Aug-18 23:32:41

We go through phases. Certainly not as much as when we first met. It bothers me sometimes that we don't as much as I love a good snog but then we'll get back into it again.

Sounds like it bothers you op, I'd say something.

NothingOnTellyAgain Sat 25-Aug-18 23:32:57

Only when having sex

I think it's normal for snogging to go? most of my long term boyfriends that fell away after a while

I mean its good if it stays but not a terrible sign if it doesn't

JustHereForThePooStories Sat 25-Aug-18 23:33:22

Yup, he’s very kissable.

NothingOnTellyAgain Sat 25-Aug-18 23:33:27

If you miss it then talk to dh smile

Slippery Sat 25-Aug-18 23:33:35

We do during sex. I do try at other times but he says it gets him going too much grin.
Been together for 27 years.

defineme Sat 25-Aug-18 23:33:53

Only during sex really , I assume you're kissing other bits during sex?

Batmanthedude Sat 25-Aug-18 23:33:53

Just during sex. Other than that a peck

MyBrexitUnicornDied Sat 25-Aug-18 23:34:26

Been together nearly twenty years.

We very rarely snog and only during sex (foreplay).

ReservoirDogs Sat 25-Aug-18 23:35:23


Golde Sat 25-Aug-18 23:37:17

Yes I like it

CountFosco Sat 25-Aug-18 23:37:21

Yes, he's very good at it! Snogging is great fun, why wouldn't you do it? Quick snog in the kitchen while kids watch TV, pretty perfect really.

AngeloMysterioso Sat 25-Aug-18 23:39:43

Fairly frequently, unless he has stubble, then it’s like kissing sandpaper. Together 5 years, married 1.

Bunbunbunny Sat 25-Aug-18 23:40:16

Yes, together 14 years love a snog with my DH

SweatyFretty Sat 25-Aug-18 23:40:52

Yeah, we do.

TokyoSushi Sat 25-Aug-18 23:40:54

Pretty much just during sex here too, together 18 years

BreconBeBuggered Sat 25-Aug-18 23:41:41

Yes, we do. Been together over 30 years. But not all the time, and not necessarily linked with sex. A few times a week, maybe?

OhFFSMum Sat 25-Aug-18 23:50:18

Hmm. Interesting! Thanks ladies

Oh I've said it to him in the past - loads. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it bothers me less. Yeah there's kissing and caressing (cringey word but couldn't think of another way to put it lol) of other bits during sex, but never a full-on snog. God I used to LOVE a proper full-on snog, and yes it really got me 'going' too! I don't know why we don't, he's not a massively affectionate person - which I've come to just accept for the most part (I know he loves me) but there have been times I've got very upset about it. Maybe I should just lay one on him and see how it goes lol. It feels a bit awkward now tho sad

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GinasGirl Sat 25-Aug-18 23:50:51

We still snog after 20 odd years. One thing has changed though, we don't do it out and about, we never used to care about showing pda, but now it feels a bit much.

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