To think 2pm on a Sunday is an anti-social time to barbeque?

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BumpowderSneezeonAndSnot Sun 03-Jun-18 14:25:17

One of my sets of neighbours are an obnoxious couple in the early throes of retirement. They have children my age and grandchildren who are toddlers. This time of the year until October now they will be barbequeing almost daily and twice daily on a weekend with the kids and grandkids noisily "enjoying" The garden.

We work full time. The only time we can feasibly peg out washing is the weekends but with this good weather every weekend from 1pm 2pmish their barbeque is fired up and doesn't go off until dinner.

I freely admit I don't like them as it is but this just tips the balance. Do tell me I'm being unreasonable...ill just ignore you keep seething while they stink my washing out.

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halcyondays Sun 03-Jun-18 14:26:16


Ubercornsdiscoball Sun 03-Jun-18 14:26:44

It’s a perfect time to BBQ surely?!!

FittonTower Sun 03-Jun-18 14:26:54

It's a pretty normal time to barbeque isn't it?

Sirzy Sun 03-Jun-18 14:27:13


Stick your washing out earlier if necessary!

Shoxfordian Sun 03-Jun-18 14:27:13


araiwa Sun 03-Jun-18 14:27:15

Seems to be a perfect time for a bbq


RhiWrites Sun 03-Jun-18 14:27:17

You’re being unreasonable. It’s perfect bbq time. Hang the washing on an indoor rack if you’re really worried about it.

iklboo Sun 03-Jun-18 14:27:33

What time do you expect them to have it at the weekend?

Buster72 Sun 03-Jun-18 14:28:00

Yanbu. No one should be able to enjoy their property in this fine weather. The only thing that ever mattered is your washing.

Frosty66612 Sun 03-Jun-18 14:28:00

I think anytime during daytime hours at a weekend is reasonable for someone to be bbqing in their own garden. Get some of the febreze fabric spray. I use it on my laundry if it’s been hanging outside and it gets rid of any smokey smells

sola82 Sun 03-Jun-18 14:28:14

I can see why it might be annoying for you, but yabu. You can't expect them not to enjoy a bbq in the nice weather because of your washing!

BumpowderSneezeonAndSnot Sun 03-Jun-18 14:28:25

Dinner time - as in actual dinner not lunch - I think i would be more understanding if it wasn't every bloody weekend and both days of the weekend to boot.

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Sarahplane Sun 03-Jun-18 14:28:33

of course you're being unreasonable. get a grip.

SoapOnARoap Sun 03-Jun-18 14:28:56

Is this a serious post??! confused

TemptressofWaikiki Sun 03-Jun-18 14:29:03

You can hang your washing out any time. What a weird, self-centred gripe. That is the whole point of an outdoor space, to socialise and enjoy, not merely a place to hang laundry.

Ginger1982 Sun 03-Jun-18 14:29:25

Why aren't you hanging out your washing first thing in the morning then so it's dry by the time the BBQ gets going?

tealandteal Sun 03-Jun-18 14:29:47

Our neighbours are also fond of a bbq and it really riles me up if my baby clothes come in smelling of smoke BUT they are entitled to enjoy their garden. In weather like this you can dry a load of washing in an evening and finish it off on the airer. Yesterday one load of washing was dry by lunchtime.

insancerre Sun 03-Jun-18 14:30:00

Get your washing out earlier
If you put it out first thing then it should be dry by now

AnyFucker Sun 03-Jun-18 14:30:32

I hang my washing out before I go to work during the week.

Barbie222 Sun 03-Jun-18 14:30:34

How on earth do you manage only hanging out clothes at weekends. We did that, it'd look like an assault course! Get an indoor airer.

Stompythedinosaur Sun 03-Jun-18 14:30:56

YABU I'm afraid. It's pretty standard.

BertrandRussell Sun 03-Jun-18 14:31:14

“One of my sets of neighbours are an obnoxious couple in the early throes of retirement”

What do they do that’s obnoxious?

reallybadidea Sun 03-Jun-18 14:31:22

Why does working full time preclude you from hanging out your washing during the week?

LML83 Sun 03-Jun-18 14:31:49


We also both work full time and hang a washing most days. Weekend is not the only time if you are bothered. Or hang it out early so it is in by lunch.

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