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A man just shouted at me in the street

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Dallia Wed 21-Feb-18 18:18:11

“Why are you wearing a curtain?”

I kind of smiled awkwardly and carried on crossing the road to him shouting “oi, you, I’m talking to you!”

I was absolutely mortified, lots of people were watching but no one said anything.

Why do people do this? He seemed like a “normal person” and it was really intimidating. He turned back to look and I thought he was going to start following me. Has anyone ever had weird random things shouted at them in the street, or is it just me hmm

For the record I was wearing a stripy maxi dress as I was on my way to get a spray tan. Really wish I’d had a witty comeback.

Fekko Wed 21-Feb-18 18:19:07

I am Maria von trapp?

Thistlebelle Wed 21-Feb-18 18:20:28

Ignoring him was the best response. The people staring were no doubt thinking what an arse he was.

scurryfunge Wed 21-Feb-18 18:20:50

Start singing " Up on a hill was a lonely goatherd...."

scurryfunge Wed 21-Feb-18 18:21:45

Damn, Fekko got there first!

HotCrossBunFight Wed 21-Feb-18 18:21:47

People weren't staring because of you or your dress. They were staring because he was being an absolute fuckweed.

mumonashoestring Wed 21-Feb-18 18:23:28

We live in a city with three hospitals plus two large mental health facilities. Happens all the time.

There are 'normal looking' people who don't have particularly good filters and think everyone's very interested in what they have to say (usually found holding forth at the social club bar of an evening while everyone rolls their eyes), 'normal looking' people with mental health problems, and then of course the completely not normal looking ones, like the guy who only ever wears a karate robe whatever the weather and screams at everything. Best to react as you did today and ignore them - smart replies are great if you're confident you're dealing with someone who's loving in the same reality as you but if you don't know them, just walk away.

meredintofpandiculation Wed 21-Feb-18 18:23:43

Has anyone ever had weird random things shouted at them in the street, or is it just me No, it's most women.

mumonashoestring Wed 21-Feb-18 18:24:17

Loving? Bloody phone - living in the same reality

Daffodils07 Wed 21-Feb-18 18:24:27

Some people are so bloody rude, I was walking fast yesterday because my son who is autistic was just starting to have a meltdown as we were in town and I just wanted to get him home.
Some man said to a bunch of his mates "look at her strutting her stuff" and they all starting laughing.
Serously bloody idiots

Dallia Wed 21-Feb-18 18:24:40

Fekko I had to google that reference blush

Dallia Wed 21-Feb-18 18:25:28

Ugh daff what idiots.

HotCrossBunFight Wed 21-Feb-18 18:26:25

A van honked me this morning on my way to the dentist and the passed her leaned out the window and yelled "alright fatty?" The ground could've swallowed me.

TheArtOfNoise Wed 21-Feb-18 18:26:36

There's a lot of dicks out there. Just ignore them.

ThisLittleKitty Wed 21-Feb-18 18:27:56

"No one said anything" what did you want people to say? He didn't threaten you or anything. Not sure what you wanted people to say.

SockEatingMonster Wed 21-Feb-18 18:28:25

Not in the street, but I was stuck in traffic a few days ago and realised two white van men had wound down their window and were shouting to get my attention. I stupidly wound down my window (I thought they were trying to tell me there was something wrong with my car) only for them to shout something about my "tits" and pull off laughing. By the time I realised what had happened it was too late to say anything. I was so upset.

Complete and utter fuckers. I have absolutely no idea why some people men, let's face it it's always men do this. I think it's something to do with asserting dominance/power or something.

Dallia Wed 21-Feb-18 18:28:56

This I didn’t want anyone to say anything, I was just giving some context shock

jaseyraex Wed 21-Feb-18 18:30:47

A man once shouted "are you going to come and dominate me, love?" at me. I assume because I was wearing leather look leggings. Was very odd. I've never understood people who shout things at strangers.

LittleMyLikesSnuffkin Wed 21-Feb-18 18:30:56

I was walking my daughter home from school the other day when a charming young fuckhead of a man shouted slag at me from his van to roars of laughter from his dickhead mates also in the van.

Some people are cunts.

SockEatingMonster Wed 21-Feb-18 18:31:08

Also, I know this should make absolutely no difference at all, but I was wearing a loose fitting, high necked black top, so it wasn't even like they could use pervert logic to justify it to themselves.

DixieFlatline Wed 21-Feb-18 18:31:24

A van honked me this morning on my way to the dentist and the passed her leaned out the window and yelled "alright fatty?" The ground could've swallowed me.

Christ, why feel bad about that? He's the fine specimen that thought that was an appropriate thing to say to a stranger. Imagine if he has a wife...

chickychickyparmparm Wed 21-Feb-18 18:31:48

"I think it's something to do with asserting dominance/power or something."

That's exactly what it is. I've also had the "tits" thing. Incredibly witty rejoinder. hmm. The thing is, I'm gobby and not afraid to say something, but when it happens I'm always so shocked I miss the two-second window for a comeback.

Polarbearflavour Wed 21-Feb-18 18:32:43

I used to hate walking around where I used to live in north London as men would always leer, shout out of windows and once even groped me!

Squirrels765 Wed 21-Feb-18 18:34:54

I was out for a walk when some dickhead driving past wound there window down and shouted "get a car"
I found it odd, I have a car but was out for a walk, strange
Once a lad (young enough to be my son) shouted "do you want some fries with that shake" I had no idea what it meant so had to go home and Google it.
There's a lot of strange people out there

squarecorners Wed 21-Feb-18 18:35:51

I like to go right up to the face of someone like that and whisper menacingly "shout at me in the street one more time and you'll never set foot in this fucking street again." And then walk off.

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