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TO not go on family weekend away?

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Onthedowns Thu 18-Jan-18 21:46:53

My brother and brother in law turning 30 this year, their girlfriend and wife said about hiring a large house for te noihydc

Catsize Thu 18-Jan-18 21:50:25

If te noihydc is involved, I really wouldn’t go.

pigeondujour Thu 18-Jan-18 21:51:22

Agreed. Not worth it.

Singlebutmarried Thu 18-Jan-18 21:52:17

Te noyhidc is a terrible thing

Avoid at all costs.

ZenNudist Thu 18-Jan-18 21:52:21

Is this anything to do with covfefe?

speakout Thu 18-Jan-18 21:53:03

te noihydc

Is that even legal?

FizzyGreenWater Thu 18-Jan-18 22:01:56

No, sorry but te noihydc would be a complete deal breaker for me, I wouldn't even be prepared to discuss it.

user1471517900 Thu 18-Jan-18 22:07:25

YABU why not try something new. Te noihydc is something everyone should try. It's not the 1950s anymore, women have as much right to it as anyone else.

NotCornflakes Thu 18-Jan-18 22:09:10

I went to a small flat for te noihydc last year but it wasn't much fun. It would be way better in a large house. YABU.

jayho Thu 18-Jan-18 22:10:24

Maui is nice at this time of year


user1471517900 Thu 18-Jan-18 22:11:10

NotCornflakes - you must be glad you can say you've done it once now though.

Butterymuffin Thu 18-Jan-18 22:11:34

Don't see why you can't do te noihydc at home. I always do.

MyToeHurtsBetty Thu 18-Jan-18 22:11:50

I would definitely tell the cf to cancel the cheque

NotCornflakes Thu 18-Jan-18 22:12:33

True user it does give me bragging rights in some circles I don't add that once was enough.

MyToeHurtsBetty Thu 18-Jan-18 22:13:35

Butterymuffin! AT HOME!!! BUT WHAT woukd the neighbours think?

babyccinoo Thu 18-Jan-18 22:14:15

Te Anau is much nicer.

yorkshireyummymummy Thu 18-Jan-18 22:14:29

Have you ever te noihydc before?
I always say don’t knock it till you try it.

I think it’s certainly worth a bash but don’t forget to take a green handbag.

Thingsthatgo Thu 18-Jan-18 22:14:56

Te noihydc can be fun, but I’d feel awkward around family I think. I’ve done it with close friends, and it was fine mostly

trojanpony Thu 18-Jan-18 22:15:05

Be careful if she’s renting an Airbnb in dubai.

You can get up in 5 years in prison if you are caught doing te noihydc

FucksakeCuntingFuckingTwats Thu 18-Jan-18 22:15:45

Bit of a cliche, "oh my husbands turning 30 what can I do? Oh I know let's book a large house in te noihydc."

Na don't go they will likely drink la foyge and eat de morche. Yawn

jayho Thu 18-Jan-18 22:15:57

Is it culturally significant/sensitive? You may have to park your prejudices

honeylulu Thu 18-Jan-18 22:16:15

You might not fancy Te noidhydc at home but while you're away, you know, the sea air might get you in the mood. Remember the KY Jelly. You don't want it to end up like it did at Centerparcs.

helenoftroyville Thu 18-Jan-18 22:16:34

I tried te noihydc once, I wouldn't recommend fact still makes me blush just thinking of it.

NoFuckingRoomOnMyBroom Thu 18-Jan-18 22:17:26

Yes if it's similar to Centre Parcs I'd give it a miss...

AnoiaUnstickMyDrawers Thu 18-Jan-18 22:18:10

te noihydc at the age of 30? No, not a good idea, I'm not surprised you don't want to go.

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