Husband's employee has taken/stolen my pain medication

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6demandingchildren Fri 30-Jul-21 00:52:13

This is a message expanding what happened today, it's from me to a good friend as it saves me typing it all out again, sorry it's long and probably complicated.
This is the message
I'm so angry right now and I was going to chat tomorrow but in too much pain to sleep.
Obviously we only have 1 week until holiday so we need to try and make some extra money as we won't be able to earn anything while we are away and we need money while away so the pressure is on.
We decided to go into work today to list as much as we can to sell on eBay.
Dh then had to go to the building site as the tree surgeon was going to be their early as he needs to do his bit before we can get the electrics in, so I said I would go to the warehouse on my own.
I have run out of tramadol at home but knew I had 6 at work so decided to wait until I got there as I'm in so much pain and the co-codamol isn't touching the pain.
I get to work and do a few things before settling down to a cuppa and 2 pills.
I go to get my tablets and they are gone, I look round and can't find them so go to the car and as I knew nothing in there so I phone dh who said employee pinched 1 tablet and they are on her desk.
I look everywhere and can't find them so phone employee and she said she has them in her bag.
I have spent the day in agony and I was also angry at dh as I thought he had given them all to her.
Met dh at home and he is also angry with her as he said she could have one then a bit later saw the strip on her desk and questioned why she wanted one when she had a strip she said they were the ones he said she could have and he said no, he explained that he said she could have 1 not all of them and to put them back on my desk as I need them.
But instead of putting them on my desk she put them in her bag and took them home and I doubt she will return them as she will of taken them all.
I'm so angry as she has stolen from me.
Sorry that was so long but I need to vent.

For context she knows I have 3 prolapsed disks and a spinal fracture as well as other medical issues, but she is also a family friend.

I am in so much pain I can't sleep and it's worse as I have not kept up with the pain relief.

Aibu to be so angry or could it be a honest mistake? (But I honestly can't see how)

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olympicsrock Fri 30-Jul-21 01:07:31

You are overreacting because you are in pain but she shouldn’t have taken them

6demandingchildren Fri 30-Jul-21 01:11:10

Thought I was probably overreacting.
3 days of trying to get a doctor's appointment for more medication is also getting to me.

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SuperLoudPoppingAction Fri 30-Jul-21 01:11:25

Apart from anything else, your husband should maybe refresh his first aid at work training and double check with his insurer whether he can hand out your prescribed medications to his employees.

If someone reacted badly it could end up being a nightmare.

6demandingchildren Fri 30-Jul-21 01:14:49

He is an idiot at the best of times, but she was on the same medication but not now, I'm not sure he knows this but he knows not so share prescribed medication but I am thinking he is trying to keep the peace between us.

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butterry Fri 30-Jul-21 01:22:02

At my work you aren’t allowed to give out paracetamol let alone anything else. It’s theft pure and simple and I would tell her that. Hope you can get hold of some more medication soon.

Bythehairywartsonmywitchychin Fri 30-Jul-21 01:25:39

If they’re on repeat prescription and you’ve run out ring nhs 111


Missedopportunity Fri 30-Jul-21 01:26:22

In your situation I'd be mad with my friend too. In the first place you're in pain and she's prevented you from getting some relief. Secondly, she's stolen and taken medication that isn't prescribed for her and could be dangerous. Thirdly, if she's in pain she should schlepp to the doctor and get some that's appropriate for her. And honestly, I'd be mad with your husband for letting her even take one. Firstly, it's neither his medication nor his pain. And secondly, I think its illegal to give prescription medication to other people and if it's not, it's definitely against health and safety to give prescription medication to your employees.
So, yeah, I think actually you deserve to be a bit mad so don't feel guilty about it!! But then I had back problems and ended up having to have a back fusion so maybe I can understand your pain.

PerciphonePuma Fri 30-Jul-21 01:27:17

Yes, call 111 or visit your usual pharmacy. Most of them can now arrange an emergency prescription from out of hours on the patient's behalf (depending on the type of medication of course)

EBearhug Fri 30-Jul-21 01:27:30

Isn't it illegal to take medication prescribed for someone else?

6demandingchildren Fri 30-Jul-21 01:31:08

They are not on repeat as I have to phone and speak to the doctor each month (no face to face appointments unless needed)
I just looked through his messages (we are open with our phones) and as I suspected she stole them as he didn't know until he saw them on her desk and told her to put them back.
Hoping to get a phone appointment tomorrow as been trying for quite a few days now but you literally have a 15 minute window before all appointments have gone as it's a small practice within a huge area that has quite a few new housing estates that have been built.

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User1357 Fri 30-Jul-21 01:32:18

I think maybe you are over reacting but I would too! I’m hoping she just put them in her bag without thinking or maybe thought you didn’t need them as your husband let her take one in the first instance.

Call 111 and explain the situation. They can write out a prescription and send it to a 24 hour pharmacy for you.

I hope you feel better soon.

ZealAndArdour Fri 30-Jul-21 01:35:14

Tramadol is a controlled drug so this whole scenario is a legal nightmare. Good luck to all of you, the person who left the drugs lying around, the person who told an employee to take one, and the person whole stole the drugs. Nobody is in the clear here.

Bythehairywartsonmywitchychin Fri 30-Jul-21 01:35:19

I agree with user ring nhs 111 and tell them you’re in an awful lot of pain and can’t get a GP appointment. Or if you’re in an area with a walk in centre go there

6demandingchildren Fri 30-Jul-21 01:38:06

From the messages he wrote to her she has stolen them as he said " I saw them on your desk and know you are no longer on them and told you to put them back but instead you put them in your bag I don't want to see you tomorrow as I can't be doing with you"
He is angry but he is so good at keeping the peace and dealing with things in his way.
She has not replied since he sent that message.

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6demandingchildren Fri 30-Jul-21 01:41:12

They are in my drawer in my office with other medication that I have to keep at work ( I only go in once a week) I share an office with dh and she is the only one who has access as she has keys.

But as a family friend im so angry with her as would she also steal from my house?

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HerRoyalNotness Fri 30-Jul-21 01:42:44

How on earth are you overreacting? She stole your pain killers and you’re in agony and need them!! I won’t even let my H into my prescriptions, he can get off his lazy arse, see a dr and get his own sorted, as should your employee

mathanxiety Fri 30-Jul-21 01:47:25

What your husband did was completely illegal.

He cannot give or allow access to your prescription drugs - in this case a controlled substance no less, if memory serves me right - to anyone.

Your prescription drugs are not the office candy jar FFS.

You need to stop being so casual about storing your medication. Nobody should be able to get at it except you.

6demandingchildren Fri 30-Jul-21 01:47:50

Dh had a serious head injury recently and he wouldn't even deprive me of my pain medication but he hates taking paracetamol.
Just got my Friday night dinner back with my children and grandchildren and I'm going to have to cancel tomorrow as I can't host.
Still not sure if I can be justified in being angry as it's 50/50 so going to do the thing I don't do and open a bottle of wine as I'm used to pain but this really is on another level.

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me4real Fri 30-Jul-21 01:49:17

I don't think you're overreacting at all OP. The person knew you have severe chronic pain but went off with your meds you need to sleep/function comfortably.

They took your prescribed medcation without your (and even your husband's) agreement.

This isn't good.

Eviethyme Fri 30-Jul-21 01:50:03

Does your Dr not do e consult? They shouldn't just be leaving you without pain medication

6demandingchildren Fri 30-Jul-21 01:51:13

mathanxiety he didn't give my medication out as going through his messages she stole them, I can't lock my medication in my drawer as in an emergency my husband does need to get into the drawer quickly to be able to get to my injections so called friend also know this and knows what to do that's why she is the only other person with a key to our office.

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Bythehairywartsonmywitchychin Fri 30-Jul-21 01:51:52


6demandingchildren Fri 30-Jul-21 01:52:53

I'm on quite a bit of pain medication but for the tramadol they like a phone appointment each month but I only fractured my spine 10 weeks ago

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me4real Fri 30-Jul-21 01:54:50

Still not sure if I can be justified in being angry as it's 50/50

@6demandingchildren Is it? How? She knicked/forgot to put back your meds that you need to be comfortable at all, after being told to put them back. She should bring them back to you ASAP. She definitely shouldn't be taking them for fun over the weekend or whatever. If she genuinely needs them she can get her own prescription- these are yours.

Can you get hold of some tomorrow?

So sorry you're so uncomfy. sad xx

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