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Hot Choccy.....

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dontticklethetoad Wed 21-Mar-18 13:53:29

I know ianbu. Although maybe slightly U as I know these type of threads have been done to death.

Ive just been on Facebook for the first time in ages and the first two words I see are 'hot choccy'. I can't stand it.

That is all.

<prepares to be told to get a grip>

GrannyGrissle Wed 21-Mar-18 14:35:34

Chocs choc choccy. Drinking chocolate shudder Hot chocolate ffs how hard is that to grasp?

cornishmumtobe Wed 21-Mar-18 14:36:42

I want hot chocolate now sad

Notso Wed 21-Mar-18 14:40:52

Was it a cheeky hot choccy with this one?
A naughty hot choccy with the bestie?
A picture of hot choccy on legs with #feelinblessed #hotchoccy #relax #mummyneedsabreak #kidsasleep #huginamug

dontticklethetoad Wed 21-Mar-18 14:43:46

notso there is a space for you in hell grin

dontticklethetoad Wed 21-Mar-18 14:44:47

grannygrissle are you on my side or one of the choccy brigade? I can't tell...

MoistCantaloupe Wed 21-Mar-18 14:50:03

Urgh cheeky.

HarrietKettle Wed 21-Mar-18 14:53:35

I really hate infantilising words blush really annoys me. Biccie, choccy, sweetie, nana, aghhh I can't bear it.

MsHomeSlice Wed 21-Mar-18 14:55:38

was it a Hot Choccy with a choccie biccie? Made by her #darlinghusband ??

AmethystRaven Wed 21-Mar-18 14:56:15

I asked if the DC wanted a hot choc choc the other day. That's worse, isn't it?!

dontticklethetoad Wed 21-Mar-18 14:57:29

I think that's it harriet.
Same person says things like "careful, mummy has got a hot hot (hot drink)" and "aw don't do that you makey me sad in my face".

dontticklethetoad Wed 21-Mar-18 14:58:13

mshomeslice I think you meant #darlinghubby.

HarrietKettle Wed 21-Mar-18 14:58:16

Sounds awful. Ugh!!

dontticklethetoad Wed 21-Mar-18 14:58:57

amethyst yes. There's no place for you on this thread grin

Mygirlpoppy Wed 21-Mar-18 14:59:14

I want a hot chocolate now too sad

IanRushesInadequateFlushes Wed 21-Mar-18 15:01:38

I hate all hot drinks. Loathe them.

Oh look, there's the point of the thread, sailing way above this post!

scrivette Wed 21-Mar-18 15:02:37

Hot choccy with hubby?

MuddyForestWalks Wed 21-Mar-18 15:03:25

I just had a hot chocolate but my travel mug appears to have been permanently infused with lemon and ginger. It wasn't nice sad #MissesPoint

AmethystRaven Wed 21-Mar-18 15:03:34

I know. Sometimes I actually cringe at what comes out of my mouth grin

RafikiIsTheBest Wed 21-Mar-18 15:04:21

You makey me sad in the face

Sorry but that made laugh. Best thing I've heard all day and will now become my goto statement when someone is annoying me.

TomRavenscroft Wed 21-Mar-18 15:05:11

Not as bad as 'om nom nom' or, my most rage-making one yet, 'Nyummy'.

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Wed 21-Mar-18 15:05:54

I had a pretty amazing hot chocolate the other day. Literally half the mug was filled with whipped cream shock <also misses the point>

lizzie1970a Wed 21-Mar-18 15:06:05

In M&S the other day I saw a chocolate Easter Egg called a "dippy" egg - so chocolate with yellow and white chocolate at the top. It's like the M&S product people are scouring the internet to see what is popular in terms of phrases etc. I know people on here talk about "dippy" eggs. It's fine if you talk like that but suddenly it's become twee and forced and now M&S marketing people are in on it and it turns me off.

usualGubbins Wed 21-Mar-18 15:06:36

I know of someone who has a blog about ‘Mummyhood’. Just yuk!

ItsuAddict Wed 21-Mar-18 15:07:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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