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To think two oranges after dinner is too much sugar

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jnfrrss Wed 18-Apr-18 22:59:07

They are pretty large navel oranges, two of them (whole not juiced) is probably half your daily sugar allowance so probably not a good idea to eat two after a evening dinner?

Atticusss Wed 18-Apr-18 23:00:55


BillywilliamV Wed 18-Apr-18 23:01:14

For whom exactly, yourself, a five year old, whom?

Colonelpopcorn Wed 18-Apr-18 23:02:02

There are much worse things to be eating.

sleepylittlebunnies Wed 18-Apr-18 23:02:25

Are they Terry’s?

NewToCats Wed 18-Apr-18 23:02:27

Can't see the problem personally. Now if had said 2 magnums ......

Ragwort Wed 18-Apr-18 23:02:29

What - you begrudge someone eating two oranges? hmm

Are you for real?

We had raw cookie dough after our dinner, that was probably too much sugar grin.

PrancingQueen Wed 18-Apr-18 23:02:59

Bloody hell, you wouldn’t want to see the amount of Toblerone I’ve just eaten after my dinner grin

64BooLane Wed 18-Apr-18 23:03:38


clary Wed 18-Apr-18 23:03:57

haha only on MN!

Serena1985 Wed 18-Apr-18 23:04:00

My three year old ate two Go Aheads after tea today. She tricked us. She asked me for one, scarfed it then asked her dad for one and pretended it was her first.

I wish she’d eat two oranges.

Bananalanacake Wed 18-Apr-18 23:04:08

Hmm. Chocolate orangessmile

Childrenofthesun Wed 18-Apr-18 23:04:49

Are they Terry’s?


RunMummyRun68 Wed 18-Apr-18 23:05:03

What was for dinner op?

madein1995 Wed 18-Apr-18 23:05:22

Erm ... No. They're oranges. They're fruit, they're good for you, part of your 5 a day and all that jazz. Ok they have sugar in them but sugar isn't the devil and it's better to have it in orange form than ben and jerrys form. Some people, like me when I'm eating healthy, 'need' something sweet after a meal and try to supress that need with yogurt/fruit. Having 2 oranges after dinner is perfectly normal, and healthy

Slievenamon Wed 18-Apr-18 23:05:30

Is this a joke? I hope so, because otherwise this is sad as fuck.

formerbabe Wed 18-Apr-18 23:05:48

My favourite dessert is to melt a bar of chocolate, golden syrup and a lump of butter...mix in cornflakes. Eat with a spoon.

Frankfurt17 Wed 18-Apr-18 23:06:01

I had 1 Orange earlier. I now can't sleep.

Somersetter Wed 18-Apr-18 23:06:07

Don't worry about the sugar in whole fruit - the obesity epidemic in this country is definitely not caused by people eating too much fruit grin

MrsTommyBanks Wed 18-Apr-18 23:06:21

You sound deranged.

KC225 Wed 18-Apr-18 23:07:16

I'm guessing you ain't Nigella then?

Catsize Wed 18-Apr-18 23:08:23

Oranges are not the only fruit OP 🍊

Fluffyunicorns Wed 18-Apr-18 23:09:00

I got 2 oranges in Poundland yesterday - a chocolate orange for a pound - bargain! Didn’t have them both after dinner though - I had one before smile

Bluntness100 Wed 18-Apr-18 23:09:06

Who ate the oranges then?

What a bizzare thread. It's got that horrible under current of suspected controlling behaviour...

BackforGood Wed 18-Apr-18 23:09:11

formerbabe - sounds like my knid of pudding that.
OP - you are bonkers.

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