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Sat I hairdressers on two seater couch and other woman waiting is chugging on e-cig

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whoahokeycokey Fri 30-Jun-17 10:25:06

Just this really. I've got colour on waiting for it to take and as it's a small hairdressers (3 chairs) they rotate us whilst colour set etc. The woman next to me is chugging away on her e-cig. It stinks of some rancid sweet smell.
Why is it acceptable to whip these things out? I've noticed a lot that they are used in places where smoking is not allowed. I know my 2nd hand inhalation isn't going to cause me a great harm but it's making my teeth itch!

FannyWisdom Fri 30-Jun-17 10:27:04

Cigs deliver more nicotine than vapes
A smoke would last a couple of hours but a vape needs topping up.

FreudianSlurp Fri 30-Jun-17 10:27:09

You're sitting with a head full of chemicals and complaining about someone vaping?

whoahokeycokey Fri 30-Jun-17 10:28:16

Hahaha Freud I guess you're right but at least my colour chemicals only affect me! grin

7Days Fri 30-Jun-17 10:28:52

Just say excuse me, hate to say anything but would you mind...?
Ecigs are Great, I love mine, they are not harmful but not everyone likes them. Fair enough.

7Days Fri 30-Jun-17 10:30:02

They don't though. They effect everyone else who might only want a cut and blow dry. That acrid smell! But people get over minor annoyances generally.

Sconesnotscones Fri 30-Jun-17 10:54:41

They don't though. They effect everyone else who might only want a cut and blow dry. That acrid smell!
Yes - my brother couldn't walk past the hairdresser in his local (enclosed) shopping centre without getting short of breath.

SaucyJack Fri 30-Jun-17 10:59:05

Yeah, I don't vape anywhere that I wouldn't have smoked.

Just doesn't seem right.

LogicalPsycho Fri 30-Jun-17 11:00:58

I dye my hair at home, and stay in the bathroom with the windows open as otherwise it stinks out the house.

You can smell her e-cig, she can smell your hair dye. You're pretty equal!

KeiraKnightleyActsWithHerTeeth Fri 30-Jun-17 11:05:07

I find if you ask someone not to vape around you it makes their brains explode to the point where they are only capable of the following responses

"Oh it's not a fag!"
"It's not dangerous"
"It's ok, it in't illegal babes"
"It smells lovely!" and wafts it towards you
"I don't know why you're being arsey, there's no law against them, it's a free world"
Followed by general aggression.

I own a tourist location where smoking is illegal and apply the same rules to vaping and I have been physically attacked several times (including a permanent scar) for asking someone not to vape.

IvorHughJarrs Fri 30-Jun-17 11:05:11

E-cigs are not tested or regulated so I am not happy to breathe in these chemicals and, like others, am amazed people are allowed to inflict this pollution on others in enclosed spaces

KeiraKnightleyActsWithHerTeeth Fri 30-Jun-17 11:06:15

Obviously before anyone leaps on me not all vapers are the same blah de blah.

stonecircle Fri 30-Jun-17 11:06:16

You can smell her e-cig, she can smell your hair dye. You're pretty equal!

Yes but you might expect to smell hair dye at a hairdressers. I certainly wouldn't expect to smell someone vaping.

Whatthefucknameisntalreadytake Fri 30-Jun-17 11:08:03

I dont mind people vaping around me, it's better than many other smells/habits.

harderandharder2breathe Fri 30-Jun-17 11:13:21

People shouldn't vape anywhere they wouldn't smoke

If you can't ask the woman to stop then ask the hairdresser to ask her to

crashandburnt Fri 30-Jun-17 11:17:12

Vaping is gross. I actively avoid people doing it. It's in the same category as eating Burger King on a train. Rank and without thought for those around you. It might be technically allowed but it's still foul.

user1495484765 Fri 30-Jun-17 11:20:25

Fart in her direction. If she is being anti-social, so should you.

whoahokeycokey Fri 30-Jun-17 11:22:37

I think it was just that you wouldn't smoke in a place so why vape. Especially in such a small environment. I suppose I'm just noticing that more and more in places where smoking is not allowed people are vaping.

The hairdresser did ask her not too and she was fine. In fact she said she doesn't notice she's doing it now. She admitted that it's not out of her hand. I'm guessing there's a bigger problem there.

Have a good day all smile

PencilsInSpace Fri 30-Jun-17 11:28:05

It's up to individual businesses to decide their own vaping policy. Here is the UK govt. guidance. They are very clear that vaping should not be included in smoke free legislation and that vaping bans cannot be justified on health grounds.

E-cigs are not tested or regulated
What total rubbish!

WomblingThree Fri 30-Jun-17 11:28:50

I vape loads, but I wouldn't expect to do it inside unless it was specified that I could. It's not even because I'm a wonderful human being, just after years of not smoking inside vaping inside feels alien, except at home.

PencilsInSpace Fri 30-Jun-17 11:31:29

She admitted that it's not out of her hand. I'm guessing there's a bigger problem there.

This is from the longer PDF version of the govt. guidelines:

smokers can achieve their desired blood plasma nicotine level with one cigarette every hour or so, and in a short space of time. Vaping provides a generally lower blood nicotine level and takes longer to reach a desired level, requiring frequent interim top-ups This difference should be taken into account, particularly when developing policies for workplaces

upperlimit Fri 30-Jun-17 11:32:28

Eating burger king on the train - fine
Vaping - if you must
Painting your nails in public - just stop it, it's cryptonite to asthmatics - <channels evil eye onto nail painter in coffee shop>

JustDontGetItAtAll Fri 30-Jun-17 11:33:31

A bigger problem there?!?!

What on earth do you mean by that?! Ha! A lot of people keep their Vape in their hand. Doesn't mean they have some kind of 'bigger problem'

How bloody patronising and dramatic.

And her saying it's never out of her hand is not an 'admission' it is her stating that is why she didn't realise she was doing it hmm

KungFuPandaWorksOut16 Fri 30-Jun-17 11:37:15

I wouldn't personally allow that in my salon.

Funny story though. When I first started out, I was asked by my boss to spray the salon with some fly spray. A woman bollocked me and said do you mind I'm asthmatic, I was mortified. That was until she went outside and chain smoked. She smoked 7 cigarettes over the period of 3 hours. The other clients faces when she said that and got up for a smoke was hmmconfused

hellomoon Fri 30-Jun-17 11:45:32

They don't though. They effect everyone else who might only want a cut and blow dry. That acrid smell!

Yes -but you accept that when you walk into a hairdressers, where, erm, hairdressing is going on...
That's not the same as being expected to sit in a fog of vape just because the person next to you is self absorbed.

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